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22 GRAMMAR RULES Mr. McCoy Topeka West High School Fall 2010.

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1 22 GRAMMAR RULES Mr. McCoy Topeka West High School Fall 2010

2 Bellwork #2 - There/Their/They’re Create a section in your binder or notebook for bellwork. Write the following rules in your notebook or binder. Use there, their, and they’re appropriately.  There – position or place  You can go there tomorrow.  There – word used with non-action verb  There are many ways to solve this problem.  Their – possessive pronoun  Can you hand me their papers?  They’re – contraction of they and are  They’re going to be here tomorrow  (Do not use “they’re.” Write out the two words.)

3 Bellwork #3 - Practice (Start with 6) Done early? Find your personal narrative. 1. Where are Mark and Sally? ______ over there. 2. They've forgotten ______ bags. 3. ______ is no soap in my bathroom. Could you send some up please? 4. ______ are several mistakes in this document. 5. I've met them before but I don't know ______ names. 6. I don't know who they are but I think ______ German. 7. Look at the smiles on ______ faces. 8. I don't think ______ coming. 9. I wonder if ______ going to come. 10. From the look on ______ faces, they're not very happy.

4 Bellwork #4 – There/Their/They’re Practice (Continued) 11. The employees say that ______ not very happy about working over the Millenium. 12. Where are Fred and Steve? Over ______. 13. I like visiting London but I wouldn't want to live ______. 14. They cannot decide. They can't make up ______ minds. 15. Do you think ______ going to accept our offer? 16. ______ are two reasons why I am against this idea. 17. IBM have increased ______ profits by 20%. 18. I know ______ considering buying a new computer system. 19. ______ is no reason for me to stay. My job is finished. 20. The students are happy. They've finished ______ homework.

5 Bellwork #5 - Your/You’re Copy the following notes into your bellwork and set out your “The Sniper” Responses. 2. Use your and you’re appropriately. Even though you're and your sound the same, they mean two very different things.  You're – contraction of "you are.” Remember to write out contractions. (Like they’re  they are)  "You're cute,” should be, “You are cute!”  Your – possessive adjective. It describes a noun by telling us to whom it belongs like “their”.  "I love your new dress!" (The dress belongs to you.)

6 Bellwork #6 (continued) – Your/You’re 1. _You are_ right! This pizza is awesome. (Contraction) 2. __Your__ collar has come undone. (Possessive) 3. _______ the best friend in the whole wide world. 4. _______ dog needs to quit peeing on the carpet. 5. Why is my car parked in _____ garage? 6. Tomorrow, ______ going to find out. 7. My fears were calmed by ________ email yesterday. 8. The dessert was made by ______ mother? 9. _______ going to regret this someday. 10. Somebody better fess up soon or else _______ taking the blame.

7 Bellwork Quiz #1  Get out a blank sheet of paper and add the proper heading:  Name  Hour  “Bellwork Quiz #1”  3 September 2010

8 Bellwork Quiz #1 On a blank sheet of paper, give the following information: 1. Bellwork #2, Sentence 2 2. Bellwork #3, Sentence 8 3. Bellwork #4, Sentence 14 4. Bellwork #6, Sentence 7 5. Character Notes – List and define two different types of characters. 6. What is indirect characterization? List the different characteristics that may be described indirectly. 7. Write one unit self test question from the unit organizer.

9 Bellwork #79.8/9.9  In a complete paragraph with a topic sentence and at least 5 supporting sentences, respond to one of the following prompts.  Describe one event you have witnessed or action that you have taken that has changed your vision of the rest of your life. How has your life view changed?  “One cannot have innocence and compassion.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain.

10 Its or It’s 3. Use its and it’s appropriately.  Its is a possessive pronoun The dog bit its owner.  It’s is a contraction It’s a bit rainy outside today. Remember to write out contractions to avoid the problem. “It is a bit rainy today.”

11 Bellwork #4 - its vs. it’s 1. The dog would not let go of _____ bone. 2. Tomorrow _____ supposed to be sunny. 3. ______ a big game for the team. 4. The cup fell out of _____ holder. 5. _____ about time he grew up. 6. The car stopped having _____ problem. 7. The team finally shook ____ bad luck. 8. ____ time you went to bed. 9. ____ Monday not Sunday. 10. Pick up the paper, I know _____ yours.

12 Bellwork #5 – Compare/Contrast  Compare - List three similarities between “Two Kinds” and “Marigolds”. 1. 2. 3.  Contrast - List three differences between “Two Kinds” and “Marigolds”. 1. 2. 3. Use a Venn Diagram if desired.

