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Reading Notes 6.5-Conflict Between East and West

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1 Reading Notes 6.5-Conflict Between East and West
Why did the Byzantine emperor Leo the third forbid the use of icons in 730? How did the pope react to Leo's order? Some Christians in the east thought that people were worshiping the icons like they were divine. This meant if something happened to an icon people would be extremely upset. After Leo the third forbid icons, the pope were mad at him because his order applied to them even though they were in Italy. Pope Gregory the third even excommunicated Leo because of this act.

2 What event in 800 increased tensions between the east and the west?.
The Empress Irene was viewed by Leo as a not true ruler. Also the Pope needed more support from a strong leader to help defend the church in the west. Also, Leo decided to crown Charlemagne, the king of the Franks, as the holy Roman Emperor.

3 How did the relationship between the Eastern orthodox church and the roman catholic church change in 1054 C.E.? In 1054 the patriarch of Constinople, Cerularius, wanted to reassign the Byzantines in control of the church. He then closed all churches that worshiped western rites. Pope Leo the ninth was furious. He then sent a cardinal to Constinople. The cardinal excommunicated Cerularius responded by excommunicating the cardinal. This separated the east and the west and it separated the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church.

4 Why was Constantinople ideally located to be the capitol of the Byzantine Empire?
Constantinople was ideally located to be the capitol of the Byzantine Empire because it was on a militarily dominant, and trade rich area. It was militarily dominant because it was a peninsula, with mountains cutting it off from land attack. It was a trade rich area because it it had many ports, and was between two seas.

5 What were some of Constantinople’s main features?
Some of Constantinople’s main features were man made, and some natural. Some of Constantinople’s man made features were the legendary chain wall that defended it from attackers, Another is the very numerous ports all across the coast of Constantinople. Some natural features were the mountains that protected the land side of Constantinople from attack. Another is the ocean surrounding three sides, servicing the ports.

6 What was daily life like in Constantinople?
Constantinople” daily lives varied enormously on who it was you asked about. The common wealth was exceedingly poor, and struggled endlessly to survive. The traders and the nobles were exceedingly rich.

7 6.4 1.what was the relationship between religion and government in the Byzantine Empire ? They were entwined it because religion was very important to them even the leader of the government was riligious.

8 The head of the government was the living representative of god and jesus christ this meant that the church and stat6e were combined into one all powerful body.

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