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Please share your experience – use these hashtags: #PBI#CivicU#LAMayor#EmpowerLA#CivicEngagement#NeighborhoodCouncils Welcome to CivicU Let’s Get Social.

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1 Please share your experience – use these hashtags: #PBI#CivicU#LAMayor#EmpowerLA#CivicEngagement#NeighborhoodCouncils Welcome to CivicU Let’s Get Social Mayor Eric Garcetti Facebook @Garcetti | Twitter @LAMayorsOffice Instagram @LAMayorsOffice | YouTube @MayorEricGarcetti Pat Brown Institute Facebook @patbrowninstitute | Twitter @PBI Raphael Sonenshein Twitter @SonensheinPBI EmpowerLA Facebook @EmpowerLA | Twitter @EmpowerLA Instagram @EmpowerLA | YouTube @EmpowerLA

2 Los Angeles City Government And the Neighborhood Councils Session Two: The Guts of City Government April 8, 2015

3 I love L.A.!

4 Part One: Core City Services Maintains streets and alleys Provides public libraries Plants and trims trees Operates parks and zoo Treats raw sewage Provides police and fire Delivers water and power Runs an international airport Runs an international port Inspects buildings Maintains and fixes water pipes Maintains and fixes sidewalks Maintains and fixes streets


6 Internal Support Services (partial list) Construction of city buildings Printing/duplication Property leasing Custodial Parking (city facilities) Personnel Elections Banking/Investments Purchasing Building security Warehousing Fleet management Equipment management Telecommunications Labor negotiations

7 The City does NOT… Run mental health programs Run substance abuse programs Direct family and children programs, including foster care Run the schools Administer justice to felons Run a court system and sheriffs Run mass transportation systems And a bunch of other things

8 Paying for City Services Property Tax Sales Tax Documentary Transfer Tax Business Taxes User Fees Transfer of revenue from DWP Lots of others

9 The Mayor and City Departments: Where the Rubber Meets the Road Mayor Staff Commission Department Head Stuff gets done

10 LA’s Budget

11 Who Ya’ Gonna Call if Services Are Bad? The Councilmember! If voters have a problem in their neighborhood, 27% will go to their city council member for help, while only eight percent will seek out the mayor’s office. Clearly, the council, rather than the mayor, is seen as the constituency service center of the city government. *PBI poll result October, 2013

12 How does the Budget Process Work?

13 Cooks in the Kitchen Mayor CAO Department Heads Controller Council Budget Committee City Council Neighborhood Councils

14 Myths and Realities about the City Budget Myth #1: There is no money! We are broke, so don’t ask. Reality #1: Budgets are about choices. What’s decided to be important gets whatever money there is. Myth #2: There’s tons of money and it’s all hidden away in secret stashes! Reality #2: If there were, politics would be a lot easier. Should we fix all the sidewalks and chop down trees that hurt sidewalks? Or plant more trees? Should we borrow money to pay to modernize the water main system?

15 Part II: How NCs Can Influence the Budget Process Writer, speaker, organizer, and technologist Building an open and data-driven LA. National non-profit, Code for America, a technology organization dedicated to reinventing government for the 21st century California-focused research institute, the Rose Institute for State and Local Government. Featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, and Forbes Speaker at SxSW, the World Bank, and various universities and conferences around the world Claremont McKenna College with a honors degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) Abhi Nemani, First Chief Data Officer in the City of Los Angeles






















37 Los Angeles City Government And the Neighborhood Councils LAST SESSION Session Three: Moving the System April 15, 2015

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