13 Bellwork #6  Do not use the pronouns “you” or “your” when writing exposition or persuasion.  Correct the following sentences by replacing the pronoun with a specific noun. 1. You wouldn’t want to eat moldy bread. 2. Some believe you could go into hysterics. 3. You can not have innocence and compassion. 4. The lions in the forests can hurt you. 5. Lack of detail can make your writing poor.

14 Bellwork #7 – 9.15/9.16  PLEASE WRITE THE FOLLOWING NOTES  Use pronouns properly.  When a pronoun is used with a proper noun, the pronoun is used last. CORRECT: Jack and I went to the store. INCORRECT: Me and Jack went to the store.  When a pronoun is used in a series, drop the proper or common noun to determine what pronoun should be used. Jack and me went to the store. “Me went to the store.” OR “I went to the store.” Jack and I went to the store.

15 Bellwork #7 - Continued  Correct the following sentences. 1. Me and Susie like ice cream. 2. Mike can ride with Joseph and I. 3. James and me saw George at the game. 4. I and Sue are the coolest. 5. He and Jimmy will bake the cake. 6. Susan and her will make it to the movie on time. 7. Jeremy and him will be awesome at Pops this weekend. 8. She and Ann will not go to school today.

16 Bellwork #8 – 8.17/8.18  Double space a response to the following prompt.  Write at least six sentences.  The short story “Stuff” alludes to the comedian George Carlin’s “A Place for My Stuff” routine. Paraphrased it says that we all need to store our stuff, our lives are about accumulating stuff, then you have to get a bigger house to put all your stuff in.  Argue for or against this idea about life.  Topic Sentence Example:  (CON)Life is about more than accumulating stuff, it is about ________________.  (PRO) George Carlin’s routine about life being about collecting more and more stuff is a true statement about life.

17 Bellwork #9 – 9.22/9.23  Correct the following sentences. 1. I can’t go cause I’m grounded. 2. Her and Sarah won’t be late again. 3. Their to nice to be mean to a cute puppy. 4. Will you please place the sofa over their? 5. Its going to be an awesome day for football. 6. Your going to have to shape up if you want to go. 7. Jason, he, and Kara went to buy some apple juice. 8. There going to be back tomorrow.

18 Bellwork #109.24/9.25 Pronoun & Antecedent Agreement  When the nouns are connected by “and” use the plural pronoun.  When the nouns are separated by “or” or “nor” use the singular pronoun. 1. Lucy and Sheila had not finished (her/their) assignment. 2. Lucy or Sheila had not finished (her/their) assignment. 3. When Joel and Itamar get here, tell (him/them) to eat. 4. If Joel or Itamar get here, tell (him/them) to eat. 5. Neither Jesse nor Jasper was home for (his/their) dinner. 6. Jesse and Jasper will be home tonight for (his/their) dinner. 7. When Stella or Ariel comes for supper, give (her/them) a piece of pie. 8. When Stella and Ariel come for supper, give (her/them) a piece of pie.

19 Bellwork…  Find a pencil. Pens can not be used.  Make sure it is sharpened.  Spread out.  There should be less than 4 people at each table.  Listen for instructions.

20 Bellwork 11- 10 minutes 9/30 & 10/1 1. What was the last piece of text you read without being assigned? Why did you read it? 2. What was the last newspaper or magazine you read without being assigned? Why did you read it? 3. What was the last novel you read without being assigned the reading? A. Describe the story and why you read it. B. If you have not read a novel recently, explain your position on reading. Is it important to read? Why or why not? What texts are more important than others?

21 Bellwork #1210.2/10.5  10 Minutes  Write the title of your favorite movie.  Identify the protagonist and their goal.  Identify the antagonist.  List 4 characters from the movie. Next to each name identify the character as Flat or Round and Dynamic or Static.  If a character is dynamic, describe their change.

22 Bellwork Quiz #210.6/10.7 1. Staple bellworks #5-#12 together and turn them in on the front table. Make sure your name appears at the top. 2. Get out your Unit Organizer for the short story unit. 3. Listen quietly for directions.

23 Bellwork (10 Minutes)  Prepare for the Quest of Knowledge.  Materials needed:  “Muzak for Prozac”  Pencil or Pen  Unit Organizer  Part I – No Notes  Part II – Notes for Muzak for Prozac and the short story text may be used.  Library Book to read if finished early.

