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World Geography Flash Cards North America Standards of Learning WG.4 S. Reddecliff.

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1 World Geography Flash Cards North America Standards of Learning WG.4 S. Reddecliff


3 What is NAFTA?

4 North American Free Trade Agreement An economic pact between the U.S., Canada and Mexico

5 How many official languages does Canada have?

6 2 – French & English

7 What is the main river system of the U.S.?

8 The Mississippi River

9 What is the frozen land which surrounds Hudson Bay?

10 The Canadian Shield

11 What is the longest unfortified border in the world?

12 The U.S./Canadian border There is no military presence along this border

13 What island chain is located in Alaska?

14 The Aleutian Islands

15 Where is the center of the world’s financial markets?

16 New York City

17 What type of government does the U.S. & Canada have?

18 Democratic

19 Does North America have just 1 type of climate zone?

20 No There is tundra in Alaska, Humid Continental to tropical/wet in Hawaii

21 What mountain range creates a rain shadows on the it leeward slopes?

22 The Rocky Mountain Range

23 Name the line that divides Pacific watershed from the Atlantic watershed

24 The Continental Divide (The Line in Red)

25 What U.S. river has the most dams?

26 The Columbia River

27 What mountain range runs through western Virginia?

28 The Appalachian Mountains

29 What state is located in the Pacific Ocean?

30 Hawaii (The Hawaiian Archipelago)

31 Where is the fall line site?

32 Richmond, Virginia The fall line is where the river narrows and boats can no longer pass through

33 What continent of people colonized North America?

34 The Europeans The English, French, Spanish

35 What type of alliance is NATO?

36 Military North Atlantic Treaty Organization

37 What type of infrastructure is present in North America?

38 Highly Developed Infrastructure Good roads, schools, hospitals, water lines, power line, etc.

39 Are there diverse economies in North America?

40 Yes There are many different types of industry in North America

41 Name 4 types of goods that are exported from North America

42 Major Exports: Technology Consumer Goods Information Systems Foodstuffs

43 What mountain range runs through the western U.S. and Canada?

44 The Rocky Mountains

45 Are literacy rates high or low in North America?

46 High 97% of people can read

47 What is Canada struggling to hang on to?

48 National Identity Most U.S. citizens know very little about Canada

49 What country in the world experiences the most tornados?

50 The United States (Tornado Alley)

51 Does North America have rich supplies of minerals, energy and forest resources?

52 Yes

53 Name the Gulf

54 Gulf of Mexico

55 Name these bodies of water

56 The Great Lakes

57 Name the ocean

58 Arctic Ocean

59 Name the ocean

60 The Pacific Ocean

61 Where would you see something like this?

62 The United States Wheat Fields are very common

63 Name the ocean

64 Atlantic Ocean

65 Name the large bay located in Canada?

66 Hudson Bay

67 What river creates the border between the U.S. and Mexico?

68 The Rio Grande

69 What river connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean?

70 The St. Lawrence River

71 What was the first national park in the United States?

72 The Grand Canyon

73 What river carved the Grand Canyon?

74 The Colorado River

75 What is this?

76 U.S. Capitol Building Washington, D.C.

77 What is this?

78 Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, California

79 What is this?

80 Independence Hall Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

81 What is this?

82 St. Louis Gateway Arch St. Louis, Missouri

83 What is this?

84 Virginia State Capitol Building Richmond, Virginia

85 What is this?

86 Washington Monument Washington, D.C.

87 What is this?

88 The White House Washington, D.C.

89 What is this?

90 The Lincoln Memorial Washington, D.C.

91 What is this?

92 The Statue of Liberty New York City, New York

93 What is the name of the area shaded in blue?

94 The Canadian Shield

95 What is the name of the area shaded in green?

96 The Great Plains

97 What is the name of the area shaded in brown?

98 The Rocky Mountains

99 Mapping Game Links: Play “Landscape” Beginner Game Play “Rivers” Game Play “Oceans” Game You do not need to know all the states

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