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Hunger Games Jeopardy Round One CharactersThemes & Symbols SettingEventsThe Capitol 10 20 30 40 50.

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1 Hunger Games Jeopardy Round One CharactersThemes & Symbols SettingEventsThe Capitol 10 20 30 40 50

2 Characters – 10 points She has to fend for her family in order to survive. A: Katniss Everdeen

3 Characters – 20 points He is the District 12 mentor. A: Haymitch Abernathy

4 Characters – 30 points Her name was called at the District 12 Reaping. A: Primrose Everdeen

5 Characters – 40 points He taught Katniss how to make snares and traps. A: Gale Hawthorne

6 Characters – 50 points She has pink hair and is from the Capitol. A: Effie Trinket

7 Themes & Symbols – 10 points By giving her two loaves of bread, this character gave Katniss and her family the chance to live & survive. A: Peeta Mellark

8 Themes & Symbols – 20 points We think of this as a weed and a nuisance; to Katniss, it represented survival & hope. A: Dandelion

9 Themes & Symbols – 30 points What do the woods symbolize for Katniss and Gale? survival, rebellion, death, love, friendship, control, A: survival

10 Themes & Symbols – 40 points “My father had been killed in the mine accident three months earlier in the bitterest January anyone could remember. The numbness of his loss had passed, and the pain would hit me out of nowhere, doubling me over, racking my body with sobs.” The mood of the passage above could be best described as _______________. Irritated, hopeful, humorous, tragic, indulgent, iridescent A: tragic

11 Themes & Symbols – 50 points As Katniss leaves her private session with the Gamemakers, she says, “Thank you for your consideration.” This statement shows that Katniss feels anger and contempt towards the Gamemakers wants to show appreciation and towards the Gamemakers has been raised to use good manners feels inferior to the Gamemakers A: feels anger

12 Setting – 10 points The country in which The Hunger Games takes place. A: Panem

13 Setting – 20 points This is Katniss’s neighborhood. A: The Seam

14 Setting – 30 points The Capitol is set in this mountain range. A: Rocky Mountains

15 Setting – 40 points Katniss grew up in this mountain range. A: Appalachain Mountains

16 Setting – 50 points This is where you can go to sell the squirrels you shot illegally in the woods. A: The Hob

17 Events – 10 points This yearly event decides who will participate in the Hunger Games. A: The reaping

18 Events – 20 points Katniss & Peeta wore black unitards with capes and head pieces that looked like they were on fire at this event. A: Opening Ceremony for the Hunger Games

19 Events – 30 points Why does Katniss refuse to show any emotion when she takes Prim’s place at the arena? A: It would be a sign of weakness.

20 Events – 40 points What is the significance of Madge coming to see and say goodbye to Katniss? A: How Madge and Katniss are friends

21 Events – 50 points One of the reasons scoring a high score in your private Gamemakers session is important is to gain sponsors. The other reason is this. A: For betting odds for the district and Capitol citizens who will be betting (or not betting) on you

22 The Capitol – 10 points How do Katniss and Peeta travel to the Capitol? A: train

23 The Capitol – 20 points The capitol is what type of society? A: Utopian

24 The Capitol – 30 points If you are a traitor to the Capitol, you may end up as one of these. A: Avox

25 The Capitol – 40 points This Capitol designed thing back- fired on the Capitol, so they were left to die. However, they instead mated with mockingbirds to form a new species. A: Jabberjay (NOT mockingjay)

26 The Capitol – 50 points These are Capitol-made things that may look like a similar species, but they’ve been altered to have menacing attributes. (Do not want a specific species, just the overall word used to describe any of them.) A: Muttations (or mutts)

27 Answers - Round One Characters 10: Katniss Everdeen 20: Haymitch Abernathy 30: Primrose Everdeen 40: Gale Hawthorne 50: Effie Trinket Themes & Symbols 10: Peeta Mellark 20: dandelion 30: Desensitization (or desensitized) 40: Nightlock poisonous berries 50: District 11 (learned from Rue) Setting 10: Panem 20: the Seam 30: Rocky mountains 40: Appalachian mountains 50: the Hob Events 10: the Reaping 20: the Opening Ceremony (on the streets of the Capitol) 30: her left ear 40: when she bought Prim her goat, Lady 50: For betting odds--so the citizens of the Capitol and in the districts get odds for betting purposes. The Capitol 10: “Muttations” (Mutts for short) 20: an Avox 30: President Snow 40: jabber jay (NOT mockingjay!) 50: Octavia, Flavius, and Venia

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