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Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) Program Review | UNCLASSIFIED1 Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) Presentation to the IJIS Institute.

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1 Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) Program Review | UNCLASSIFIED1 Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) Presentation to the IJIS Institute Winter Briefing 11 January 2007

2 Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) Program Review | UNCLASSIFIED2  Comprehensive law enforcement information sharing effort:  local, county, state & federal LE agencies records shared regionally  Interoperability with DOJ Regional Data Exchange (RDEx) Program  Inter-governmental strategy for national LE information sharing  Search and retrieval of structured & unstructured data:  single database warehouse; web based services using 128 bit SSL  shared data retrieval, entity extraction & analytical tool applications  composite record of all integrated data  Enhanced relationships among LE agencies  commitment to share all data across jurisdictions  increased interoperability among disparate records systems Meets federal NIJ standards  Meets federal NIJ standards  GJXDM/NIEM compliant, with open architecture  Federal & state FOIA, Privacy Act & disclosure requirements compliant  DoD DITSCAP certification standards & security accreditation  28 CFR Part 23, compliant; but not an intelligence system Program Capability/Service Description

3 Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) Program Review | UNCLASSIFIED3 Customers/Users  300+ Local, County, State & Federal Law Enforcement Agencies  Police Departments, Sheriffs Offices, Prosecuting Attorneys & Federal Agencies  Law Enforcement Executives; Chiefs, Sheriffs, SAC’s & U.S. Attorneys provide oversight  DoD, DOJ, & DHS Law Enforcement Investigative Agencies  NCIS & AFOSI ONE DOJ”  FBI, DEA, ATF, USMS & BOP (“ONE DOJ” Pilot in NW LInX)  ICE is Executive Agent for DHS implementation (Pilot in NW LInX)  Future participation by Secret Service, Customs/Border Patrol & Coast Guard possible  Federal Protective Service, Capital Police, Park Police & Transit Police in NCR LInX  Over 8000 trained LE users nationwide achieving operational successes  More than 50 million LE records in LInX data warehouses nationwide  Data warehouses maintained in FBI Field Divisions  DEPSECDEF, Deputy Attorney General & Deputy Secretary DHS Support  April ’06 strategy meeting for national implementation & program management  DEPSECDEF intent to transition program to either DOJ or DHS

4 Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) Program Review | UNCLASSIFIED FBI Gateway Information Sharing Initiative begins in St. Louis, MO Gateway reaches initial operating capability in St. Louis-no further development by FBI NCIS Assumes responsibilities for Norfolk & Seattle LInX Seattle LInX reaches initial operating capability Hampton Roads reaches initial operating capability Navy Program Objective Memorandum Seattle Hawaii Hampton Roads Florida/Georgia Texas reach full operating capability Program Maintenance/Refreshment New Mexico development begins National Capitol Region reaches initial operating capability Hawaii Florida/Georgia Texas reaches full operating capability National Capitol Region development begins National Capitol Region New Mexico reach full operating capability Los Angeles Region planning Life Cycle/Developmental Timeline Current Status:  Fully operational in Hawaii, Northwest, Hampton Roads, Texas, Florida, Georgia  Developmental in National Capital Region & New Mexico  Limited support for Los Angeles & Southern California development

5 Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) Program Review | UNCLASSIFIED5 LInX Status- March 2006  7 Regional LInX Programmed by NCIS  Fully Operational in 5 Regions in Nov ‘06  Developmental in 2 Regions in FY’07  LA LInX planning *** IOC- Oct’04 IOC- Jun‘05 IOC- Apr’06 IOC- Jun‘05 IOC- Sep‘05 IOC- Jan’07 IOC- Jun’07 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% ***D evelopment of Los Angeles LInX Region for FY’07 Los Angeles

6 Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) Program Review | UNCLASSIFIED6 LInX Data Warehouse Data is accessed by the users from a web browser using SSL 256 bit encryption Data is pushed to the Front Porch then into LInX Data Warehouse using Server-Server authentication Firewall Agency RMS System Login & password required Dell 6650 Servers with Applications FBI Field Office LE Users LInX LE Agency LE DATA Arrest Records Investigations Traffic Reports CAD Data Booking Records Warrants NCIS City PD State Police State Police SFTP / Front Porch Oracle 9I / 10G L & C: Entity Extraction, Ontology, Free Text Retrieval Initiate: Fuzzy Name Search Web Logic Query tool SVG: Link Analysis SFTP Server 1024 bit encryption Server-Server Authentication County SO

7 Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) Program Review | UNCLASSIFIED7 LInX Successes  HR LInX provides investigative leads to identify & arrest suspect in murder of Norfolk Police Officer  ICE Seattle solves major international money laundering investigation  Seattle PD & FBI JTTF identified Ethiopian violent drug/gang members in Everett,WA: deported by ICE immediately  Norfolk Airport Police use LInX to solve series of luggage and jewelry thefts  Seattle PD solved Pioneer Square homicide investigation  Jefferson County, WA Sheriff ’ s Office uses LInX to identify and arrest five suspects in attempted murder case  NCIS in Jacksonville solves aggravated assault against sailor  York County, VA used HR LInX to solve multiple armed robberies and arrest several suspects  FBI Seattle solves identity theft ring; securities fraud case & violent criminal gang case  Jacksonville, FL Police solve major identity theft ring with more than 200 victims  NCIS identifies methamphetamine distributor to Navy in Jacksonville, FL

8 Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) Program Review | UNCLASSIFIED8 Future Developments  Complete development of Navy focused LInX regions  Increase volume & quality of LE data to support NCIS requirements  Emphasize value of increased federal LE data to mitigate threats to naval facilities & personnel  Expand increased LE partnerships to support NCIS/Navy requirements for LE & CT  Program transition from DoD/DON to DHS  DEPSECDEF desires transition from DoD/DON to either DOJ or DHS  DOJ or DHS more appropriate for national build-out of LInX program  Inter-Departmental strategy proposed in April’06 meeting with Principal Deputies  Aug’06 DAG memo supports LInX efforts, but declined program management role  DHS leadership interested in LInX support to national Fusion Centers  Present efforts with Los Angeles LE Executives related to DHS Fusion Center  Congressional appropriations for national expansion  $ M estimated for national LInX program  LInX presents only Federally sponsored effort to share local, county, state LE data  National LInX model supportive of N-Dex & “One DOJ” models

9 Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) Program Review | UNCLASSIFIED9 Future Developments  LInX Development in Los Angeles:  LInX Los Angeles could serve as national model for LE sharing  Fusion Center offers unique ability to merge LE sensitive & classified data  FBI Los Angeles evaluates LInX critical to mitigate regional threats  LInX complimentary & supportive of LA Joint Regional Fusion Center  Phase I to fuse LASD & LAPD COPLINK systems & Orange County SO data  Phase II to fuse additional 47 COPLINK agencies and other RMS vendor supported agencies  Phase III expansion to additional counties & state fusion centers  Approximately $5M required to develop Phase I LA LInX ( )  NCIS provides initial investment to initiate LInX concept in 2007  LAPD/LASD seek DHS appropriated & UASI grant funding  FBI supports integration of sensitive FBI data into LInX in Joint Regional Intelligence Center (JRIC) with MEMEX program  DHS supports integration of LE data into JRIC-LInX

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