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Introduction: It is Christmas Eve at the North Pole. The elves have packed the sleigh and Santa is ready to go, BUT the Chief-Elf-In-Charge has come.

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3 Introduction: It is Christmas Eve at the North Pole. The elves have packed the sleigh and Santa is ready to go, BUT the Chief-Elf-In-Charge has come down with a bad case of flu. Santa needs your help! He has asked you to help navigate his route across the continents as he delivers gifts to the children of the world.

4 Task: Each time you deliver a gift in a country, you learn a little about the country and the customs of its people. 1.Read the question about Christmas customs at the bottom of each slide. (The same questions are on your answer sheet). 2.Click on the internet resource under the question. Read about their customs and fill in the blank on your answer sheet. 3.Show your teacher the completed answer sheet and get a map. 4.Fill in the octagons on the map with the circled letters from the answer sheet. The octagons should be over or near the country you studied. (Remember, the answer sheet tells you the country and directions how to get there. You can also go back through the show to help you find the country). When you have filled in all the octagons on the map, you will have a special message from Santa! *Note: if you click on the country on the map, you can learn more facts about it and even see a map and video.

5 Your journey begins in Australia in the Pacific Ocean, a country AND a continent. 1. These animals, - - - - - - - - -, help Santa get around in Australia. (Hint: They're not reindeer!) Internet Resource: Christmas in Australia in Australia For Fun:

6 Moving quickly, you fly north to begin your trek across the largest continent, Asia. Along the way you stop in China. 2. The Chinese decorate their houses with lighted paper lanterns and trees they call “trees of light.” However, their most popular winter holiday is definitely the Chinese _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Internet Resource: Christmas in China in China

7 Flying west across Asia, we arrive in India. 3. One of the largest Christian Communities in India, is in Bombay. A lot of the Christians are _ _ _ _ _ Catholics. Internet Resource: Christmas in India in India

8 Turning north, you travel to Russia, which is the largest country in Asia. 4. Some people in Russia, don’t _ _ _ until they see the first star on Christmas Eve. Internet Resource: Christmas in RussiaChristmas in Russia

9 Next, you travel south and across the Mediterranean Sea to visit the continent of Africa where you stop in Cairo, the capitol of the country of Egypt. 5. Those people who celebrate Christmas in Egypt, don’t celebrate on December 24 th, but on the 7 th of _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Internet Resource: Christmas in Egypt.Christmas in Egypt.

10 In Africa, we make a quick stop south to the island of Madagascar. 6. In Madagascar the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ flower blooms all year, not just at Christmas. Internet Resource: Christmas in MadagascarChristmas in Madagascar

11 After traveling through Africa, you fly south again back to Europe and visit the birthplace of democracy, Greece. 7. Sometimes children in Greece will make model _ _ _ _ _ decorated with nuts and gold and parade them through the streets on Christmas Eve. Internet Resource: Christmas in GreeceChristmas in Greece

12 You are staying in Europe, but its time to travel west to fabulous Spain where we’ll take part in some Spanish traditions. 8. Most children in Spain wait to open their gifts until the Epiphany, the twelfth night of Christmas. This is called 'Fiesta de Los tres Reyes Mages': in Spanish and means 'The festival of the three _ _ _ _ _ Kings.” Internet Resource: Christmas in SpainChristmas in Spain

13 Turn your sleigh northward and land on the island of Great Britain which includes the countries of both England and Scotland. 9. The English and Scottish share many of the same traditions we celebrate here in the United States; however, in Scotland some people celebrate Hogmanay, or _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ‘_ _ _ _ more than Christmas. Internet Resource: Christmas in United KingdomChristmas in United Kingdom

14 Skip west across the Atlantic Ocean to the largest country on the continent of North America, Canada. 10. Some Canadians believe that Canada is the birthplace of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. However, Finland also claims he was born there. Internet Resource: Christmas in CanadaChristmas in Canada

15 Now that your in North America, its time to head south to your own United States of America. 11. Americans really love to celebrate Christmas, and because people are from all over the world in the U.S., they bring traditions from everywhere! One tradition is to decorate our houses with trees and _ _ _ _ _ _ to brighten up the season. Internet Resource: Christmas in the United States of AmericaChristmas in the United States of America

16 Keeping heading South and start speaking Spanish. It’s time to take gifts to Mexico. 12. In Mexico, children celebrate the part of the Christmas story where Joseph and Mary look for a room or lodging to have the baby Jesus from December 16 th until Christmas Eve. They call these reenactments the _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Internet Resource: Christmas in MexicoChristmas in Mexico

17 Keep flying south until you arrive on the continent of South America. You stop in the long country of Argentina at the tip of the continent. 13. In Argentina, people decorate their Christmas trees with _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to represent snow since that far south the weather is so warm and excelente! (the Spanish word for _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _). Internet Resource: Christmas in ArgentinaChristmas in Argentina

18 Head west for your last stop in the largest country in South America, Brazil where you’ll speak Portuguese to most of the boys and girls. 14. In Brazil, “Sometimes children leave a sock near a window, if Santa, known as Papai Noel (Father Christmas) & Bom Velhinho (Good Old _ _ _), finds your sock, he'll exchange it for a present!” Internet Resource: Christmas in BrazilChristmas in Brazil

19 You did it! Boy, does Santa appreciate your help. Now, take your sheet and fill in the circled words on the map for a special message from Santa. You can restart this Power Point show to get help. Also, click on the circled countries to learn more facts about them. Back to Start


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