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College of Business Spring 2013 Advisory Council Meeting AACSB Standards Update.

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1 College of Business Spring 2013 Advisory Council Meeting AACSB Standards Update

2 Blue Ribbon Committee to review the Standards was established in September of 2010 New Accreditation Standards were approved at AACSB Conference on April 8, 2013

3 AACSB Standards Update Highlighted Differences New Standards – 15 total Standards are divided into these categories: Strategic Management & Innovation Participants – Students, Faculty, Professional Staff Learning & Teaching Academic & Professional Engagement 3 Major Themes of the New Standards Innovation Impact Engagement

4 AACSB Standards Update Word Search for...Old StandardsNew Standards Innovation, InnovateUsed 14 times (p. 22) Used 33 times (title page) Impact, Impacts, Impactful Used 7 times (p. 10) Used 84 times (title page) Engagement, Engages, Engage, Engaging Used 30 times (p. 3) Used 84 times (title page) How major are these themes?

5 AACSB Standards Update What do these themes mean? Innovation: the standards must set demanding but realistic thresholds, challenge us to innovate, and inspire educators to pursue continuous improvement. It is key to recognize the importance of experimentation place priority on strategic innovation recognize that innovation involves the potential for success and the risk of failure

6 AACSB Standards Update What do these themes mean? Impact: focuses on the outcomes of College inputs (human, financial, physical, etc.) AACSB will continue to emphasize Assurance of Learning – review teams expect to see evidence of curricula improvement Production of intellectual contributions that make a positive impact on business theory, teaching, or practice. Impact is concerned with what has been changed, accomplished, or improved

7 AACSB Standards Update What do these themes mean? Engagement: Quality business education cannot be achieved when either academic or professional engagement is absent, or when they do not intersect in meaningful ways. This includes: interaction and engagement among students, administrators, faculty, and practitioners engagement of appropriate stakeholders in revising the mission, expected outcomes, supporting strategies, curriculum development, governance, etc. actively engaging students in learning engagement of faculty in sustaining intellectual capitol necessary to support high-quality outcomes consistent with our mission and strategies

8 How Do The New Standards Impact Faculty Qualifications? Scholarly Practitioners (SP) Instructional Practitioners (IP) Scholarly Academics (SA) Practice Academics (PA) Sustained Engagement Activities Academic Research/Scholarly Doctoral Degree Professional Experience Substantial in Duration & Level of Responsibility Initial Academic Preparation & Prof’l Experience Applied/Practice

9 Maintenance of One’s Academic Qualifications Faculty members may undertake a variety of academic and/or professional engagement activities including (among others): Publishing/production of scholarship outcomes (SA, SP) Journal editorships (SA, SP) Editorial board service (SA, SP) Faculty internships (PA, IP) Sustained professional work (IP) Relevant, active service on Boards of Directors (PA,IP) Please note: this is a very small sample of what may qualify for maintenance of qualifications. Obviously, creating the ISU College of Business list will require thoughtful discussion among relevant stakeholders.

10 In Summary... Next Maintenance Visit is Fall 2016 Maintenance report will be submitted Summer of 2016 We will receive “consultation” based on our compliance with these new standards Much work needs to get done between now and then on: Defining measures of innovation, impact, and engagement Reviewing & updating the strategic plan Adjusting the faculty evaluation process To name a few

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