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2 This is a high speed trip showing the grand scale of the universe! We’ll start with 10 0 (equivalent to 1 meter), and increase the size by a factor of 10 with each slide until we reach the limit of our imagination in the direction of the macro cosmos. Then we’ll return, a little faster, back to the point where we started and continue our trip in the opposite direction, decreasing the size by factors of 10, into the micro cosmos. Music


4 Distance to a bunch of leaves in the garden meter

5 Starting our trip upwards.... We can see the foliage meters

6 At this distance we can see the limits of the forest and the edifications meters

7 We will pass from meters to kilometers.. Now it is possible to jump with a parachute km

8 The city could be observed but we really can’t see the houses km

9 At this height, the state of Florida, is just coming into view km

10 Typical sight from a satellite ,000 km

11 The northern hemisphere and part of South America ,000 km

12 The Earth starts looking small ,000 km

13 The Earth and the Moon’s orbit Million km

14 Part of the Earth’s orbit Million km

15 Million km Orbits of Venus and Earth

16 Orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter Billión km

17 At this distance we can observe most of the Solar System Billion km

18 Billion km The Solar System starts looking small...

19 The Sun is one star in the midst of thousands of stars Trillion km

20 At one light-year the Sun appears very small light-year

21 Here the sun disappears to our eyes light-years

22 “Nothing” Only stars and Nebulae light-years

23 ,000 light-years We are travelling in the Milky Way, our galaxy.

24 We continue our travel inside the Milky Way ,000 light-years

25 We begin reaching the periphery of the Milky Way ,000 light-years

26 At this tremendous distance we can see the entire Milky Way & other galaxies as well Million light-years

27 All the galaxies look small with immense empty spaces between. We could continue traveling upwards with our imagination but, now let’s return home quickly Million light-years

28 10 22 Returning home

29 10 21

30 10 20

31 10 19

32 10 18

33 10 17

34 10 16

35 10 15

36 10 14

37 10 13

38 10 12

39 10 11

40 10

41 10 9

42 10 8

43 10 7

44 10 6

45 10 5

46 10 4

47 10 3

48 10 2 In the trip “upwards” we went to the 23 rd power

49 10 1 Now we are going to dig inside of matter in a reverse trip...

50 We arrive at our starting point. We could touch it with our hands

51 Getting closer at 10 cm...We can delineate the leaves Centímeters

52 At this distance it is possible to observe the structure of the leaf Centímeter

53 The cellular structures begin to show Millimeter

54 The cells can be delineated. You can see the union between them microns

55 Heading inside the cell microns

56 The nucleus of the cell is visible micron

57 Here you can see chromosomes Nanometers

58 In this micro universe the DNA chain is visible Nanometers

59 ...the chromosome blocks can be observed Nanometer

60 It appears like clouds of electrons... These are carbon atoms. Notice the resemblance of the micro cosmos to the macro cosmos Angstrom

61 In this miniature world we can observe the electrons orbiting the atoms Picometers

62 An immense empty space exists between the nucleus and the electron orbits Picometer

63 At this minuscule size we can observe the nucleus of the atom Femtometers

64 The nucleus of the carbon atom Femtometers

65 Now we are in the field of scientific imagination, face to face with a proton Femtometer

66 Now we examine the ‘quark’ particles There is nowhere further to go... We are at the limits of current scientific knowledge Attometers

67 Hope you enjoyed the trip. The End!


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