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Transmedia Storytelling Henry Jenkins presented by Julie Katz.

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1 Transmedia Storytelling Henry Jenkins presented by Julie Katz

2 Types of Transmedia narrative branding spectacle storytelling performance games

3 Transmedia Storytelling has the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience In other words...a story gets taken across a bunch of different mediums. Like a movie, you start with a pitch, then a script, then its all over the place. The narrative of the film is represented in each of these places. Each medium makes its own contribution the the story Franchises- more mediums better than story?

4 Storytelling vs. Branding Storytelling can provide a backstory, new insights, different character developments to an existing fictional universe example: a bunch of sequels like American Pie Branding refers to franchise merchandising, doesn’t deep experience of the fictional universe example: Sugary Sweet StormTroopers Interaction with stuff=interaction with the story Action Figures: use narrative as dialogue in play

5 Adaptation vs. Extension Adaptation reproduces a narrative to a new medium with minimum changes example: Harry Potter Movies Extension expands our understanding of the original story by introducing new elements example: Spamalot

6 Spreadability vs. Drillability Spreadability is the capacity of the public to engage in circulation of a media thereby making it more valuable In other words, it means a narrative has the potential to be talked about and spread like wildfire which means people want it. example: Youtube Phenomenons

7 Spreadability vs. Drillability Drillability is a characteristic of media that encourages “forensic fandom” In other words, its a narrative that people are not just going to talk about, they’re going to be obsessed with it and dig deeper to understand the fictional universe beyond what is given to them example: Star Wars, Star Trek

8 Spreadability vs. Drillability Spreadability means more viewers, less digging Drillability means less viewers, more digging Both equal some form of profit. We’re living in a world where we can search for new narratives to be interested in and once we find one, have the ability to find multiple mediums to get deeply involved in it. examples?


10 Continuity vs. Multiplicity Continuity is keeping the same narrative across all mediums it is involved in. This is a payoff for fans’ investment in the story, it doesn’t change. Multiplicity offers alternative versions of fiction, new character developments Fans can find pleasure in the retelling of stories and new perspectives But, this can be a threat to the original story

11 Good continuity and multiplicity or bad? FUNNY HOW THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME

12 Good continuity and multiplicity or bad? ATTACK OF THE DISNEY SEQUEL BAMBI II: TEENAGE ANGST?

13 Credits man_begins-poster.jpg poster-big.jpg 2.jpg s/news/News_Lion_King_Disney_Sequel.jpg cinderella2dreamsmp.jpg

14 Henry Jenkins Blog of_the_origami_uni.html

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