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SEO Q&A.  Secret Sauce Methods… do they still work ?  Hummingbird algorithm changes  E-commerce structure and listings -> Go see the Google Traffic.

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2  Secret Sauce Methods… do they still work ?  Hummingbird algorithm changes  E-commerce structure and listings -> Go see the Google Traffic Killers – Ecommerce series  Linkbuilding ->> Covered a lot! SEO QUESTIONS

3 Secret Sauce Method.  1. Buy expired domains (High quality)  2. Transform them into related ‘sister sites’ (themed the same way)  3. Give yourself links back to your site  4. You negotiate links from your competitors and you offer them links on your sister sites (sister site)  Purchased at auctions (freshdrop… godaddy auction TDNAM) (sister site)  A) Have advertisement…. Ninja because it appears as if it’s an active site (sister site)  B) Recent posts (date… very important) and even comments is good. For your sister sites: Have different IP addresses (especially different from main site) Power: Approach and offer 3 high quality links (purchased1,2,3) in return for ONE link (to your mainsite). “Coopetetition”  competitor A)SEO is getting harder these days … and they know it! B)High Quality links are awesome!

4 Secret Sauce Method.  Trick with high PR domains… you can 301 redirect forward a few to the of the parasites (white listed ones) and they’ll rank better.  Parasite site (white listed site… the huge ones that can’t be penalized for links). -Linkedin -Facebook -Google+ -Twitter -Youtube -PRWeb  Buy a PR5 domain, Buy a PR4 domain… etc. ->>> forward them to 301 in htaccess Takes a little while… a long while actually.. But eventually it will pop up in the search engines!!

5 Parasite Method Step 1. Create a page on a parasite site Step 2. Buy a bunch of expired domains (pr4-pr5) Step 3a. 301 redirect them to your target ‘white listed site’ page. Step 3b. Using Link Emperor to do this as well.

6 Domain pricing  2 ways to go about it… either mass quantity or mass quality. I prefer quality because there is less to manage!!!!! (and I do exchanges)  My private network is only 15-20 sites big. a) Lowest I spend is $70 on a domain (PR3 with a lot of backlinks and trustflow) b) ‘sweet spot’ is going to be around $250-300 or so these days. ->> High PR(4,5) with a lot of diverse backlinks and trustworthy stuff. When I buy domains, always run them through majesticseo first!! Look at TF. 20+ is good!majesticseo Look at the Freshdrop Secrets video in the members area!!!!! Freshdrop

7 Software/Service Comparision Link emperor vs senuke vs magic submitter vs gsa search engine ranker. Link Emperor Link Emperor = Expensive… but works well hands off for parasite sites (wouldn’t use on my own sites) SENukeSENuke = Love it, and I hate it. It’s the poster boy for Google’s spam team. - What’s a good ecommerce site? Engineers look at Amazon! - What’s a good information site? Engineers look at Wikipedia! - What’s spammy software? Engineers look at SENuke!  Magic Submitter Magic Submitter = Love it… but you need to learn how to use it!! Manipulate social profiles, build tiered linking ScrapeboxScrapebox = I love it… I use it for more than just spamming… it’s my favorite link analysis & research tool.

8 Hummingbird More content = More quality Before = 1000 words = GREAT!!!!! Now = 3000 words = GREAT!!! -> Take a piece of content… Currently “page 1” on Google. Let’s say you’re #6 position -> #4 or so. (400-1000 words). Add 2000 words of content to that page! IMAGES = BEFORE 1 was good…. Now 4 to 12 is GREAT!! Ninja = Add 4 to 12 images == Boost in rankings again!!! (filename related to keyword) = GOLD!  Fresher content = Fresher quality Older sites that haven’t had an update in a long time = hurting Biggest ranking sites = VERY FREQUENT updates!  More severe on spammy links

9 Backlinks!  Social backlinks = They work! And they are easy. (You want real traffic, real engagement, from popular profiles)  Private blogs & themed sites still work. (Expired thing) (Easiest high quality links to get)  Exchanges of links  Distribution sites… - PDF sites  Transcribe a bunch of content (make it into a Ebook, popular cover/title) backlinks back. (Download your own PDFs) - Audio sites -> Get someone to voice over your articles and submit it to audiosite (podcast sites, soundcloud, etc) - Video sites -> Youtube, viddler… streaming sites (ustream,, streaming sites) (Stream once about your product/service… and get a backlink back!) - Ebook sites (make it into a Ebook, popular cover/title)  Get to know editors on popular sites…. Work the social skills. - Get to know them… by commenting on their stuff (real comments), follow them on G+, Twitter, Facebook, email them… and then once they know you, make them an offer.

10 Press Release!  “best fishing pole” Prweb nofollow links =  “best fishing pole” Mirror of PRweb  “best fishing pole” San Francisco times  “best fishing pole” …  “best fishing pole” news  “best fishing pole” News For Press Releases: Anchor text: URL Long tail keyword / Brand

11 we are noticing that when we run rank checks for specific keywords, google seems to think another page is more relevant and ranks the wrong page on the site for the keyword we are targeting. So for ex. we build a page specifically for the keyword "car accident lawyer los angeles". In the past google would rank that page for that specific keyword, now it's picking another random page on the site like "firm overview", or "about us" as the page to rank. Can you tell me why? Internal linking is super strong: --  car-accident.html ---- rank rank rank rank --- penalty! (algorithmic penalty) So if car-accident.html points to another page…. It’s going to transfer a lot of juice there. -> about-us.html (potentially rise in the rankings because of internal linking juice)

12 Copy Writing  Recommend all my writers read copy writing books (books on selling, books on creating captivating titles, etc) Read a few recommend copy writing books: After they read them… they screw up!! I have to fix it…. Eventually they kind of get it.  Classic intro book: Scientific Advertising, Jay Abraham, Eben Pagan… Hypnotic copywriting / Suggestology (Credit: Allan) Recent discoveries: “If your content is really good… people don’t mind it if you talk about it” Building backlinks to “copy written material” is easy Buidling backlinks to generic stuff = super hard

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