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The History of the Ohio Statehouse Todd Sullivan ED639 Dr. Helms 10.3.06.

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1 The History of the Ohio Statehouse Todd Sullivan ED639 Dr. Helms 10.3.06

2 Objectives & Materials ► For grades 7-10 ► Social Studies/Ohio History/American History ► How and why did Ohio believe it was important to build a large capitol building? ► How has the statehouse embodied the spirit of Ohio and of Ohioans? ► What importance of the statehouse mean to you?

3 The Statehouse

4 Building the State’s Capitol ► State Capital moves to Columbus in 1816 ► 1838: Ohio General Assembly passes act calling for the State to construct a new statehouse ► 1839: Construction begins at corner of Broad & High Streets in Downtown Columbus ► 1840: General Assembly stops construction

5 Building the State’s Capitol ► 8 years later in 1848, construction resumes after funds are appropriated for the statehouse project. ► 1857, enough of the statehouse was complete to hold the first General Assembly session in the building General Assembly General Assembly ► 1861, Ohio Statehouse is completed  Largest state capitol at the time, second only to the National Capitol in Washington, DC.

6 Famous People who have visited the Ohio Statehouse  Abraham Lincoln (1861), he also layed in state in 1865 as part of his 29-day funeral procession to IllinoisAbraham Lincoln  John F. Kennedy (1961)  President’s William McKinley and Warren G. Harding did political and state business from the Statehouse

7 Tour the Ohio Statehouse ► Self-guided tour ► Group Tours Group Tours ► School Tours w/$4 box lunch

8 Ohio Geography ► Describe the location of Ohio relative to other states ► Use the map below to identify the major physical and human features of Ohio

9 Statehouse Renovation ► 1989-97  Original furniture was sought out to return to the building when possible, and modern reproductions or long gone items such as carpets and light fixtures were created. . The Atrium, which connected the Statehouse with the Judiciary Annex, was completed in 1993. After the renovation, the Judiciary Annex became the Senate Building.

10 Location ► The Ohio Statehouse is located on Capitol Square, a 10 acre (40,000 m²) plot of land donated by four prominent Columbus landowners. The Statehouse stands upon foundations 18 ft (5 m) deep, built in part by prisoners sentenced to hard labor. Capitol SquareCapitol Square

11 The Ohio General Assembly ► The Ohio House of Representatives  99 members  Approx. 110,000 people per House district ► Leadership  Jon Husted, Speaker (R)  Joyce Beatty, Minority Leader (D)

12 The Ohio General Assembly ► Sen. Bill Harris, President (R-Ashland) ► Sen. C.J. Prentiss, Minority Leader (D-Cleveland) Who is your representative? Go online, research and report back to the class. ► The Ohio Senate ► 33 senators ► Each district represents roughly 330,000 people

13 The Mother of Presidents ► 9 William Henry Harrison ► “Old Tippecanoe”  Died after catching pneumonia following Inauguration rainstorm.  First President to die while in office  Was President when Statehouse was being planned

14 The Mother of Presidents ► 18 U.S. Grant  General of the Army of the Potomac in Civil War  Born in Point Pleasant, OH.  First Republican President to serve two full terms

15 Capitol Square Columbus ► Center of Ohio’s Capital City  Statehouse anchors major economic and political heart of Ohio  City Center Mall  Ohio Theatre Ohio Theatre  State Building Complex

16 Rhodes State Office Tower ► Home to State Senators offices and several state agencies ► Tallest building in Columbus and second tallest in Ohio (Key Bank Building is Cleveland is taller) ► Constructed in 1977 to relieve space problems in statehouse

17 Vern Riffe Center ► Home to House of Representatives offices, Governors Office and Speaker of the Ohio House Governors Office Governors Office ► 2,000 state employees work in the building ► Was constructed in 1988 and made way for the Statehouse renovation

18 The Mother of Presidents ► 25 William McKinley  Assassinated in 1901  President during Spanish-American War  McKinley was supposedly the inspiration for wizard in the Wizard of Oz

19 The Statehouse design ► The Ohio Statehouse has been hailed as a supreme example of Greek Revival style. It is not patterned on one single building, but is a combination of stylistic elements from Greek sources, melded with contemporary needs and functions. The cupola shows direct inspiration from the Tholos of Delphi, a circular temple built around 360 BC. ► Draw your own statehouse design, what would it look like? Be creative!

20 What does our State Seal mean to you? ► Name the symbols that you see within the State seal  What do they represent?  What would you add or subtract?

21 Choose a law…. ► ► Choose a law (say, the state sales tax), and have students make an illustrated ► ► chart showing how the law came to be, what branches of government are involved in making it work, and ► ► why the law is important or necessary. You could follow the law from its creation through its application. ► ► Use store receipts to show how the tax is collected, and make lists of things tax money could be used for. ► ► (Suggestion: see for the Ohio Revised Code. Search for section 5739.02 to find the ► ► basic sales tax law; 5739.025 will show how to calculate sales tax. Section 57329.029 explains the recent ► ► 1-cent rise for schools/). ► ► Follow the process, part 2. Follow the money: Take a dollar bill and some change and assign some ► ► parts to illustrate how funds circulate: ► ► I’m the consumer—I’m paying for a pair of blue jeans. ► ► I’m the merchant—some of this money goes to the state. ► ► I’m the state—I have to use some of this money for schools. ► ► I’m the school—I’ll use this money for ____________. ► ► I’m the student—the sales tax money lets me have __________.

22 Highway System ► How and why is the interstate and state highway system designed the way it is? Use geographic and human geography examples.

23 Links ► fourth_grade_packet/lessonPlans.pdf fourth_grade_packet/lessonPlans.pdf fourth_grade_packet/lessonPlans.pdf ► ► h/Pres/wm.html h/Pres/wm.html h/Pres/wm.html ► ►

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