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Topics in Grid Computing Orientation Sathish Vadhiyar.

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1 Topics in Grid Computing Orientation Sathish Vadhiyar

2 Grid?? What is a Grid? A bunch of machines put together for problem solving Why need a bunch of machines? For solving quickly For solving larger sized problems To improve the quality of the solutions Not all components for solving a problem reside on a single machine Many more

3 What’s new How is Grid computing different from the earlier parallel computing, distributed computing etc.? Shared resources with multiple ownerships So? Many of the assumptions you make on traditional resources go away. Multiple system administrators, multiple usage policies Load patterns in the resources can vary Resources can be arbitrarily brought down

4 New Research Challenges Interfacing/Integrating multiple research techniques Multiple security protocols Multiple security protocols Multiple job spawning protocols Multiple job spawning protocols Multiple user interfaces Multiple user interfaces Multiple scheduling policies Multiple scheduling policies ….. ….. Scheduling and rescheduling Fault tolerance and migration Identifying and developing new applications on the Grid paradigm

5 But, why do we need such a challenging environment? For ever-greedy applications For long running applications For multi-component applications For parameter sweep applications For collaborative computing For remote resource usage

6 Why the term Grid Analogy to the electrical power grid 20,000 generators, billions of outlets, different ownerships Various appliances, different kinds of users Ease of use

7 About the Course Course web page: Course Details Research-oriented course Research-oriented course Timings Timings Grading scheme Grading scheme Syllabus Syllabus Other rules of the game.. Other rules of the game..Registration…

8 Definitions Relevant to the Course Seamless access Real scientific (parallel) applications Automatically acquiring or shrinking resources Linking disparate software resources Something that seamlessly facilitates something (computing or whatever) either not possible or possible with much severe constraints on local (owned, 1-site) resources Resources have to be heterogeneous in some way or other. Has to involve at least 2 different sites to realistically present network heterogeneity

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