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Legislative Lunch and Learn template (Your name here)

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1 Legislative Lunch and Learn template (Your name here)

2 What is ASDA’s LGN? ASDA’s Legislative Grassroots Network is dedicated to increasing dental student understanding of and involvement in legislative processes – locally and nationally Works to inform Congress how proposed legislation affects us as students and as future professionals as well as how it affects our patients and the practice of dentistry

3 Structure of the LGN ASDA Board of Trustees Chair of the LGN ADA Council on Government Affairs Vice-Chair, LGN ADPAC Board of Directors Regional Legislative Coordinators Legislative Liaisons This structure helps get the information to all ASDA members, thus enhancing the grassroots involvement

4 What does the LGN do? National Dental Student Lobby Day Held annually in Washington, D.C. Meet with members of Congress to discuss issues agreed upon by ASDA and ADEA State Lobby Days State-related issues Meet and Greets Legislative leaders in the state Congress Prominent figures in the ADA or ADPAC ADPAC membership Provides legislative information To become informed advocates for the profession

5 What is ADPAC? ADPAC is the American Dental Political Action Committee It is the bipartisan legislative arm of the American Dental Association ADPAC provides a political voice for thousands dentists and dental students who care about their patients and the profession

6 In a nutshell…ADPAC is: A way of Protecting the profession Providing “Preventative Care” for the profession A Powerful force for the profession It’s the cheapest form of insurance for the entire dental profession that you can buy!

7 What is a ‘PAC’? Political Action Committees allow for like-minded citizens to pool small amounts of money into a common fund Money is contributed to candidates who support their cause Every politically involved organization has a PAC By pooling resources, dentists and dental students have a broader, more sustained impact on the political process

8 How ADPAC benefits you ADPAC has created relationships that benefit the ADA ADA lobbyists are able to communicate the concerns of our profession to lawmakers who are involved in drafting and voting on health care legislation ADPAC helps ensure that dentists have a voice on Capitol Hill

9 How ADPAC benefits you Health care legislation affects: Student loan scholarships and loan repayment programs Expanding community dental health programs Dental faculty recruitment and retention Reimbursement rates for dentists Workforce diversity Small Business Laws Scope of Practice

10 Why do candidates value ADPAC contributions? The top priority for an elected official is re-election Elections are expensive 2008: Senate = $8 million per race 2008: House of Representatives = $1 million per race In 2010-11, ASDA donated over $9,000 to ADPAC! Congressmen provide an attentive ear to organizations who help them get re-elected

11 Why should I join ADPAC? What is happening on Capitol Hill most certainly affects how you practice dentistry today and 20 years from now Where you practice Who compensates you The materials you will use How you practice What your staff can and can’t do “Our political involvement is as critical as any continuing education we might take” – Dr. Jeff Parrish, former ADPAC Chairman

12 Some Current Issues on the Table [These are examples you can research to talk about – feel free to edit accordingly – visit for current issues] The “Amalgam Debate” The FDA in 2009 ruled amalgam as “safe and effective” for use in humans Advocacy groups want the FDA to re-open the issue to look at the material Water Fluoridation Dental Therapist models nationwide Minnesota, Missouri

13 Why should I join ADPAC? Joining ADPAC is an investment for yourself and your future! Student membership = only $5 Student + spouse = only $7.50 Student Capitol Club membership = $50 Membership goes for the academic year Capitol Club members get a thank you gift for your contribution

14 What does my $5 do? Legislators don’t want to make laws for all dentists if they think ADPAC’s opinions only represent a minority of the profession A greater percentage of member representation gives dentistry political leverage ADPAC does not “buy votes” – these monies go to candidates’ campaigns who support oral health initiatives

15 Join us! Thank you! Visit the Legislative Action Center at to sign up for alerts Contact your Legislative Liaison for any information Visit for the most current Visit for ways to get involved!

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