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Internet Safety Group #2 Matt, Samantha, Meaghan, Andrew.

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1 Internet Safety Group #2 Matt, Samantha, Meaghan, Andrew

2 PASSWORD A password is a secret word of a set of numbers or letters. Together with your user or log-in name, your password allows you to enter some web sites. Your password should never be shared with anyone other than your parents. Remember to choose a password that isn’t easy to guess

3 Password Examples 1.Steven138627 2.Cookie32756 3.Butterflie649 4.123321 5.John5723

4 Don’t Share Your Password Because if you do people might hack into your personal business. People can find out where you live and what you look like, other personal information. They can also find out how old you are and share your secrets and send it to everyone.  They can mess up your whole computer and causing it to crash. 

5 PRIVATE INFORMATION Who you are or where people can find you in the real world. This includes your real name, address, phone number, password, the name of your school, and the name of your school team. 

6 Examples of private information 1.Passwords 2.Address: 1245 Snow globe Lane 3.How old you are 4 4.Your phone number: 555-233-7627 5.Name of your school: Lollipop Elementary 6.Real Name 7.Secrets

7 Don’t Share Your Private Information Sometimes people find out where you live and can go to your house and steal you and rob the place. They can send viruses to your computer

8 Username A username is also known as a log-in name, screen name, member name, alias, or nick name. It should not be your real name but something you made up that you can remember that doesn’t tell anyone else who you are in real life. Your user name is your name on the web, it hides your real identity.

9 Username examples 1.Mojo47 2.SSS123dance 3.Mego74 4.Catdog47 5. Greg 5l 6.Poohbear471 7.Monkeylover37 8. xX Dover Xx 9.Quincylover46 10.Mooseyboy27

10 Don’t make plans with Internet buds Because they might tell their friends were you live. Or they could have faked there age and kidnap you!  They could have told you a whole bunch of lies and turn into the opposite person.

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