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NNA LEGISLATIVE DAY 2014 Meeting with Congress: -Logistics -Priorities and Talking Points.

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1 NNA LEGISLATIVE DAY 2014 Meeting with Congress: -Logistics -Priorities and Talking Points

2 NNA LEGISLATIVE DAY LOGISTICS Tuesday, April 1, 2014 12:00 PM – All Day: Check-in, pick up packets (look for NNA Legislative Day Registration table) Wednesday, April 2, 2014 8:00 – 9:00 AM: Breakfast briefing/pick up packets (Doubletree, Washington Ballroom) 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM: Capitol Hill visits (lunch on your own); use Metro 5:00 PM: Reception on Capitol Hill (Senate Russell Building, Room 325)

3 NNA LEGISLATIVE DAY PACKETS What’s Included in Your Packets? Included and waiting for you:  NWA Facts Sheets  State Impact – One Pagers (very important)  State Impact – Detailed One Pagers  State Impact – Infographic (new)  Talking points for NNA’s priorities  Map of Capitol Hill You must bring:  Local information; e.g. local economic impact reports, brochures, newspaper articles, recent achievements, statistics and data about programs, anything to help tell your story (especially around NNA Day priorities)

4 NNA LEGISLATIVE DAY 2014 PRIORITIES (2) All under banner of 1)NWA “Core” Appropriation 2)Your Next Most Important Local Funding (e.g. Rural, NFMC, GSE reform, Housing Counseling, CDFI, CDBG, HOME, other)

5 GENERAL TALKING POINTS All Members (Republican and Democratic)  Jobs: let members know how you create jobs (cite data sheets)  Leverage: explain how NWA funding triggers private and public leverage  NWOs = Small Businesses: Let members know you’re a small business that hires local contractors, puts people to work, invests in local communities  Thank You: thank your members for the increase to NWA’s FY 2014 appropriation (whether they voted for it or not)

6 (1) NEIGHBORHOOD REINVESTMENT (D/B/A NWA) APPROPRIATION  NNA supports level (2014) funding for FY 2015  $204.1 m total for NWA (versus $182 m President request)  Explain using talking points:  Jobs: your work creates jobs; you hire people, engage architects, legal, accountants, etc.  Leverage: NWA funding brings private sector resources to the table  Quick Deployment: NWA allocates funding quickly; NWOs leverage and push that funding immediately into projects and local economies  Small Business: NWOs = not-for-profit businesses  Data: Refer to your data sheets – make it local  Encourage support (to do’s):  Senate: sign on to Senator Leahy Dear Colleague by April 2 nd  House: thank them for signing Representative Fudge Dear Colleague (deadline: March 28 th )

7 (2) NEXT MOST IMPORTANT FUNDING  FY 2015: NWO supports funding (FY 2014 enacted or FY 2015 President request -- whichever is greater) for [fill in the blank] for FY 2015  This funding is critical to local communities  This funding enhances NWA funding  Jobs  Leverage  Local Small Business

8 PROPOSED FY 2015 FUNDING LEVELS For full funding chart visit:

9 HOME MATTERS 1 ST BIRTHDAY PARTY When: 5pm-6:30pm Where: Senate Russell 325 Special Toasts by: HUD Secretary Donovan Senator Leahy Congressman Price NeighborWorks America Habitat for Humanity Home-Free USA Enterprise Community Partners Citi Community Development Wells Fargo Foundation National Housing Conference National Low Income Housing Coalition

10 NNA LEGISLATIVE DAY 2014 Dave Brown, Amy Kathman,

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