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1 ITS America Annual Meeting Demonstrations Planning Update February 20, 2009 Demos Committee Meeting Washington, DC 1 Week 9 of 22.

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1 1 ITS America Annual Meeting Demonstrations Planning Update February 20, 2009 Demos Committee Meeting Washington, DC 1 Week 9 of 22

2 2 Agenda: Week 9 of 22 Reports and Priorities: –Capitol Hill update –Face-to-face meeting March 3rd –Due Diligence/Request for Commitments –One-on-one discussions Mark IV, Transcore, Kapsch, Savari, ITERIS, Parking Carma, SWRI, and others as potential serious partners Daimler, Nissan and APTA (Bus) TMC/Exhibit Demos participants: I-95 CC, ITERIS –Secured parking lot 2

3 3 Capitol Hill Permission for road closure denied Other activities –Tech Fair (March 25 th ) Demo participants priority –June 3 rd -Congressional Day Breakfast with Congress Representatives Plenary on Re-Authorization Exclusive Demonstrations and Exhibition Tours for Congress Delegation One-on-one meetings with your State Representative Networking Reception 3

4 4 Major Upcoming Milestones Participate Commitments and Vendor Site Survey (Mar 3) Permission Email/Letters from all parties (Feb 28) Detail Description of Demos for Interactive Program (Mar 6) Final commitments (Mar 13) Promo Webinar – Tech Fair (Mar 24) Draft Integration and Safety Plan (March 15) 60 Day Test (April 1) Final Integration and Safety Plan (April 15) 30 Day Tests (May 1) 4

5 5 Demos Loading/Unloadin g AV Demos OEM Parking and Storage OEM Staging Possible RSE Long Route ( 5-7 min) Short Route (3-4 min) Closed Lande Outdoor Power Traffic Light Intersection Closed High Speed Lane, Portable Traffic Controller ROAD CLOSED 5 Integration Meeting NATIONAL HARBOR

6 6 Progress to Date Meeting of the minds with Prince Georges County DPWT and Peterson Management Group on access to facilities Continued interest on the part of participants Description of Demos for Preliminary Program submitted 6

7 7 Action Items for Weeks 9 High Level Open Issues –Confirm Individual participants for preliminary program OPEN –Description of Demos for Preliminary Program COMPLETED –APTA Bus and if we can integrate transport to/from capitol hill OPEN –Exact Dimensions from Parking Lot and Intersection GID 50% –Commitment Process/Letters to PG DPW, Petersen and participations: OPEN 7

8 8 Notional Demos Themes Goal is to encourage Congress to be a pioneer and leader on ITS implementation in anticipation of new transportation or climate security legislation this year –A taste of what we can achieve with more ITS infrastructure –A taste of how easy ITS is to integrate with what is already available and that interoperability means we are ready for nationwide deployment –A notion of what we can achieve with more ITS R&D and deployment dollars in critical areas –Demo participants suggest focus on a few applications only to reduce complexity and focus on key items of Congressional Interest: Tolling/VII and Parking Services similar to World Congress Loops Intersection Safety and Signal Priority/Pre-emption at at five Intersections, VMT Charging Integrate above, if possible, with OEM Vehicles promoting their safety features –We are attempting final call on commitments moving forward with participant site survey at National Harbor and Capitol Hill 8

9 9 Key Opportunity to Increase Funding for ITS in Next Transportation Bill ITS America Annual Meeting being held in Nation’s Capitol during critical debate over the next surface transportation authorization bill An estimated $450-550 billion will be spent on transportation in the next bill, more than double the current funding levels Current authorization bill provides only $110 per year for ITS research, zero funding for ITS deployment and operations ITS America pushing for significant funding increases for ITS research and deployment, which will benefit ITS industry at all levels including OEMs New Congress and Administration very receptive to ITS solutions for safety, mobility, environment Annual Meeting provides critical opportunity to give Members of Congress a hands-on experience with ITS solutions that are here today Hands-on experience more effective than 100 briefings or PowerPoints Successful demos key to building Congressional support for ITS priorities 9

10 10 Selling Point for Participants Engage at a critical level, at a critical time Connect with lawmakers and national leaders in ITS development and deployment. Annual Meeting Demos can show what ITS can do now as point of departure for what it can do in the future One-on-One meetings with Congressman –Direct dialogue on how federal government can better serve OEMs, ITS Industry and public sector interests –Have a more influence on Regulatory Affairs 10

