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The War of 1812 “aka” The 2 nd Fight for Independence 1812-1814 Madison is in office and tensions with Britain are rising quickly.

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1 The War of 1812 “aka” The 2 nd Fight for Independence 1812-1814 Madison is in office and tensions with Britain are rising quickly

2 Non-Intercourse Act ► Forbid trade (embargo) with France or Britain ► will reopen trade with country that removed its trade restrictions first…  trying to play Britain and France against each other ► In 1810 Congress said:  US would trade with both  but if either country agreed to drop its restrictions, the US would stop importing goods from the other that didn’t…  France takes the bait while Britain holds out

3 Tecumseh and Tippecanoe ► Tecumseh tries to unite Indians against white settlers who were taking their land  The British were arming them with weapons ► William Henry Harrison goes with troops to Tippecanoe and burns their town…they give up more land

4 Causes of War of 1812 ► War Hawks: Members of Congress that voted for the war  Mainly Southern and Western farmers ► Why go to War? (Causes) 1.Impressment (biggest cause) 2.Freedom of the seas restrictions ► Too many embargoes and tariffs 4.Native Americans were being armed by the British They get War in June 1812 They get War in June 1812 John Calhoun

5 War Strategies American ► Attack Canada on foot… unsuccessful ► Take British ships ► Defeat Natives British ► Navy raid cities along the coast ► Cut New England off from the rest of the country ► Seize New Orleans and close the Mississippi River to western farmers …America would be forced to make peace

6 Let’s Review! 1. Which of the following was NOT a cause of the War of 1812? a.Native American support from the British b.1810 Congress c.Impressment of US sailors d.Interference with trade 2. What resulted from Tecumseh’s attempt to stop white encroachment on native land? a.Natives were defeated and forced to give up their land. b.Natives were defeated and slaughtered by William Henry Harrison. c.Natives were successful at repelling white migration into Native lands. 3. Why would capturing New Orleans force the US to surrender? a.Native Americans would ret-take the land b.The US would be unable to ship supplies on the Mississippi River c.The British would build a fort there d.Other nations would attack a weakened US 4. Which strategy seems better? The British or American. Why?

7 Raid on Washington, D.C. ► British fleet within marching distance of capitol ► defeated the militia and entered the city unopposed ► Madison and other officials fled ► Burnt the White House and the Capitol …American morale at all time low

8 Baltimore ► Baltimore was ready for British after burning of capitol ► Finally the British left after hours of bombardment on Fort McHenry  Francis Scott Key celebrated the American victory by writing the “Star Spangled Banner”

9 The Battle of New Orleans ► Victory led by General Andrew Jackson ► Fought 2 weeks after Treaty of Ghent (ended war) was signed ► leads to increase in patriotism ► Jackson becomes a war hero…what will he be next?

10 The Treaty of Ghent ► Treaty ended the War of 1812 but nothing else really changed ► The war increased American prestige on the seas and created a new spirit of patriotism/nationalism

11 The Hartford Convention ► New England’s/Federalists opposition was increasing ► New Englanders met in Hartford, Connecticut to consider secession (leaving the Union) ► Significance: Their threat of secession will destroy the Federalist Party

12 The Results of War of 1812 ► Andrew Jackson is a national hero ► Destroyed the Federalist Party because  of Hartford Convention  against war but an American victory ► nationalism surged ► Indian defeats created 4 new states

13 Adams-Onis Treaty ► Spain ceded (gave) Florida to America

14 Let’s Review! 1. What act by the British demoralized the US? a.Raid on Baltimore b.Raid on Washington DC c.Battle of New Orleans d.Battle of Tippecanoe 2. What were the terms of the Treaty of Ghent? a.The US was forced to give up land b.The British were forced to give up land c.No land changed hands d.The US was allowed to purchase land from the British 3. How did New England express their frustration with the war? a.They seceded from the Union b.They held marches at the White House c.They met to discuss secession but rejected it. d.They refused to continue sending soldiers. 4. Which of the following was NOT a lasting impact of the War of 1812? a.Federalist Party dies out b.British become stronger c.Nationalism grows due to pride d.Native Americans loose land in the West

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