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2007 UW ESS spring break field trip to southern Utah Jody Bourgeois--intro.

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1 2007 UW ESS spring break field trip to southern Utah Jody Bourgeois--intro

2 Zion--UW spring break early 1980s

3 Escalante -- UW spring break field trip c. 1990

4 Zion spring break UW camp Capitol Reef spring break UW camp

5 Capitol Reef Spring break UW hike c. 1990

6 THEMES Mesozoic paleogeography –Mostly we’ll see Triassic and Jurassic rocks Non-marine paleoenvironments Surface processes

7 Paleogeography Late Permian –Pangea [Utah at the far limit] –Locally ~quiet tectonically –Extreme environments –shallow marine & – eolian sediments Dott and Prothero

8 Permian limestone Cutler ~ Kaibab [eolian sediments below ~Coconino, other units in Canyonlands and Arches] Permo-Triassic boundary in Capitol Reef National Park Triassic fluvial & playa sediments Moenkopi

9 Permian non-marine sediments in southeastern Utah -- Canyonlands NP

10 Triassic –Beginning westward plate motion but no real evidence where we’ll be –Fluvial, playa & eolian sediments –Petrified forest Dott and Prothero

11 Moenkopi Shinarump [basal Chinle]

12 Moenkopi playa deposits Zion & Capitol Reef evaporites & ripples

13 Chinle [petrified forest, painted desert] fluvial and paleosols Upper Triassic fluvial and eolian Shinarump [basal Chinle] coarse fluvial conglomerate Moenkopi

14 Petrified wood, base of Chinle Zion National Park Coal Pits Wash hike


16 Moenkopi Shinarump Chinle Upper Triassic

17 Triassic --> Jurassic Navajo Sandstone, Zion National Park View from Angels Landing

18 Jurassic –Plate tectonic setting similar to Triassic –Sea level beginning to rise globally –Mostly TONS OF eolian sediments –Some shallow-marine incursions –Famous dinosaur localities [ but we won’t see them] Dott and Prothero


20 Navajo Sandstone Escalante Canyon

21 giant eolian cross-bedding Zion National Park

22 possible Jurassic impact -- strong shaking -- mega-soft-sediment deformation

23 millions of years ago Dott and Prothero

24 Zion National Park Carmel Fm. Temple Cap

25 evaporite crystals [bedding plane] oyster fossils cyanobacterial mat lamination Carmel Fm, Zion NP

26 Upper Jurassic Cretaceous Henry Mountains [Tertiary laccoliths]

27 Cretaceous –Sevier orogeny—major thrusting, uplift to west –Cretaceous interior seaway in North America –Fluvial sediments to west, marine to east –Deltas and coal deposits –Non-marine and marine reptiles Dott & Prothero

28 Cretaceous Mancos Shale, Utah

29 Cretaceous shallow-marine sediments near Price, Utah Cretaceous deltaic sediments "Book Cliffs" Utah

30 Capitol Reef National Park “Waterpocket fold” a Laramide monocline

31 Cenozoic non-marine sediments Bryce National Park

32 Bryce in March

33 Cenozoic volcanic cone, Zion National Park

34 Henry Mountains Utah Cenozoic laccoliths G.K. Gilbert, 1877

35 x Cryptogamic soil Capitol Reef National Park

36 Zion National Park "aerial" view from Angels Landing

37 Capitol Reef National Park

38 Moenkopi Shinarump Chinle Navajo Upper Triassic red beds Chinle

39 2007 UW ESS spring break field trip to southern Utah Waterpocket monocline, Capitol Reef National Park

40 LET'S GO! The Great Arch Zion National Park

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