11 11 Annual Meeting Technology Demonstrations Builds on the demonstrations deployed at the ITS World Congress Audience is primarily new lawmakers and executive branch officials who will influence transportation in the next four years We envision three demonstrations: –“City Streets” Demonstrations including Stand-Alone, Vehicle-to- Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Roadside ITS systems –“Traffic Management Center (TMC) of the Future” –Infrastructure and other Demonstrations Venues are Washington DC National Harbor and Capitol Hill Plan for demos to be completed by end of January March ITS America Tech Fair on Capitol Hill to preview June Demos to Lawmakers 11

12 12 City Streets Demos Three days of “City Streets” Demonstrations at National Harbor –Vehicle Only - Advanced Driver Assistance Safety Demonstrations –Vehicle-Infrastructure Integrated Demonstrations –Mobility: In-motion applications –Safety: Communications based Safety Demonstrations –Infrastructure Only Demonstrations –Set up in parking lot and Exhibit spaces –A select few will be set up for one-day Capitol Hill demonstration to reach lawmakers who otherwise cannot make it to National Harbor 12

13 13 “City Streets” Format Dynamic safety demonstrations led by OEMs –May integrate infrastructure elements, possibly including VII/IntelliDrive, where opportunity exists –also may include DARPA Urban Challenge vehicle participation Infrastructure Systems Demonstrations led by vendors –May include own vehicles and infrastructure to reduce integration complexity –May include static demonstrations in the parking facility Unlike World Congress, will not be staged, narrated theatre show, but in- vehicle demo rides Will run during exhibit hours at National Harbor, with a select few running one day on Capitol Hill 13

14 14 Possible National Harbor Infrastructure Demos Travel Time Information Incident / Construction Information Parking Information Multimodal Information Transportation System Warning Intersection Safety Transit Signal Priority Congestion Pricing Electronic Toll Collection Off-Board Navigation Electronic Payment (i.e., parking, fuel) Emergency Vehicle Preemption Data Transfer (video etc.) Eco-Driving 14

15 15 VII Transportation Management Center of the Future Built inside National Harbor Exhibit hall, based upon World Congress implementation Various probe data applications will be demonstrated using archived or simulated data Prepare agencies for new operational possibilities Demonstrate the “best” of all transportation systems in 2020 Single moderator presenting all TMC applications Consists of computer demonstrations, presentation and video 15

16 16 Possible TMC Applications VII Network Management Probe Data Weather Signal Timing Tolling / Congestion Management Parking Management Intersection Collision Avoidance Mayday / Incident Response Corridor Management Fleet Management Transit Commercial Vehicles 16

17 17 Site Survey Results Team met NH Management and MD County DPWT Officials Letter Sent to Congress requesting access to Capitol Hill Held integration meeting to discuss application issues Information Collected (hyperlink)hyperlink –Maps Photos of Traffic Controllers and Right of Way –Facility Access – Parking - Streets –Power and Facility Security –Demo timing – 4-7 minutes for demo runs, minimal traffic. Possible to close lanes for higher speed demos – NH Blvd Longer routes available – National view and Harbor view Loop 17

18 18 Facility Issues ITSA has rented the upper two decks on the Gaylord Parking Facility –Can we reserve the upper deck of the garage? YES –Can we book 1 or 2 rooms on the highest floor of the hotel overlooking the garage? YES –Can we place equipment on roof of hotel? YES –Can we use electrical outlets in the garage? Are they always on? Included in the rent –Can we attach equipment to light poles on upper deck? YES –Any special requirements for blocking access to upper deck? NO 18

19 19 Prince Georges County Questions for Prince Georges County DPW/Transportation –Identify traffic controller make, model, software version, interfaces, etc. along with manufacturer contact. YES –Can we strap equipment to their signal arms/poles? YES –Can we integrate RSE with intersection controller? YES –Determine police/security contacts and inform of work dates. Can PG County issue a blanket permission letter? YES 30 and 60 days out –Who's permission do we need to map/survey intersections in order to create GIDs? Unknown, though PG county may provide GIS files. –Does PG Co. own the two tall CCTV towers? If so, can we strap equipment to them and leave up the entire 60 days? YES –Does PG Co. own the ped X-ing signals throughout National Harbor? YES/NO Operates them, doesn’t own them. 19

20 20 Prince Georges County Questions Questions –Can we get drawings for intersections/signals? YES. They are on the Demos webpage –Can we setup temporary signals on active roads? Do we need formal written approval? YES, power is available, and Property manager will provide us permission – Provide Peterson deployment/safety plan –Can we get drawings for outdoor electrical outlet locations? YES 20

21 21 Peterson Group NH Property Questions for National Harbor (Peterson Group): –Can we use electrical outlets on buildings and next to trees? YES, likely for a fee –Are those outlets always live or do we need to request activation? YES however, need to test –Can road closures be accommodated? YES, with prior permission for both testing and active demonstrations –Can we use the currently closed road (American Way)? Unknown –Can we strap equipment to lamp posts? YES, with consent –Can we strap equipment on top of buildings & parking decks? YES –Can we setup temporary devices along sidewalks etc... and lock to structures/trees? YES, with consent 21