24 Bellwork #13 (10 minutes)  The Odyssey  Epic  Odysseus  Cyclops  Calypso  Ancient Greece  Homer  Similes  Lotus Eaters  Scylla  The Underworld (River Styx)  The Trojan War  The Trojan Horse  Achilles  Alter Ego Quietly list anything you think of or know about the following:

25 Bellwork 1410.15/10.16  Pick up a LINCS Table handout from front table.  Fill in the bubbles labeled “Term” with the following literary terms:  Epic  Epic Hero  Epic/Homeric/Heroic Simile  Myth  Oral Tradition  Alter Ego  Epithet  Frame Story

26 Bellwork 1510.19/10.20  Which (things), That (people or things), or Who (people) 1. The workers which put up that office building were certainly fast. 2. Is she the runner which won the medal? 3. Tomorrow she will be known as the person which changed the world.  Review (its vs. it’s) 4. The dog would not let go of _____ bone. 5. Tomorrow _____ supposed to be sunny.  When finished, get out textbook and timeline.

27 Bellwork 1610.21/10.22 Affect or Effect?  Affect means “to influence”  Effect means “to accomplish” or “consequence/result” 1. How did the sad movie affect/effect you? 2. Head Start centers can affect/effect an improvement in underprivileged children. 3. What affect/effect did the rain have on the lawn? 4. The illness had a strange affect/effect on everyone who caught it. 5. The affect/effect of two cans of soda was a stomach ache.

28 Bellwork 1710.23/10.26  Place homework out on your desk.  Add summary for Circe story on your timeline.  + Characteristic – Add an example of a positive action that Odysseus does in the Circe story.  - Characteristic – Add and example of a negative action that Odysseus does during the Circe story.  Value – What possible lesson does Homer teach with this story? Add to the back of the timeline.

29 Bellwork 1810.27/10.28 All ready vs. Already  Bellwork 14 & 17 were added to your Odyssey notes. Relax…they won’t be with your other bellworks. : )  All ready = a group is ready  Already = previously 1. We were all ready/already to go to the game. 2. We were all ready/already at the game. 3. We are all ready/already to paint. 4. We all ready/already painted. 5. Tom found out that he had all ready/already paid the bill. 6. Sarah asked if we were all ready/already to play.

30 Bellwork 1911.2/11.3  All right = never use alright  All together = everyone in the same place  Altogether = entirely 1. We were sitting all together/altogether at the game. 2. The pressure was altogether/all together too much for the team to handle. 3. Don’t worry, I’ll be alright/all right. 4. She was all together/altogether upset.

31 Bellwork 2011.4/11.5  Brake – to slow or stop OR a device used to slow  Break – to violate, fracture OR a fracture OR a pause from work (27 V, 25 N, 14 P definitions) 1. Georgia braked/breaked the speeding car 2. Don’t brake/break the speed limit. 3. The doctor says it is not a bad brake/break. 4. The worn brakes/breaks did not stop the car. 5. The brakes/breaks in the sea wall led to flooding. 6. Our brake/break will be at noon. 7. The curve ball will brake/break away from a right handed batter. 8. Nonconformists will brake/break from the norm.

32 Bellwork 2111.6/11.10  Capital – used for everything except the building  Capitol – think dome of gov’t building is usually round like an “O”. 1. What is the capital/capitol of Zimbabwe? 2. We could see the capital/capitol from our hotel. 3. You need capital/capitol to start a business. 4. Begin every sentence with a capital/capitol letter. 5. Do you believe in capital/capitol punishment. 6. We took a tour of the capital/capitol yesterday.  Please get out two column notes for Part II of The Odyssey

33 Bellwork 22  Cram for test.  Find essays.  Find a pencil.  Take multiple choice section.  Parts 1 and 2 are due at the end of the hour. (1:30)

34 Bellwork 23  Choose – present tense verb  (We choose partners today.)  Chose – past tense of choose  (We chose partners yesterday.) 1. When did you choose/chose to go to the party. 2. When will you choose/chose to go. 3. She choose/chose red as the color for her bridesmaids. 4. She will choose/chose a car today. 5. Some people have a hard time choosing/chosing.

35 24  O Bro.

36 Bellwork 2511.19/11.20  There is no Bellwork 24  Coarse = rough or crude  Course = meal, class, playing field, certainly 1. The sandpaper was _________. 2. She skipped the first _________ at dinner. 3. The speech _________ helped my diction. 4. Burlap is a ___________ fabric. 5. A new golf ________ opened last week. 6. Of _________, you’re always welcome.

37 Bellwork 26 1. Turn in all bellworks from 13 to 26 on front table. 2. Turn in your O Brother/Odyssey essays on front table.

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