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Training Piano Teachers with WIMBA Classroom Linda Holzer, DMus Professor of Music University of Arkansas-Little Rock.

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1 Training Piano Teachers with WIMBA Classroom Linda Holzer, DMus Professor of Music University of Arkansas-Little Rock

2 + WIMBA =

3 Piano Pedagogy Course on methods and materials in piano teaching Upper-level elective for music majors Lecture, discussion and demonstration course

4 University of Arkansas-Little Rock Urban commuter campus Diverse student body, non-traditional age students Full and part-time students Face-to-face and distance-learning course features help responsive to diverse student needs

5 Arkansas Capitol city of Little Rock has a population of under 200,000 Largely a rural state, with diverse geography (Delta, Grand Prairie, Ozark Mountains) UALR is centrally located and well known state-wide

6 Rationale for Distance-Learning Piano teachers in search of pedagogy training are spread out, and commuting may not be practical Survey of piano teachers revealed interest in distance-learning for a pedagogy course Adult students want schedule flexibility of distance-learning

7 Arkansas State Music Teachers Association Membership data revealed that most had become computer users ASMTA encourages members to become certified as piano teachers, and taking a pedagogy course is required for certification

8 Essentials Needs Music courses need quality audio Digital piano or acoustic piano for musical demonstration Computer for instructor, Smart Board, wired internet connection, LCD projector Blackboard and WIMBA Classroom Wireless mic


10 UALR Music Tech Classroom Korg digital keyboard Revolabs SoloT Wearable Wireless Mic SmartBoard iMac instructor’s station computer (Intel- based) running OS 10.4.11 Blackboard CE6 LCD ceiling-mounted projector

11 Audio Setup Mixing board Amplifier powering 2 monitor speakers For piano demonstrations via distance- learning, piano output levels had to be set high for mic pickup



14 Daily Teaching Routine Audio archived all lectures Uploaded PowerPoints to WIMBA Classroom Off-campus student generally logged on during class time Students occasionally accessed the archive outside of class time

15 Additional Features Used Online Gradebook Discussion Tool Learning Modules Live musical demonstrations on digital piano

16 Guest Speakers WIMBA allows guest access to the Classroom Link, emailed to the guest presenter Practiced a week ahead with the guest to make sure they were comfortable Had them send me their PowerPoint ahead of time so I could upload it to WIMBA Classroom



19 Oral Reports Popular assignment with students Works well for face-to-face and distance- learning students via Classroom Communication was clear, and students enjoyed sharing with each other this way

20 Semester Evaluations “I love the how the guest speakers gave us real-life examples of the things we learn from the lectures. I also appreciate that the lectures are archived so that we can go back and review at any time.” “All areas of piano teaching were thoroughly covered including teaching materials, business matters, available resources.”

21 Other Courses Perspectives on Careers in Music, currently offering it as a hybrid course, using WIMBA Classroom Plans for developing a distance-learning course about famous pianists and piano music as an upper-level elective for non- majors.

22 My Customizations Maintain a stand-alone web site with the syllabus, “how to” info for Blackboard, and link to log on to Blackboard UALR provides all faculty with server space for a web site Blackboard isn’t available until midnight of the first day of class; I email students one week ahead for syllabus

23 Cusomizations, cont’d Prepare a test audio archive the week before classes start, post on WIMBA Classroom Encourage students to log on the first week and access the file, to make sure they can hear it Start troubleshooting immediately! Tech problems may cause students to drop

24 The Magic Triangle Music Department AHSS Learning Technology Ctr. Scholarly Technology & Resources

25 Additional Faculty Support AHSS Teaching with Technology Team Occasional faculty development workshops via AHSS Learning Technology Center Monthly workshops via STaR Informal conversations among faculty who meet at the above

26 Troubleshooting

27 Common Glitches Audio archive playback issues on some newer student computers running Vista or Windows XP collided with WebCT 4.3 Computer and internet browser setup issues Time-consuming troubleshooting on Quicktime and various settings Ultimately resolved by upgrading to Blackboard CE6

28 Advice for Students for Distance- Learning Using a Headset with WIMBA Classroom 1.Buy headphones with a mic. 2.Plug the red jack into the speaker/mic jack 3.Plug the white into the headphones jack. Reminder about the expected time commitment Reminder of course requirements

29 Student Success Profile Good time management skills Work well independently High motivation to succeed Good attention to detail Positive attitude towards learning High comfort-level with computer and internet technology Communicate with instructor, asking questions

30 Invite and Inform Both students and faculty need to be aware of what they’re in for when using course management software and WIMBA Classroom It can be rewarding and very effective Instructor MUST allow ample time for course development

31 Risks for Rookies Faculty with limited experience under-estimate time needed to learn the teaching technology They mistake the fact that it looks easy when prep is complete, and assume it happens instantly Remember Fred Astaire. Made the dancing look easy. Reality was lots of rehearsal preparation.

32 Questions? Contact Information: Prof. Linda Holzer Coordinator of Classical Keyboard Studies Music Department University of Arkansas at Little Rock 501.569.8436


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