22 22 TMC of the Future 22

23 23 Tech Fair Preview at Capitol Hill Build awareness among government officials, particularly those in Congress, about the importance of ITS in the United States and continued government support of ITS products and services to enable the U.S. to grow in this area and take a more leadership role globally. March 25, 2009-Rayburn Building, Gold Room 4:00pm-7:00pm Limited number of Table-top displays to showcase technologies to members of Congress and staff will be available A scaled-back version of the TMC of the Future (featured in NY) will be part of the Fair, and potentially video of demos to be featured at the annual meeting Beverage and food on a Networking event set-up will be provided Exhibit, Sponsor and logo display options are available 23

24 24 Why You Should Participate Demos intended to influence new Congress and Administration in their deliberations of new initiatives in 2009: –A New Federal Transportation Package Demonstrate industry commitment to safety, and show how commercial systems can TODAY measure and improve performance of our infrastructure Advocate for more R&D funds to advance the state-of-the-art in collision avoidance and advance mobility applications for automakers and ITS Infrastructure providers Create momentum for major ITS infrastructure deployment over the next five years, in particular VII/IntelliDrive Create focus on promotion and harmonization of ITS related standards nationally and internationally –Implementation of Transportation Economic Stimulus –New Federal Energy Independence/Climate Security Package Demonstrate how ITS, such as eco-driving, can reduce climate impacts and energy vulnerabilities 24

25 25 Engage at a critical level, at a critical time Connect with lawmakers and national leaders in ITS development and deployment. Annual Meeting Demos can show what ITS can do now as point of departure for what it can do in the future One-on-One meetings with Congressman –Direct dialogue on how federal government can better serve OEMs, ITS Industry and public sector interests –Have a more influence on Regulatory Affairs 25

26 26 Planning and Promoting Promotion at Technology Fair on Capitol Hill, March 25, 2009 Promotion on ITSA website Promotion in the ITSA Annual Meeting 2009 Preliminary Program (75,000 distributed) ITS America intends to work closely with demo participants to publicize event and enhance marketing –ITSA will work with PR and Marketing POCs for most participants –ITSA will coordinate messages with firms Washington Representation 26

27 27 Site Survey Results Facility Access - Parking Traffic Controllers and Right of Way –Maps and Timing Plans –Communications, Com Security and Power Power and Facility Security Action Items 27

28 28 Contact Information Annual Meeting General: Edgar Martinez,, 1-202-721-4223 Demonstrations: Steve Bayless,, 1-202- Demonstration Logistics: Patty Del Pozo,, 28

29 29 Program Management POCs Ken Earnest,, (804) Ed Jones, Prince Georges County Government- DPW&T,, 301-324- Christopher J. Borgal, NH Property Manager, 301-203-4170 ( 29

30 30 Technical Contact Maryland DPW Technical Contact: George "Jr." Johnson, VDOT Technical Contact: Scott Silva 30

31 31 Police, Security, NH Mngt POCs Police POC Confirmed (Lt. Robert Gibson 301- 749-4918 ( Bill Dunston, NHPublic Safety Director 301- 749-2015 ( 31

32 32 ITS America’s Policy Objectives A new revitalized approach to transportation, using technologies that can optimize transportation systems to achieve a new set of important goals: –Safety: prevent accidents before they happen and provide better tools to improve incident response. –Mobility: strengthen economic productivity, the environment, and quality of life –Efficiency: improve use of technology to move people and goods from origin to destination on time. –Sustainability: reduce transportation’s environmental impact by actively managing traffic, reducing congestion, facilitating shifts to transit, and other strategies to reduce energy use and emissions. Receive a performance-based funding that ensures accountability of transportation agencies by requiring a commitment to specific performance metrics and incentivizes agencies to utilize available tools and strategies to meet aggressive performance goals. 32

33 33 ITS America’s Policy Objectives Achieve Nationwide ITS deployment with dedicated funding and substantial flexibility for State and local definition of priorities. This deployment focus should not consider ITS applications as being external to the transportation infrastructure, but rather integral to its performance. Incentive a strong private sector role with the flexibility to allow commercial interests to compete and deliver the highest value solutions for our infrastructure, environmental and consumer needs. Create multimodal solutions with a focus on creating economic choices that are aligned with our safety and mobility needs, environmental priorities, and social preferences. Viable multimodal options must be pursued that are cost effective, efficient, and attractive to private and commercial users. 33

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