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Social Science Students’ Council. What is the Social Science Students’ Council?  60 student representatives from within the Faculty of Social Science.

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1 Social Science Students’ Council

2 What is the Social Science Students’ Council?  60 student representatives from within the Faculty of Social Science  We advocate for the interests of Social Science students to the Dean, the University Students’ Council (USC), and the University Senate.  Programming such as concerts, academic information sessions, speakers, homecoming parade, Social Science Formal and provide assistance to other student groups on campus.

3 Your Exec Team Matt – President Gianluca – VP Student EventsAbdalla – VP Finance Laurissa – VP Academics Jess – VP Communications

4 Upcoming Events Gianluca Mazzanti

5 Upcoming Events  TRI SCI HOMECOMING FLOAT  Premier Life’s ‘Giddy’ will be performing  Theme: BEACH PARTY  Help Build the Float: Get Merch Discounts!

6 Social Science Formal  All Ages – The Wave  $20-$30/ticket  Snack Food, DJ and Dance floor, Professional Photos  Late November 2012

7 Academi cs Laurissa Wiitala – VP Academics

8 The Academics Portfolio  Academics portfolio consists (constitutionally) of 24 members:  VP Academics – Laurissa Wiitala  Academics-at-Large – Steph Brash  Department Representatives (22)  2 Representatives for each of the 11 departments within Social Science  American Studies, Anthropology, Economics, First Nations Studies, Geography, History, MOS, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology & Women’s Studies

9 The Academics Portfolio  Plan & facilitate academic related events and programming such as academic help sessions for various processes, student seminars, prof speakers, inter-department events, and more.  Act as a resource for students seeking peer-to-peer academic help, advice & assistance.

10 Get Involved in Academics  Run for a VACANT Department Representative position  American Studies [2],  Anthropology [1],  Women’s Studies [1].  Must be taking 2.0 credits in the department and a 2 nd year student or higher.  Join us at various SSSC Academic events throughout the year.  Prof Speaker Series, Intent To Register Sessions  Volunteer on any of the other various committees to help us promote SSSC initiatives

11 Department Clubs  Each Department in Social Science has a corresponding student club that plans event for students in their modules  Check them out this week in the Mustang Lounge for Clubs Week  Some have First Year positions!  Learn more at

12 Department Clubs  American Studies Association  Anthropology Society  Economics Students’ Association  Geography Students’ Association  History Society  Association of International Relations  SLUGS (Student Linguistics Undergraduate Society)  MOSSA (Management and Organizational Studies Students’ Association)  Political Science Association  Western Psychology Association  Sociology Students’ Association  Urban Development Association  Women’s Studies Students’ Council Other: Pre-Business Students’ Network, Pre-Law Society, Debate Society, Transitional Justice Club, Ect.

13 Communications! Jess Chambers

14 SSSC Involvement  First Year Representatives  Each Residence/Off Campus has a council of students, one of whom is the Social Science Rep.  Ask your Residence/ Off Campus Soph for more information. Each residence performs it’s own election/selection process  There is also a First Year Student Caucus rep who sits on the University Students’ Council and the SSSC.  More information to come after Residence/OC reps has been chosen.  Committees  SSSC Street Team (Communications)  ‘The Bravery Bunch’ Charity Committee  Department Clubs (Academics)

15 USC Social Science Councillor  One position has become vacant for one of the twelve social science students that sit on the USC.  This has a heavy time commitment. 5-7 hours a week minimum (including two meetings, office hours, mandatory committees, special events)  Bi-Election will take place in October. If you are interested then join our mailing list. When we find out, you will find out!

16 SSSC Street Team  Combination of the Promotions/Communications Committee and the Events Committee.  Help promote council events and assist in the preparation of council events. The Street Team will work closely with the Charity Committee in promotion of charity related events.  The Street Team will be an integral part of council, and is welcomed to join in any council socials, hold office hours if they so choose, and are expected to attend Social Science Ball.  Requirements: Must be a Social Science student.  Leadership Positions  Street Team Leader  leads the street team and brainstorms new ways to promote key events (Social Sci Formal, Coffee Houses, Bar Nights, Concerts)  May choose to create their own mini executive to ensure success!

17 The Bravery Bunch Charity Committee

18 Google: Bhupinder Name Meaning  Bhupinder Dulku  4 th Year Honors Economics, Political Science, and Philosophy (EPP) Degree Group: The SSSC Bravery Bunch @BhupinderDulku @BraveryBunch

19 “The Bravery Bunch” to be as synonymous with charity and the Social Science Students’ Council as “The Dream Team” is to Health Science Students Council. “That’s the Motto SSSC YOLO”

20 What is Needed  More sponsorship  Collaboration – with the clubs  Branding of the Bravery Bunch – only been two years  The Hype of Charity needs to remain in order for members to feel involved and passionate.  Foundational for Success

21 Goal Raise $5000 for Charity

22 2 Officers  Duties:  Assist with planning and executing charity events  Be actively involved in finding new and interesting ways to promote the Bravery Bunch affiliation with CHF  Backbone of the Bravery Bunch  Interested? ----- See me after!

23 Visit our Office Social Science Centre Room 1124 *near Tim Hortons!

24 Interested in Getting Involved? | |

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