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150 Years of Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church A Grateful Hearts Celebration.

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1 150 Years of Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church A Grateful Hearts Celebration

2 Sesquicentennial Committee Leslie Barbour, Chairman Tim KennedyChris SmithDudley Brown Claudia NadigRita JohnsonDoug Delano Jim Kidney Frank AllenAndy Rush Pat MacEwen Emilie SommerGene Larkin Mary Ann Sroufe Anne HuntSue Van Slyke Sara FritzRichard McAdams Andy Walton Peg WaltonDave LevyOlivia James Joe Boyette Diane LaVoy


4 Honoring our Past We will host a diverse series of celebratory activities and events culminating in 2014 on the Sesquicentennial of our congregation’s founding.

5 Living fully in the Present We will deepen our commitment through: – Worship, – Mission, – Education, and – Fellowship

6 Preparing for the Future Our church buildings form an essential foundation and setting for our Ministry, but the bricks and mortar have deteriorated from the passage of time. It is our responsibility to do what is needed to sustain them for years to come.


8 Facilities and Sustainability Program As good stewards of God’s creation, CHPC will thoroughly evaluate our facilities, including the Manse, and our programs to make them truly sustainable for generations to come. Church members and professional experts will identify issues that require immediate, short- term, and long-term attention, so they can be resolved appropriately.

9 Capital Campaign CHPC does not currently have the financial structure or resources sufficient to support our shared ministry life over the long run. The Riston bequest enabled the major repair of the front brick face of the church. We will seek commitments to not only address today’s needs but also to build a more permanent foundation to support the next 150 years.


11 Together, Let Us Give Thanks Give thanks with a grateful heart Give thanks to the Holy One Give thanks to God who gives us Jesus Christ the Son And now let the weak say I am strong Let the poor say I am rich Because of what the Lord has done for us. Give thanks, give thanks, give thanks.


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