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FedFleet 2012 GSA Motor Vehicle Management: Fleet & Automotive Erin Sembach.

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1 FedFleet 2012 GSA Motor Vehicle Management: Fleet & Automotive Erin Sembach

2 GSA Fleet & GSA Automotive GSA Automotive – Mandatory source for vehicle purchasing GSA Fleet – Non-mandatory source for vehicle leasing Workshop: GSA Office of Motor Vehicle Management Update Thursday 9:45 – 11:00 AM 2

3 Our Promise Right Vehicle Right Price Great Service 3 …and the required data needed to effectively and efficiently manage a fleet!

4 GSA Automotive: An Introduction Workshops: Vehicle Purchasing Overview Thursday 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM Mandatory Source – FPMR Purchases over 55,000 vehicles per year 4 Visit to learn more

5 Program Management Office Manage Customer Accounts Provide: – Statistical Reports – Webinars – Custom training Open House 5 Hotline #: (703) 605-CARS (2277)

6 Engineering Workshops: Vehicle Engineering Part 1: Tuesday 2:00 – 3:00 PM Part 2: Thursday 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM Engineering Services – Educate and assist customers at no cost – Identify safety issues and make good value selections Technical Expertise – Develop complete Purchase Descriptions 6

7 AutoChoice Online vehicle comparisons, ordering and tracking Variety of enhancements 7

8 Vehicle Line-up Sedans Light trucks Medium Trucks Heavy Trucks Buses Ambulances ADA Vans Non-Standard Vehicles MAS23V-Superstore MAS751-Commercial Leasing 8

9 Alternative Fuel Vehicles 392 Bio Diesel (B20) 230 E Hybrid Electric 68 Compressed Natural Gas 19 Liquid Natural Gas 11 Low Greenhouse Gas (GHG)–emitting (conventionally fueled) 24 Battery Electric 39 Liquid Propane Gas 1 Flex Fuel Hybrid 9 Total of 894 Alternative Fuel Vehicles An increase of 392 over FY11

10 Available Plug-In Electric Vehicles Sedans – SIN 8E – Chevrolet Volt, Mitsubishi iMiev, Ford Focus Electric Cargo Vans – SINs 95E, 134E – Electric Vehicle International, Central Truck, RP Automotive, K. Neal International Trucks 10 Ford Focus BEV Chevy Volt RP Automotive Multistop Van

11 Available Plug-In Electric Vehicles Vocational Body Trucks – SINs 84E, 124N – Electric Vehicle International, Central Truck Dump Trucks – SIN 154E – Central Truck 36-Passenger Buses – SIN 363E – Capitol Coachworks Buses, EVolution 11 Electric Vehicle International Vocational Body Truck Krystal EVolution (Capitol Coach Works) bus

12 GSA Fleet: An Introduction GSA Fleet manages over 205,000 vehicles Worldwide customer base: – Germany, Italy, Afghanistan, Guam, and Japan Revolving fund Full service leasing 12 Visit to learn more

13 GSA Fleet Services Low Rates Fleet Service Reps AMC/MCC Vehicle Acquisition/Sales Card Services – Monitor waste, fraud and abuse 13

14 Rates What does this cover? – Vehicles and Replacements – Vehicle Management System – Maintenance Management – Fuel Costs – Accident Management – Disposal of Replaced Vehicles (Sales) – Management of your Vehicle Program – Tags Workshop: Vendor and Customer Self Service (VCSS) Application (Computer Lab Training) Thursday 8:30 – 9:30 AM 14 Monthly rate + mileage rate + accessory charge (if applicable) = Total Monthly Cost

15 Fleet Service Representatives Primary Customer Point of Contact Worldwide FSRs now assist Purchasing Customers as well 15

16 Accident Management & Maintenance Control Centers AMC: Provides collision, repairs & 3 rd party claims service Works with appraisers, insurance companies & customers MCC: Oversees authorizations, mechanical, tire repairs and PMs Hours: 6 AM – 7 PM Central AMC & MCC:

17 Vehicle Acquisition Coordinate annual vehicle replacement cycles Assist with rightsizing your fleet and meeting federal mandates Workshops: Acquisition & Fleet Management – Wednesday 3:30 – 5:00 PM – Thursday 2:15 – 3:30 PM Vehicle Acquisition Process – Thursday 8:00 – 9:15 AM 17

18 Alternative Fuel Vehicles Currently over 50% of GSA’s leased fleet is AFVs Meeting the Mandates: – Energy Policy Act of 1992 & 2005 (EPACT) – 2007 Energy Independence & Security Act – EPA Guidance for Section 141 (EISA) 2007 – Executive Order – Executive Order – Executive Order – May 2011 Presidential Memorandum Workshop: Meeting Energy Mandates Thursday 3:45 – 5:00 PM 18

19 Fleet Credit Card Wright Express (WEX) Over 90% of retail fuel locations accept WEX Offers a MasterCard backup for any location that doesn’t accept WEX Behind the scene fraud control keeps costs low WEX fuel locator app with price and location 19

20 Fleet Solutions Short Term Rental Program Vehicle Monitoring Fleet Vehicle Safety Exploring other solutions Workshop: Fleet Solutions Wednesday 2:00 – 3:00 PM 20

21 Short Term Rentals GSA Fleet handles entire rental procurement process Lowest rates Sedans to tractor trailers Rentals up to 120 days 21

22 Vehicle Monitoring Track vehicle locations Interactive reports Protect and recover assets quickly Monitor driving habits Green Benefits – Increase fleet utilization – Combine trips 22

23 GSA Fleet Drive Thru Web based Applications Mileage Express Reports Carryout Speed Pay CRASH VCSS Customer Driven Data Replacement Vehicle (CAM) 23 Workshop: GSA Fleet Drive Thru (Computer Lab Training) Thursday 10:00 – 11:00 AM

24 Motor Vehicle Registration System (FMVRS) Government-wide registration system for all federally-tagged motor vehicles – National Security (NLETS) – Government-wide inventory control of vehicles/tags Workshop: Federal Motor Vehicle Registration System (FMVRS) Thursday 9:45 – 11:00 AM 24

25 Federal Fleet Management System (FedFMS) Low-cost vehicle inventory management system for other agencies – Detailed inventory – Monthly mileage reporting – Daily electronic update from FMVRS – Reports Module – Fuel Card Transactions – Maintenance & Repair Screens – FAST Reporting – Expense Records – Dispatch Module Workshop: Federal Fleet Management System (FedFMS) Thursday 8:00 – 9:15 AM 25

26 Fleet Vehicle Safety Free Online Defensive Driving Course CRASH – Online Accident Management Tool Vehicle Misuse Reporting: 26

27 Comments/Questions? Thank you for joining GSA Automotive and GSA Fleet at FedFleet 2012! 27

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