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Words Frequently Confused Part A Notes and In-class exercises.

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1 Words Frequently Confused Part A Notes and In-class exercises

2 Exercise A Affect –a verb meaning to influence –Did that tearful movie affect you? Effect –a noun meaning the result of some action –a verb meaning to bring change –New glasses effected a remarkable change in his vision, but they had little effect on his looks.

3 Exercise A All right – correct spelling Alright –incorrect spelling

4 Exercise A Already – previously –We’re already on top of the mountain. All ready –all are ready –We were all ready to leave.

5 Exercise A All together –everyone in the same place –The teammates were all together in the gym. Altogether –entirely –I am not altogether convinced that we should go. Let’s pull all together.

6 Brake –verb meaning to slow yourself down –noun meaning the device to slow down –Skateboarders can use a rake as a brake if they need to brake. Break –verb meaning to fracture –noun meaning something broken –Don’t break your arm while skateboarding; a nasty break like that will require a cast. Exercise A 6486225_b100769a50.jpg?v=0 cations/clipart/gifs/rake2.gif ages/CB049196.jpg

7 Exercise A Capital –serious or important –upper case letter –representative city –money –What is the capital of the United States? –You need capital to start a business. –Capital punishment is controversial. Capitol –government building –We could see the capitol from our hotel.

8 Exercise A Consul –person appointed to live in a foreign land –The American consul in Iraq is a busy man. Council, Councilor –group that meets –member of such group –The councilors on the Security Council voted for the Canadian resolution. Counsel, Counselor - to advise - advice or adviser - Sue’s aunt counseled her to take judo lessons. - Ask your guidance counselor for help.

9 Exercise A Desert – a dry region –The car crossed the desert at night. Dessert –last part of a meal –For dessert we ate strawberry pie. Desert - to leave - The rats deserted the sinking ship.

10 The illness had a strange (affect, effect) on my vision. Exercise A, #1

11 Exercise A, #2 During lunch, the soccer team was (all together, altogether) at one huge table.

12 Exercise A, #3 My young cousin knows the (capitol, capital) city of every state in the country.

13 Exercise A, #4 The (coarse, course) material made her skin itch.

14 Exercise A, #5 Of (course, coarse), you burned the (desert, dessert) again.

15 Exercise A, #6 The British (council, consul) took back his insult, but he (counciled, counseled) the representative to leave.

16 Exercise A, #7 We walked several miles before we reached the door of the (capital, capitol).

17 Exercise A, #8 Your answer isn’t (all together, altogether) correct, but you’re on the right track.

18 Exercise A, #9 After all his worry, everything turned out (all right, alright).

19 Exercise A, #10 Our two fast guards are (complimented, complemented) perfectly by an exceedingly tall center.

20 Exercise A, #11 A computer (coarse, course) is recommended for anyone planning to go to college.

21 Exercise A, #12 We traveled for three days across the (desert, dessert).

22 Exercise A, #13 The actors were (all ready, already) to audition for the play.

23 Exercise A, #14 If you don’t have your car’s (brakes, breaks) inspected every year, you will be (braking, breaking) the law.

24 Exercise A, #15 Did you (choose, chose) a topic for your essay yet?

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