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Catching Fire Suzanne Collins  She has been writing for children’s television since 1991  Has written many stories for Little Bear and Oswald  James.

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2 Catching Fire

3 Suzanne Collins  She has been writing for children’s television since 1991  Has written many stories for Little Bear and Oswald  James Proimos, a children’s author, talked her into trying children’s books  She is now working on the third book of The Hunger Games  Some of her other books besides The Hunger Games include, Gregor The Overlander, Gregor And The Prophecy Of Bane, Gregor And The Curse Of The Warmbloods, Gregor And The Marks Of Secret, Gregor And The Code Of Claw, and When Charlie McButton Lost Power

4 Katniss is a 16 year old girl and 1 tribute from district 12. She and Peeta won the games, but only one was suppose to survive. The capitol is angry and wants revenge. They aren’t mad at both of them, only Katniss. The president threatens her family and her best friend, Gale and his family. Peeta Mellark is the same age as Katniss and in love with her. After the games(the first time) he found out that she didn’t really love him and his heart broke, but he has to play the part of her lover or the capitol may rethink their decision to let them both live. Little does he know that Katniss has been threatened that if Katniss makes all of the districts that what she did was out of love and not an act against the capitol she and her loved ones get to live and if not…..the consequences will be dire. Katniss Everdeen & Peeta Mellark

5 President Snow He is the ‘King’ over all of the districts. He loves to be in control and hates it when people break the rules. Puts Peeta and Katniss’ lives in danger by putting them back into the arena and he does not want them, especially Katniss, to survive. His breath always smells like blood and roses.

6 Favorite Character Katniss Everdeen Cinna

7 Least Favorite Character President Snow Cinna’s assistants

8 Exposition In the forest just outside the gate of district 12 in Panem. Katniss is hunting for Gale’s family while he is at the mines

9 Rising Action Katniss gets a visit from president snow after hunting in the forbidden woods President Snow threatens Katniss and everyone she cares about An old man gets shot in district 11 Uprisings are happening in almost all of the districts The electric fence is working again The games begin again President Snow announces that the tributes will be past victors Katniss gets drunk Cinna is beaten up just before Katniss enters the arena and she is forced to watch Katniss and Peeta must reenter the arena Peeta announces that Katniss is pregnant The games begin again More people die this time An alliance is formed among the victors The arena is like a clock Beetee, Katniss, Peeta, Finnick, Katniss and Peeta must reenter the arena

10 Climax The dome shield explodes

11 Falling Action Katniss gets picked up by one of the huge aircrafts She passes out and then wakes up strapped to a hospital bed(small rising action as well) Attacks Haymitch and Finnick

12 Resolution Finds out that Peeta has been captured by the capitol Haymitch tells her about his plans to revolt against the capitol Set a course for District 13

13 Setting Set in the future Panem (used to be North America)

14 Themes Survival Love Friendship Loyalty Life Hate Police abuse Government flaunting power

15 I rate this book a 9.58 The ending is such a cliff hanger I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes a good suspense.

16 Government Abusing Power The Government has too much power

17 Presently, our Government in the United States has way too much control over our country. Whatever happened to our rights?! Everyday, they seem to take away our rights, which is such a crime! Why do we allow our government to control us? If something is not done, we will not have any rights whatsoever! I’m so glad to be an American citizen and to live in the United States of America. We have the freedom of speech, which most countries do not have. We have the right to bear arms. Once we are 18 years of age, we get the opportunity and the right to vote for our president, governor, etc. I feel so privileged to live here, but lately it seems that our government is taking over and controlling too much in our country. When it comes to health care, our government wants to control that as well. Control it to the point where we cannot decide on the doctors we want to see down to our medications. This just completely disgusts me! We all work hard to earn this health care, our health care! I feel very privileged to have great health care through my work, but I am praying and hoping that the government does not screw this up for all of us. I was listening to Glenn Beck on Fox News the other evening discussing about our government. About how they are producing more money and they have no backbone to stop. They are basically putting our country into more debt. Glenn Beck feels there is a way out of this bad economy and so do I. The way the government is approaching it is not the way to do it. I wish our government would just stop, take a deep breath, look around and truly focus on finding other ways to get us out of this mess. They seem to make more of a mess then resolving any issues. Honestly, I hope it doesn’t get to the point where we cannot decide on what clothes to wear, what to eat, when to use the restroom, when to breathe. It would be a crying shame if the government decided on that for us! I agree with Glenn Beck ~ there are other ways to get us out of these mess! - Unknown ( too-much-control-over-us-americans/)

18 Where is the protest that government can take over anyone’s property by use of eminent domain? Where is the protest that guns are legal but you can’t carry them everywhere; So legality is a non issue. Where is the protest that one can be taxed out of property they have already paid for and own? -Unkown

19 . THE Government--I heard about the Government and I went out to find it. I said I would look closely at it when I saw it. Then I saw a policeman dragging a drunken man to the callaboose. It was the Government in action. I saw a ward alderman slip into an office one morning and talk with a judge. Later in the day the judge dismissed a case against a pickpocket who was a live ward worker for the alderman. Again I saw this was the Government, doing things. I saw militiamen level their rifles at a crowd of workingmen who were trying to get other workingmen to stay away from a shop where there was a strike on. Government in action. Everywhere I saw that Government is a thing made of men, that Government has blood and bones, it is many mouths whispering into many ears, sending telegrams, aiming rifles, writing orders, saying "yes" and "no." Government dies as the men who form it die and are laid away in their graves and the new Government that comes after is human, made of heartbeats of blood ambitions, lusts, and money running through it all, money paid and money taken, and money covered up and spoken of with hushed voices. A Government is just as secret and mysterious and sensitive as any human sinner carrying a load of germs, traditions and corpuscles handed down from fathers and mothers away back. - Carl Sandburg (http://carl-

20 elated

21 Tea Party group Group that originated from the original tea party(Boston Tea Party). Protest about many things to the government.


23 Credits A special thanks to Me Catching Fire And Suzanne Collins for writing the book By watching this power point you may experience the following: Headache Nausia Indigestion Sleepitius Boredum Just to inform you that by entering the classroom You have signed the release form Kaitlyn productions is in no way Responsible for any medical attention You may need If by chance you have not expirenced any of these simtoms then good for you You deserve a cookie! Here you go! Woo Hoo!

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