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White House FOR EVERY SLIDE IN YOUR POWERPOINT: Find Picture. Place Here. Then put the name of its location underneath the picture. In other words name the city and state located, or the county and state located, or the general geographic location. 1.) What is the street address for the White House? 2.) Which President first began calling the President’s Mansion the White House? 3.) In what room of the White House did both Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy lie in state after being tragically assassinated?

2 U.S. Capitol Building 1.) What branch of government works in the U.S. Capitol building? 2.) Whose remains were suppose to be buried in the crypt of the U.S. Capitol building? What is it used as now? 3.) The Capitol Building sits on the end of the Mall in Washington, D.C. On which directional end does it sit?

3 U.S. Supreme Court Building
1.) Who is the only president to have also served as the Chief Justice of Supreme Court? 2.) The Supreme Court building is Northeast of what building? 3.) Who is the current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

4 Library of Congress – Reading Room
1.) The Library of Congress is home to what office? 2.) How many miles of bookshelves does the Library of Congress have? 3.) What do the 8 statues that ring the Library of Congress Reading Room represent?

5 Pentagon 1.) The Pentagon is the home of what governmental office?
2.) The Pentagon is across the river from the rest of Washington D.C. Name that river. 3.) Who is the current Secretary of Defense?

6 Washington Monument 1.) What is the Washington Monument shaped like?
2.) How tall is the Washington Monument? 3.) The Washington Monument stands on the opposite end of the reflecting pool from what other monument?

7 Jefferson Memorial 1.) The Jefferson Memorial sits on the Tidal Basin, what kind of tree surrounds the Tidal Basin? 2.) What city gifted the above mentioned trees to Washington, D.C.? 3.) Which U.S. president had the Jefferson Memorial built?

8 Lincoln Memorial 1.) What two state names are not carved on the outside walls of this memorial? 2.) How tall is the Lincoln statue inside the memorial? 3.) What two Lincoln speeches appear on the walls of the Monument?

9 FDR Memorial 1.) FDR is shown as sitting with who at his memorial?
2.) The memorial consists of 4 outdoor rooms, why? 3.) The memorial has an engraving of the four freedoms that FDR said people have, what are those 4 freedoms?

10 Korean War Memorial 1.) How many statues of soldiers are there at the memorial? (Bonus: Why are there that number of troops?) 2.) What are the statue soldiers wearing? What is the symbolism of this apparel? 3.) The end of the Korean War came in 1953 with an uneasy peace, which set the border between North Korea and South Korea at what parallel?

11 Vietnam Memorial 1.) The Vietnam Memorial has the names of soldiers killed or missing, how many names are there on the wall? 2.) What did the government put at the memorial to appease those that thought the memorial was too abstract? 3.) What does it mean to find a diamond or a cross next to person’s name?

12 World War II Memorial 1.) What is the name that has been given to the World War II generation? 2.) What do the two arches of the memorial represent? 3.) Between what two monuments does this monument sit?

13 Arlington National Cemetery
1.) What was Arlington National Cemetery before it was a cemetery? (Be specific) 2.) What two presidents are buried in Arlington National Cemetery? 3.) How many acres is the Arlington National Cemetery?

14 Tomb of the Unknowns 1.) What is the other name for this monument?
2.) After what war was this monument made? 3.) Why does the Unites States have this 79 ton monument guarded 24 hours a day 7 days a week?

15 USS Arizona 1.) On what date was the USS Arizona sunk?
2.) How many crew members were on the USS Arizona? 3.) What country attacked this ship?

16 Independence Hall 1.) What two major United States Documents were signed here? 2.) During what years was this the Capital of United States of America? 3.) What famous bell originally had its home in this monument’s bell tower?

17 Mount Vernon 1.) Who lived here?
2.) How many acres was this plantation when its owner was alive? 3.) What river lies to the east of this huge plantation?

18 Monticello 1.) Who designed this house and lived here?
2.) How was this house light and heated? 3.) What is odd about where the owner of this house placed his bed?

19 Mount Rushmore 1.) Name the 4 presidents depicted here from left to right. (first and last names) 2.) Who is this named after? 3.) When was this impressive structured carved? (between what dates)

20 Statue of Liberty 1.) This statue was a gift from whom?
2.) What do the seven rays on her crown symbolize? 3.) What is the date written on her tablet?

21 Uncle Sam 1.) Who or what does he symbolize?
2.) What is the slogan on the most famous poster of Uncle Sam? 3.) What is his suit suppose to represent?

22 Time Square 1.) What was the original name of this square?
2.) What year was the first New Year’s Eve celebration held? 3.) What New York City borough is this located in?

23 Hoover Dam 1.) What was the original name of the Hoover Dam?
2.) On what river is this located? 3.) What is the purpose of this dam?

24 Golden Gate Bridge 1.) On what date was the Golden Gate Bridge opened?
2.) How long is the bridge? 3.) What type of bridge is the Golden Gate?

25 Chrysler Building 1.) What do the gargoyles on the building depict?
2.) What is the spire modeled after? 3.) Upon completion, what distinction did the Chrysler Building have?

26 Gateway Arch 1.) How tall is the Gateway Arch?
2.) The Gateway Arch is the Gateway to the ______________. 3.) Along what river was this structure built?

27 Willis “Sears” Tower 1.) How many stories does Willis Tower have?
2.) In what popular 1980s teen movie do a boy and his friends who are skipping school go up to the Willis Tower Sky Deck and look down? 3.) In 1998 the Willis Tower was surpassed as the tallest building in the world by the Petronas towers, in what country on the Petronas towers located?

28 Empire State Building 1.) How steps are there from street level to the 102nd floor? 2.) Which 1957 movie starring Cary Grant and Debra Kerr helped make the Empire State Building a cultural icon? 3.) When the building was built what great crisis was America struggle through?

29 Grand Canyon 1.) What is the length, width and depth of the Grand Canyon? 2.) What river flows through the Grand Canyon? 3.) What happened the earth to make the Grand Canyon, it also causes it to grow every year slightly?

30 Great Lakes 1.) Name all 5 Great Lakes in order from west to east?
2.) Name the 8 states that border the Great Lakes? 3.) Which Great Lake is the Largest?


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