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Political Advocacy Cara Tenenbaum, Esq. Vice President for Policy and External Affairs.

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1 Political Advocacy Cara Tenenbaum, Esq. Vice President for Policy and External Affairs

2 What is Advocacy? Actions taken by an individual or group to influence public-policy and resource allocation decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions the act of pleading for, supporting, or recommending the act or process of advocating or supporting a cause or proposal

3 For What? Current OCNA priorities –CDC Funding –NCI/DoD Funding –Implementation of Health Reform –Passage of Johanna’s Law

4 By Whom? Anyone connected with ovarian cancer Survivors Family Friends Health care providers Organizations

5 Why Advocate? Change –Research Funding –Drug Approvals –Clinical Trials –Public Health –Insurance Coverage

6 Example

7 Importance of Champions Ex: Rep. Frelinghuysen; Kaleidoscope of Hope –Sits on Appropriations Committee, Subcommittee on Defense –Spoke about KOH during Defense Appropriations Hearing Ex: Sen. Specter; Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation –Sits on Appropriations Committee –Introduced Johanna’s Law –Calls and meetings with constituents have been key to action Where are your Members of Congress on your issues?

8 How to Advocate? In Washington, DC –Capitol Hill Day (July, 2011) –Other visits –Virtually At home –In person –Virtually

9 Evolution of an advocate Respond to Action Alerts via e-mail Respond to Action Alerts via phone calls DC Visit through OCNA At Home Advocacy Encourage others to become advocates Develop relationship with staff/Members Leadership role

10 At Home Advocacy Local Visits Town Hall Meetings Organization Events

11 Keys to Successful Advocacy Build relationships Cancer is non-partisan Be a resource Tie successes to local area Be prepared Follow Up

12 Meetings in the district or on Capitol Hill Make an appointment Be prepared and know your “asks” Attitude During the meeting After the meeting Check in with OCNA so everyone is on the same page

13 Advantages of being an advocate in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey From 1997–2009, $13.4 million of DoD OCRP research to Fox Chase, University of Pittsburgh, Penn State, Temple University and other institutions. In 2007, Rutgers received its first ovarian cancer research grant for $116,000. From 1999-2009, $6 million of DoD OCRP research to Columbia, Mount Sinai, Cornell and other institutions. Officials want to increase research in their state/district as research spending fuels the local economy and provides value to constituents. However, elected officials need to know that constituents want increased funding of ovarian cancer research. The political climate discourages increased Federal spending.

14 Political landscape of the 112 th Congress The mid-term election resulted in a shift in the balance of political power on Capitol Hill Some of our friends on the Hill who cosponsored or supported our legislative and funding requests were voted out of office Increases in funding will be harder to get Legislators will be less likely to sign on in support of increased funding for ANYTHING, let alone ovarian cancer research or awareness efforts It’s more important than ever to be an advocate and reach out to the newly elected officials in January 2011

15 Finishing up the 111 th Congress Passage of Johanna’s Law reauthorization –OCNA working behind the scenes to push passage before session ends Funding for DoD OCRP –The Conference Committee must decide what final funding amount is for FY2011 –OCNA working to garner support for increased funding through DoD OCRP sign-on letter, meetings on the Hill, etc

16 Resources Ovarian Cancer National Alliance: –For Policy Makers section: makers/ makers/ –Take Action: –Join our mailing list

17 Questions? Cara Tenenbaum Ovarian Cancer National Alliance 202.331.1332

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