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Bridges to the Community Building Social Capital Cathy Ficker Terrill September, 2008.

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1 Bridges to the Community Building Social Capital Cathy Ficker Terrill September, 2008

2 All People May Be Created Equal, But... Many receive supports ….. With different amounts of social capital.

3 The adult going to a sheltered workshop in New York vs. The adult getting supports in the community for employment. The child living in a child care facility vs. A child living at home with parents and attending public school with peers. The adult living in a state operated facility vs. The adult living in a home of their own with community supports. The adult attending church service in an ICF/DD vs. The adult going to church in his or her own community.

4 Social Capital first appeared in print in 1916 The World Bank defines social capital as: “The social relationships…that enable people to coordinate action to achieve desired goals.”

5 In order to develop Social Capital, people need: Space and time to connect Time to demonstrate trust A means to effectively communicate An opportunity for genuine participation - NOT MERE PRESENCE Cohen & Prusak In Good Company How Social Capital Makes Organizations Work

6 Soviet Union - an example of a state unable to take full advantage of its immense resources because they lack social institutions Focus Group: Baltic States Family Support Capacity for choice Learn to speak for ourselves Access to information Learn to dream Learn to connect: Social Capital

7 The Evolution of “Community” The focus is on the organization’s impact on people. People’s lives exist within the organization. The focus is on taking people from the organization into the community, usually in groups. The value of the community is recognized. The focus is on facilities and their square footage, safety, and cleanliness. The focus is on people being a part of the community, but the organization provides the support, which limits the person in ways that other community members do not experience. The bridging organization supports people to be a part of the community and it is responsive to the community’s needs, as well as the people it serves. The organization is both internally and externally focused.

8 It’s not easy, but it is RIGHT! Competing demands: –Financial –Personnel –Regulatory It is not MORE work, it is DIFFERENT work!

9 Closed Sheltered Workshop Workshop One City 40,000 sq ft building Facility Cost= $403,000/ annual CLC 6 Villages 6 buildings- approximately 4500 sq ft each Facility Cost = $405,000/ annual

10 Closed Sheltered Workshop Workshop Individuals supported, 165 Paid Work: One contract for $400,000… lots of downtime CLC 35 per site, 245 Entrepreneurial model, 8 small businesses and micro industries. Last year 102 employed

11 Closed Sheltered Workshop Workshop Volunteers = 0 Community connections=0 Transportation: 5 large 36 passenger bus Staffing: 1:20 CLC People volunteer weekly at 17 comm. locations Avg. 190 community connections per quarter 21 smaller 6-15 passenger vans Staffing 1:7

12 Small Business Development Diamond Industries –Hand-crafted Cards and Gift Bags –Third Year –Exceeding all projections! Easy start up Great income!!!

13 Meet Phylis… Bangles and Beads –Handcrafted charms. –Local craft fairs –“I’ve sold my work to people in California. I love working with my hands.” - Phylis Lorenzi Volunteer for DuPage Senior Citizens Council – Downers Grove and Lisle

14 Meet Anne… Monarch, Ink – Small Business Owner Cable network commercial E-commerce and local E- bay drop location I-SAIL Personal Advocate Advocate and educator on cultural issues “It changed my life and gave me self worth. - Anne Thurston

15 Social capital, like other forms of capital, accumulate when used productively… Jane Fountain Social Capital: A Key Enabler 1998

16 1 Friend + 1 Friend = More Friends Community Connectors Family Connectors

17 As we change services to supporting families to increase their social capital while accessing therapeutic interventions... Stocks of social capital, such as trust and networks, tend to be self- reinforcing and cumulative. Robert Putnam The Prosperous Community 1993

18 The Power of Place Social relationships grow in social spaces. People meet in cafés, pubs, parks, post offices, and malls. People connect and exchange gossip and advice. They form and strengthen ties that bind them into communities. They build trust and understanding. Cohen & Prusak In Good Company 2001 Do we give people with disabilities the support they need in order to have space and time to connect?

19 Social Capital …. Friends Should we measure friends and community connections? Is it a critical outcome?

20 A Story About Moe “I get by with a little help from my friends…” The Beatles Moe’s journey. Condo owner! Hawaii or bust! 50 Years - employed at Medinah Country Club! He has a building named after him! A great network of friends. ARC Lifetime Achievement Award. Enjoying retirement!

21 Outcome Measures 20032006+ or - People Choose Services47%87% +40% People Realize Goals63%100% +37% Connected to Natural Sup.52%81% +29% Different Social Roles21%50% +29% People Have Friends58%81% +23% Use their Environment78%100% +22%

22 Organization Is your organization aware of opportunities for networking and building social capitol? Does your organization ask people what they want and need related to making and keeping friends? Does your organization determine people’s preferences for being active in their community? Does the organization have strategies to help people be an active member of their community ?

23 Individuals Do the individuals you support know how to build their own social capital? How often do they participate in the life of their community? Are there barriers to community participation? How is the person informed about options in for building social capital?

24 Meet Cami… Talented Writer Community Writer’s Group Achieving a dream….to be published! Newsletter - “The Connection” The networking queen! Volunteer “I feel blessed and proud because I am using my talents” - Cami Smith

25 Meet Duane…. Home owner Professional Trainer –Illinois State Police –Direct Support Staff –QHSP Staff Neighborhood Watch Committee & Safety Town Volunteer New and improved natural support network “My life is wonderful today. I am happier than I have ever been.” - Duane Dixon

26 Change is about people and behavior... not about bylaws, structure and policies

27 ALL ABOUT ME Where do you go for fun? Who would you like to take to the movies? Have you been on a date with a friend? When are your friends birthdays? Where do you go for the holidays? Action Plan

28 Strategic Plan How many community connections were made? How many community connections were repeated? How many people have new friends? Who has a new community role? Action Plan


30 If I had an hour to save the world, I’d spend 55 minutes defining the problem. - Albert Einstein

31 It’s about people, not programs!

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