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Lodi Unified School District 2013-14 Proposed Budget - June 18, 2013.

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1 Lodi Unified School District 2013-14 Proposed Budget - June 18, 2013

2 “We didn't actually overspend our budget. The allocation simply fell short of our expenditure.” ― Keith DavisKeith Davis 1

3 What is a Budget? In its simplest form: A proposed plan for revenues and expenditures for the following fiscal year. In typical form: A proposed plan for revenues and expenditures in a format that meets county and state requirements. In optimum form: A policy document to reflect the philosophy of the Board, the Administration, & the Education Community within the resources available. A financial plan: To show where you've been and where you are going. An operations guide: To guide administrative decisions and actions throughout the year. It is a living document that changes. A communications device: To share with the community the fiscal strengths and challenges of the instructional program. 2

4 Budget Process December – Enrollment Projections and Staffing Ratios are determined for Budget Year. April 1 st – Roll current year Board approved Unrestricted budgets AND Position Control into Budget Development. April – Remove One Time funds from proposed budget, such as, carry over and donations. Adjust school site budgets to reflect new year allocations. April - May – Analyze all Other Funds and Restricted budgets to determine if funds are continuing. Work with Program Managers to plan budgets for specialized programs. May – Revenue Limit calculations are finalized with the County Office for budget year and 2 subsequent years. May – Estimated Beginning Fund Balance for the budget year is projected. The 3 year Multi Year Projection is completed with all known revenue and expenditure changes, including bargaining unit agreements. June – All funds and resources are balanced. Data is uploaded into State SACS reporting software. Technical Review Checks are processed and Criteria and Standards and County required Assumptions are also completed. 3

5 After 41 Years Change? We have created a budget under current statute. The Revenue will change and will be reflected in future budget updates. Multi Year Revenue Projections will be updated as information becomes available. 2013-14 will be a year of Conversion to the new Budget Process. The State will develop Procedures and Regulations (Trailer Bills). A new process will include: Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).  Will be part of the Budget Adoption. Parent Advisory Committee (PAC).  Will Review and make Recommendations to the Board. LCFF will provide an increase of Revenue of approximately $9,336,492 for 2013-14, but we will continue to deficit spend. 4

6 BRL Revenue $214,814,800 5 23% ($81,345,706) Local Property Tax Contribution to Base Revenue Limit 15% to total revenue.

7 Multi-Year Comparison Base Revenue Limit (BRL) vs. Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) 6

8 Total Loss of ADA 1,324.74 -7.1 Million Dollars Average Loss 331 ADA 7

9 Expenditure $224,889,030 1000Certificated Personnel 2000 Classified Personnel 3000 Benefits 4000 Supplies 5000 Contracted Services 6000 Capital Items 7000Net Indirect & Debt Service 8 Deficit Spending ($10,074,230) LCFF *($737,738) *Approximation Only

10 Changes in Expenditures from 2012-13 4.5% Increase in Certificated Salary 6.6% Increase in Classified Salary 2.6% Increase in Benefits 4000-5000 Percentage Decline 10% Increase Contribution to Special Education 2% Reduction in Contribution to Transportation 10 FTE CSR 28:1 K-3 16.4 FTE above formula to balance Class Size and Reduce Combos Up from 12 FTE 9 =85% of Budget

11 Designated Reserves Ending Fund Balance Stores, Revolving, & Prepaid$ 795,979 Restricted$ 3,795,496 Contingency Reserve$ 150,000 Capitol Outlay (AB87)$ 279,920 Programmatic Reserve$ 1,171,693 Unforeseen Special Education$ 2,000,000 Carry Over Reserves$ 2,500,000 State Deferred/Deficit Spending$22,754,497 State Required 3%$ 7,000,000 10 TotalBRL$40,447,585 LCFF $ 9,336,492 Total $49,784,077

12 Estimated Deficit BRL vs. LCFF Based on Traditional COLA 11

13 Ending Fund Balance LCFF v. BRL One-time Dollars 12 Assumption that designated reserves do not change

14 State History Deficit Factor 5 Years of fully funded out of 23 What will happen when Prop 30 Expires? 13

15 …to be continued …to be continued 14 2013-14 Budget Part II

16 Special Thanks Angel Murnan, Director of Budgets, and the Budget Department Maria Fong, Controller, and the Accounting Department And, to the Board of Education 15

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