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Novi Middle School 8 th Grade Washington D.C. Trip November 4-8, 2015.

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1 Novi Middle School 8 th Grade Washington D.C. Trip November 4-8, 2015

2 Goals of the Trip This trip will… Bring history alive for students, increasing their appreciation and understanding of the past. Develop the students’ interpersonal skills as they “live together” for more than three days. Enable students to grow individually in assuming responsibility for themselves.

3 Day 1 - Thursday* Depart Wednesday 8 p.m. Breakfast Arlington Cemetery Iwo Jima Memorial FDR & MLK Memorials Pentagon 9/11 Memorial Lunch National Portrait Gallery Newseum Dinner Jefferson Memorial Lincoln Memorial *Trip itinerary subject to change

4 Day 2 - Friday Breakfast U. S. Capitol Tour Supreme Court Library of Congress Lunch National Archives White House Photos Ford’s Theatre & Petersen House Dinner Recreation Center –Swim and Gym

5 Day 3 - Saturday Breakfast Washington Monument WW II Memorial Vietnam War Memorial Korean War Memorial Lunch Smithsonian Complex –American History –Natural History –Air & Space Dinner Drive home through the night

6 Day 4 - Sunday Return home (early a.m.) *All meals included *Tax and tips included

7 Tour Company WorldStrides “ Committed to providing exceptional service, superior safety, and memories that will last a lifetime ” Located in Charlottesville, VA Founded in 1967 Contact Person: Shanna Jeffrey

8 Transportation

9 Hotel Accommodations Doubletree Crystal City Arlington, VA

10 Doubletree Crystal City is just minutes from downtown D.C.

11 Trip Security Chaperones = 1 per 12 students Nighttime Security Chaperones - 10pm - 5am - Stationed on each floor on which the students are housed Licensed Tour Guides 24 hour contact service - Bracelets w/ contact information Trip liability insurance

12 Medication Forms will be available in the fall for prescription and over-the-counter medicines. The forms and medications are due to the counseling office at least one week prior to the trip. Each group’s chaperone disperses the medicine as needed.

13 Payments $669 total cost based upon 4/room (but you will save $25 from this price if you register by 1/31/15) ________________ To guarantee a spot on the trip… $49 deposit must be paid to Worldstrides by 1/31/15 AND THEN…

14 The Balance Owed $620 balance is due by 2/25/15 ($595 balance if registered by 1/31/15) --This does NOT include the optional $99 Full Refund Program which will be explained later OR Pay through installments by Mail, Phone, Online –$6 charge for each payment EZ Pay –automatic withdrawal from checking –no extra charge

15 Payment Plan Trip ID Number= 113958 Payments of $150 due 2/25, 4/25, & 6/25 Remaining balance due 8/21/15 All checks sent directly to & payable to: WorldStrides Late Fees –$15 late fee for missed installment –$60 late fee for missed final installment

16 Full Refund Program F.R.P. participation is optional –Over 50% in Novi, and up to 70% across U.S., choose to do this plan. –Additional cost of $99 –Full refund--not including $99 F.R.P. $49 initial deposit ($99 after 1/31/15) any handling and/or late fees –You must cancel trip prior to the group’s departure. –Please read registration letter carefully for more information regarding F.R.P. Without F.R.P.: –WorldStrides retains 100% of tour price if you cancel less than 44 days prior to departure. –Be sure to check the F.R.P. box if you do NOT want it.

17 FLAG Scholarships Available through WorldStrides Available to families with an annual adjusted gross income (AGI) under $85,000 Available on a first come, first served basis Contact WorldStrides for more information

18 Sign-up for My Trip My Trip is a site provided by WorldStrides for parents to get updates about the trip. After registering for the trip, you will receive an email asking you to register for MyTrip. Updates and requests will be sent through this site. It is very important that you are in this information loop!

19 Behavior Contracts What behaviors lead to a student’s removal from the trip prior to departing from Novi? –Students will turn in a behavior contract at the beginning of February. Violation of this contract will cause the student to be removed from the trip. What happens if a student needs to be sent home during the trip?

20 Hoody & Long Sleeve Shirt Please…--request a shirt size afterward through an email sent out by Worldstrides Personnel *NOT while you are registering!* --adult sizes: S, M, L, XL --remember: your child will likely GROW! DO NOT ORDER THIS SHIRT WHEN REGISTERING

21 Fall Organizational Meeting Mandatory parent meeting in October 2015 to finalize plans for the trip to Washington D.C. Items we will discuss include: -what to pack -student expectations -medical forms -answer questions that you and/or your child may have

22 Questions???? Novi Middle School Contact Person: Kenny Fenchel 248-449-1600

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