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Name the 3 levels of government.. Local, State, Federal or National.

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1 Name the 3 levels of government.

2 Local, State, Federal or National

3 A ________ is a person who obeys and is protected by the laws.

4 citizen

5 A person who was not born in the United States but became a U.S. citizen is called a ___________.

6 Naturalized Citizen

7 In the United States, how old do you have to be to vote in an election?

8 18 years old

9 List at least 3 rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

10 Freedom of speech, press, religion, and assembly. Right to bear arms and a fair and speedy trial, no cruel punishment.

11 The United States is a ________ ________ which means that citizens vote for people to represent them and pass laws.

12 Democratic Republic

13 _________Sovereignty means that the power comes from the people.

14 Popular

15 What are the names of the 3 branches of government?

16 Executive Branch Legislative Branch Judicial Branch

17 The picture is of the Indiana capitol building. Capitol is spelled with an O when you are referring to the building and with an A all other times.

18 Who makes up Indiana’s Executive branch?

19 The governor and lieutenant governor and others (Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer of State, Auditor, Superintendent of Public Schools, Clerk of the Appellate and Supreme Courts)

20 Who is Indiana’s current governor?

21 Governor Mike Pence

22 What are 2 important jobs for which the governor is responsible?

23 Recommends a state budget and Appoints judges

24 Who would take over for the governor if he was no longer unable to carry out his duties as governor?

25 The lieutenant governor, Sue Ellspermann

26 What is the job of the Executive Branch?

27 The Executive Branch enforces the laws.

28 Who makes up Indiana’s Legislative Branch?

29 The House of Representatives and the Senate Pictured is where Indiana’s House of Representatives meet.

30 What is the job of Indiana’s Legislative Branch?

31 They make the laws

32 What do we call Indiana’s House of Representatives and the Senate together?

33 The General Assembly or Congress

34 How many representatives make up Indiana’s House of representatives? Pictured is the mural in the house, it depicts scenes about Indiana. The chandelier has one light for each representative.

35 100 representatives

36 How long is an elected term for a state representative?

37 An Indiana representative serves for 2 years.

38 How many senators make up the Indiana Senate?

39 Indiana has 50 state senators

40 How long is an elected term for an Indiana senator?

41 An Indiana senator serves a term for 4 years.

42 What do we call a ‘rough draft’ of a law, or a proposed law?

43 A bill

44 This means to reject a bill or proposed law.

45 Veto

46 How many electoral votes does Indiana have when choosing a president in an election?

47 Indiana has 11 electoral votes in the electoral college. (We have 2 United States Senators and 9 Representatives in the United States House for a total of 11 electoral votes.)

48 Who makes up the Judicial Branch?

49 Courts and Judges

50 What is the job of the Judicial Branch?

51 They interpret or explain the laws

52 What is the highest court in Indiana?

53 Indiana’s Supreme Court

54 How many Justices serve on Indiana’s Supreme Court?

55 5 Justices

56 Why is there an odd number of justices on the Supreme Court?

57 There is an odd number of justices to prevent a tie vote on decisions about important court cases.

58 Where does the Indiana government get its money?

59 Taxes Property Tax Income Tax Sales Tax

60 What is Indiana’s biggest expense?

61 US! Public Education

62 Which is NOT an example of civic virtue? A. Choosing not to vote B. Being honest C. Respecting the law D. Showing respect for the rights of all people

63 A. Choosing not to vote!

64 How do Indiana citizens use their political power?

65 By Voting

66 Who is the official in charge of local government? (Greenwood)

67 The mayor Mark W. Myers

68 Where was Indiana’s first state capital located?

69 Indiana’s First State Capitol Building Corydon, Indiana


71 Indiana’s state flower is the...

72 Peony

73 Indiana’s State bird is the...

74 Cardinal

75 Indiana’s State motto is …

76 The Crossroads of America

77 In which COUNTY do you live?

78 Johnson County

79 Indiana’s capital city is…

80 Indianapolis Located in Marion County

81 Indiana’s nickname is…

82 Hoosiers

83 We live in the state of …

84 Indiana!

85 We live on the continent of…

86 North America

87 Our COUNTRY is the…

88 United States of America

89 Indiana’s state tree is the…

90 Poplar or Tulip Tree

91 When did Indiana become a state?

92 On December 11,1816 Indiana became the 19 th state to join the union.

93 Indiana’s State Seal

94 Indiana’s Flag

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