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2006-2007 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012.

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4 2006-2007


6 2009-2010

7 2010-2011

8 2011-2012

9 2012-2013

10 2013-2014


12 Y cómo será la próxima camiseta? Enter a design in the Camiseta 2014-15 competition and win $25 and a free t-shirt! Give your rough draft design(s) to your teacher by viernes el 14 de noviembre. Final designs (signed by artist) due no later than martes el 18 de noviembre.

13 General Guidelines Please submit designs on a plain white 8 1/2 by 11 inches sheet of paper (no lines please.) Use four or fewer colors.(black & white are considered colors!) Before writing something in Spanish on your entry, your teacher MUST proof it. Sign your artwork. Fill out an entry slip and turn it in with your design. Gracias!

14 Diseño para la Camiseta 2014 Nombre_____________________ Profe/a__________ Hora______ By Friday November 14 th, show this sheet to your teacher. You must include any visuals and text you plan on including in your official entry for the t-shirt design contest. After receiving approval, you may work on your final copy. Remember that you are limited to 4 colors (if you use black and white, they count as colors). Sign your final entry and turn it in by Tuesday, November 18 th.

15 isetas_T-Shirts.html Please visit Spanish Department webpage Spanish Club Camisetas

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