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Notes: Skeletal Muscle Anatomy

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1 Notes: Skeletal Muscle Anatomy

2 (1) Levels of Organization
Muscle (whole organ) Fascicle (portion of muscle) Muscle Fiber (single muscle cell) Myofibril (muscle cell organelle) Sarcomere (portion of myofibril) Myofilament (part of sarcomere) Macroscopic Microscopic

3 Thick Filament (myosin)
Fascicle Muscle (organ) Muscle Fiber (cell) Myofibril Muscle Fiber (with many nuclei) Sarcomere Thin Filament (actin) Thick Filament (myosin)

4 (2) Muscle Organ of muscular system Contains: Covered By: Muscle Cells
Connective Tissue Blood Vessels & Nerves Contractile Units Covered By: Epimysium (outer tissue-membrane)


6 (3) Fascicle Portion of muscle-organ One step down from whole muscle
Relationships: Bunch of Fascicles = Muscle Fascicle = Bunch of Muscle Fibers


8 (4) Muscle Fiber Actual Muscle Cell Contains: Relationships:
Multiple nuclei Striations Complex organelles called myofibrils Relationships: Bunch of Muscle Fibers = Fascicle Muscle Fiber = Bunch of Myofibrils & Nuclei



11 (5) Myofibril Organelle in a muscle cell Contains: Relationships:
Contractile Units (Sarcomere) Relationships: Bunch of Myofibrils = Muscle Fiber Myofibril = Bunch of Sarcomere


13 (6) Sarcomere Portion of myofibril Contains: Relationships:
Contractile proteins Thin filaments with actin Thick filaments with myosin Relationships: Bunch of Sarcomeres = Myofibril Sarcomere = Bunch of Myofilaments (Actin + Myosin)


15 (7) Myofilaments Contractile portions of sarcomere Types:
Thin filaments w/actin (type of protein) Thick filaments w/myosin (type of protein) Relationships: Bunch of Myofilaments = Sarcomere Myofilaments = DO THE CONTRACTIONS




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