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Symbols of the United States By Mr. Selix’s 3 rd Grade Class.

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2 Symbols of the United States By Mr. Selix’s 3 rd Grade Class

3 James Hoban built it in Washington D.C. He finished it in 1800. The building was burned on Aug. 24,1814 by the British. Text White House The White House is important because the president lives there. The White House was going to be in Baltimore. The White House has 132 rooms, 2 public floors, two basements, a library, and a bowling alley. By Nick and Ryan T.

4 The Washington Monument It was open to the public on October 9,1888 in Washington DC. It honors and represents the first president. There is a reflecting pool in front of the Washington Monument that has 7 million gallons of water in it. The cornerstone for the monument was laid on July 4,1848 and there is also a ring around it. By Lena and Mia

5 U.S. flag The flag was first flown and made by Betsy Ross. The U.S. flag was was made in 1779. The first U.S. flag ever made is still flying in 2012. On the flag,red represents our courage,white stands for goodness,and blue stands for justice. By Tyler and Spencer

6 By Sandra and Miranda The construction begun in 1932 and ended in 1935 Nether Taft or Gilbert survived to see the Supreme Court Building There are 13 marble columns at the entrance to the Supreme Court Building At the Supreme court all people are treated fairly. Some of the nine judges include chief justice John G. Roberts Jr. The Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States. The Supreme Court Building

7 Statue of Liberty It is located in New York Harbor. It represents FREEDOM and LIBERTY. She carries a tablet with the date July 4,1776. It was a gift from the people of France. By Alex and Noah

8 Mount Rushmore Created in 1941 by Gutzon Borglum in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Represents the growth of the US and honors the presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. The Faces are 60 feet high and originally the torsos were supposed to be included in the sculpture. Borglum died before finishing Roosevelt’s head, so his son finished the sculpture. By Ms. Lauren

9 Pledge of Allegiance It was published in 1892 and written by Francis Bellamy. It is a promise to follow rules and be a good citizen. 2 different people said that they wrote the Pledge: Francis Bellamy and James Upham. It was first used when students started to say it in schools. by Emily Mercy

10 The Lincoln Memorial The Lincoln Memorial was built in 1914 to 1922. The creator was Daniel French. The Lincoln Memorial is made of marble. The statue is 80 ft. tall,19 ft. long,and 57 meters wide. The Lincoln Memorial was one of the most handsome statues of the 1900 ’ s. Two wall paintings were painted by Jules Guerin. By Ryan R. and Oliver N.

11 Today it is in Washington D.C. locked up very safely. The Declaration of Independence It represents the official first step toward the Separation of the 13 colonies from the control of Great Britan. Many members of the second continental congress has had a fight for the 13 colonies of Great Britan. The decleration of independence was first writen in 1776. By Maddie and Quinn

12 Capitol Building Pierre Charles crew started building the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. 1793. The U.S. Capitol represents Democracy. It has 540 rooms in the U.S. Capitol. The outside of the U.S. Capitol almost is as long as two blocks. By Sam and Jake

13 Star Spangled Banner The poem was made by Francis Scott Key in 1814 The song represents the American flag Long a go it was a poem but now it is a song The poem was recited in Fort mc Henry By Mimi and Annadel

14 Liberty Bell John Stowe and John Pass created the Liberty Bell in 1752 in London, England. It stands for INDEPENDENCE for the U.S.A. In 1841 it suddenly cracked for no apparent reason. It was since then rung gently each July 4th. The Liberty Bell is 2000 pounds and 70% copper and 25% tin. By Owen and Rhianon

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