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University Governance 101 Johanne Pelletier, Secretary-General University Secretariat.

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1 University Governance 101 Johanne Pelletier, Secretary-General University Secretariat


3 ¬Governance 101 ¬“SPA” - Board of Governors & Senate ¬Your role ¬University Secretariat ¬Logos ¬Access to Information

4 ¬Governance 101 (the reality)

5 Principal & Vice-Chancellor Senate Board of Governors Secretariat Provost Deans VPs Finances Hiring Infrastructure Academic matters

6 Board Composition The Board of Governors is composed of 25 voting members, including: The Chancellor, ex officio The Principal and Vice-Chancellor, ex officio 12 Members-at-large 3 Alumni Association Representatives 2 Academic Staff Representatives 2 Administrative and Support Staff Representatives 2 Senate Representatives, and 2 Student Representatives (one undergraduate and one graduate) Two additional student representatives (Macdonald Campus and Continuing Education) have voice but no vote (Article One, Statutes)

7 Richard W. Pound (Chancellor) Heather Munroe-Blum (Principal) At-large: Robert Rabinovitch (Chair) Stuart (Kip) Cobbett (Vice-Chair) Roshi Chadha Gerald Sheff Jan Peeters Eric Maldoff Kathy Fazel Darren Entwistle Thierry Vandal Michael Meighen Lili de Grandpré TBA MAA: Ann Vroom Michael Richards Morna Flood Consedine Admin/Support Staff: Trevor Garland Allan Youster Academic/Senate Prof. David N. Harpp Prof. Gary Pekeles Prof. Kohur GowriSankaran Prof. Dan Guitton 2 students (one grad, one undergrad) Board Membership

8 Senate Composition (107) Ex Officio Members = 27 –The Chancellor –The Principal and Vice-Chancellor –The Chair of the Board of Governors –The Provost –The Deputy Provost –The vice-principals (4) –The deans of faculties (11) –The Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies –The Dean of Students –The Dean of Continuing Education –The Director of Libraries –Board of Governor representatives (3) Elected Members (80) Faculty representatives (51) Arts (7) Agricultural & Env Sciences (3) Dentistry (1) Education (4) Engineering (4) Law ( 2) Medicine (9) Music (2) Management (2) Religious Studies (1) Science (7) Members at large (9) (allocated by Senate to various faculties) Librarian members (3) Non-unionized administrative and support staff members (6) SSMU, PGSS, MACES, MCSS and Faculty student members(20)

9 Governance – Your Role Nominations & Elections Role of staff on governing bodies –SPA –Reflecting perspective of staff –What best serves the University? –Challenges in the role…

10 Governance Matters Senate & Board 2007/08 –Revisions to the McGill University Policy on the Ethical Conduct of Research Involving Human Subjects –University Budget –Information presentations (Deans, VPs) –Revision of the Regulations Relating to the Employment of Librarian Staff –Principles governing Campus master plan –Administrative Response to the Report of the Principal’s Task Force on Student Life and Learning –Principal’s Five Year Plan Senate & Board 2008/09 –Can you sign? (Signing Authority) –Principal’s Five Year Plan –Conflict of Commitment Policy (Staff) –Strategic Enrolment Management –DAR Campaign Reports –Senate Review Report –Strategic planning! Strengths and Aspirations: a white paper call to action regarding McGill’s future Focus on Students: The Principal’s Task Force on Student Life and Learning Master Plan

11 University Secretariat impartial office guidance and advice on the University’s Statutes, regulations, policies, and processes of importance to academic, librarian, administrative staff and students

12 Office of the Board of Governors and Senate Convocations Office of the Chancellor Office of the Board Chair Repository for regulations/policy Access to information University Elections Use of the McGill name and logos Tribunals: Grievances & Appeals Tenure Advisory Committees

13 Trademarks Protect and enhance: –McGill’s name –McGill’s visual identity: “signature” and its components (shield and wordmark)

14 McGill’s name Name formats –(e.g. Club XYZ at McGill) Time-limited (renewable) permissions for –SSMU recognized groups –Other student societies –Academic student initiatives e.g. design teams in Engineering

15 McGill’s logos Students can use only with consent of Secretariat permission/ No adapted versions! Graphic standards for use: Use on business cards/letterhead?

16 Access to documents & privacy issues Access Public institutions: Quebec and federal law provide for access on request to documents, with some conditions – requests in writing to Secretary-General Students, employees have right to access their own files – students generally through Enrolment Services or their Faculties

17 Access & privacy, cont’d Privacy With very limited exceptions, your personal information will not be shared, except with your express written consent; Example: McGill student directory Directory is not complete - how and where a student's information is displayed is at the sole discretion of that individual student.

18 for the advancement of learning Governance and administration Johanne Pelletier University Secretariat WWW.MCGILL.CA/secretariat


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