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‘E-TOP’ NOSTALGIA SERIES …no prizes for spotting yourself.

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1 ‘E-TOP’ NOSTALGIA SERIES …no prizes for spotting yourself

2 The journey begins – from the top 1.On top of ‘E-Top’ 2.The extended curriculum 3.Limited membership for the ‘Sunbathing Club’ 4.Owl’s eye view of IITK…Panki Power Station

3 E-Top activities 1.E-Top’s very own ‘Elvis-the-pelvis’ 2.The court-jester enthralling a captive audience 3.Pack of hooligans lured by the lens 4.Indoor entertainment – bulla/muzik/patte

4 More E-Top activities 1.In search of the real roots – reminiscence of simian origins 2.Last man standing – violating E-Top dress- code 3.Outdoor entertainment – phatta on the hanging-pitch 4.Trying to look civilized – “trapped between the lens and the lasses”

5 Some campus activities 1.The great SFS movie shows… in between the “repeats” 2.Chai-wallah is amazed – line lagake chai pina was a rare sight on his premises 3.Visit to the in-campus Halwaai at Shop-C 4.Checking out on the airstrip – how about direct US-flights from here itself?

6 The Temple and the Crooks” Last visit (for some probably the only visit) to the temple – seeking blessings before the onslaught

7 Party time folks… well deserved ! The gang let loose on the banks of ‘Godavari’… full dress rehearsal for corpo dinners

8 The Party is over… preparing for another long journey  The last huddle after all the “khana-pina-mauj-masti” – just before hitting the corpo road…

9 The story continues… …After spending 19 years behind bars (in the corporate world), the crooks re-group and start talking again… it’ll probably be sometime before the whole bunch gets together physically at one place, and there is opportunity for more contemporary snaps… but, till then let’s tickle ourselves with the thought that we guys actually looked so young at some point in life...

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