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A Political Trip Through Wisconsin 4 th grade Virtual Field Trip By Mrs. Lisa Sarenac.

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2 A Political Trip Through Wisconsin 4 th grade Virtual Field Trip By Mrs. Lisa Sarenac

3 Our Journey Begins in Southwest Wisconsin Using Autoshapes: Circle the town where the First Capitol was located. Using http://mapquest. com, find out how many miles from Milwaukee is the First State Capitol. http://mapquest. com,

4 First State Capitol 1. What is the name of this building? 2. How many days did the legislators meet? 3. What year did they meet? 4. How many laws did they make at this site? 5.What was the most significant thing they did at this site?

5 First State Capitol 1. Click on this building. 2. How many miles is it from our current capitol? 3. What is the name of this building?

6 First State Capitol When you click on the building, you will go through a portal to information on our first state capitol. Pretend you are the docent of this site. What important information would you want to tell people about what you have just learned? edia.cfm?dmid=12046&pan=1&dmtype= virtual&startrow=1&keyword=first%20ca pitol

7 First State Capitol Click on the link of the virtual tour. Look around. What color are the curtains? an=1&dmtype=virtual&startrow=1&keyword=first%20capitol

8 First State Capitol This is an actual document of some men who did not want the capitol to move from Belmont to Madison. Click on the document. Change the drop down box on the left hand side to “view page and text.” List one reason he states as to why it should not move to Madison.

9 Where are we now? Look at the bottom of the picture. What city are we traveling to now? Using autoshapes, circle it on the map. Extra Credit: Interview Ms. Lorenz and Mrs. Sarenac and see why they have this town in common.

10 Who Is This Man? 1.Who is he? 2.Why is he important to Wisconsin history? 3.When did he come to Wisconsin? 4.What was it known as (not Wisconsin) when he arrived? 5.How old was he when Wisconsin became a state? 6.How many children did he have? 7.What happened to his oldest son? 8.In the 1850’s he tried to revive the town and he bought extra land and built a farm called Stonefield. What year did he move his family there to live? Click on the picture for the link to answer the questions.

11 Stonefield Village Label the blue buildings.

12 Nelson Dewey’s Mansion 1. What major river is this estate located by? 2. Was he wealthy or not? How do you know? 3. Where did he die?

13 State Capitol Using autoshapes, circle the town of the first state capitol and our current capitol. Using, calculate the distance from the first state capitol to our current state capitol. Okay, let’s get going. We’ll stop for lunch at the Capitol.

14 Our State Capitol Now that we’ve reached our capitol in Madison. But, before we go in, let’s go over a few questions on tory.html tory.html How many years did it take to construct this building? How tall is our capitol? How tall is it compared to our nation’s capitol building in Washington D.C.?

15 You have just entered our capitol building…. Look on our capitol’s site: da_s.html What is this a picture of? There are 3 mosaics. What do they represent?

16 Pictures of the Capitol Insert three slides after this one. Copy and paste pictures of these three rooms: the Supreme Court, Governor’s Conference Room and the Senate Chamber. Label them accordingly and share some brief facts about the importance of each room. da_s.html da_s.html

17 It’s time to Webquest Wisconsin! What do you know about Wisconsin? Follow the link to a worksheet on Wisconsin. Print the worksheet and answer the questions. Turn in your answers to me. Thanks for traveling with me through Wisconsin’s political history. **Extra credit: figure out how many miles we traveled on this Virtual Tour from Milwaukee to the First State Capitol, to Stonefield and then to our current State Capitol.


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