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The next generation of data Acceleration

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1 The next generation of data Acceleration
September 12, 2013 The next generation of data Acceleration Rapidly Move Data Anytime, Anywhere Scott Stanney Systems Engineer, North East Region

2 Big Plans in IT = Increased Network Dependency
Disaster recovery Protect more data across longer distances over converged networks Data center consolidation/cloud Data and server placement impacted by WAN performance Server & storage centralization Users farther from resources Virtualization Multi-site VDI and VM migration limited by poor WAN quality

3 In a Perfect World, All Links would be Dedicated
Low Latency Guaranteed bandwidth Predictable performance

4 But this is the Real World
Latency Congestion Bandwidth saturation Loss / Out-of-Order Packets MPLS, IP-VPN, Cloud

5 Today’s Data Acceleration Requirements have Evolved
Must be Easy to Deploy; Adaptable to Changing Conditions Optimize any application, any version without special plugins Deployable by network, storage and virtual professionals Suitable for all locations Single solution scales from small offices to large data center and cloud Beyond Bandwidth Solve WAN capacity, distance and quality issues Application + network visibility Virtualization is a game changer….

6 Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA)
Silver Peak VXOA – A Unique Approach to Data Acceleration Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA) No hardware dependencies Same performance whether physical or virtual No application plug-ins Easy integration with 3rd party products Blades, servers, switches, routers, storage arrays, … All hypervisors Flexible pricing Subscription – i.e. pay as you go Perpetual Pay as you grow investment protection

7 Standard Server Hardware
VXOA = Data Acceleration Anywhere ALL APPLICATIONS VXOA SOFTWARE VX Velocity NX Extend distance Correct packet loss Increase bandwidth HYPERVISOR HARDWARE*: Disk, CPU, RAM Network Blades Standard Server Hardware Storage Cloud *Sample 3rd party hardware options listed; many more available.

8 Software Defined Acceleration (SDA)
By Anyone Network Administrator Storage Administrator Application/Virtual Admin In line (bridge) Out of path (router) Storage based forwarding Software Defined Acceleration (SDA)

9 Replication Problems Latency – latency (distance) decreases the amount of data that can be sent across the network Quality – network errors slow replication throughput Quantity – insufficient network size (capacity) limits the amount of data that can be replicated

10 Use bandwidth efficiently Replicate over longer distance
The solution – Velocity Replication Acceleration Protect more data Use bandwidth efficiently Replicate over longer distance Move more snapshots / lower cycle time

11 Start accelerating in under 20 minutes
Step 1: Load Silver Peak VRX on hypervisor (15 mins) Step 2: Point Storage Arrays to Silver Peak VRX (5 mins) Step 3: Start optimizing LAN LAN

12 Real-Time Network Optimization Techniques Maximize Performance and Flexibility
Data Center NETWORK INTEGRITY FIX CONGESTION / PACKET LOSS • Traffic Shaping/Quality of Service (QoS) • Forward Error Correction (FEC) Packet Order Correction (POC) NETWORK MEMORY INCREASE BANDWIDTH Real-Time deduplication of all IP traffic TM NETWORK ACCELERATION EXTEND DISTANCE Mitigate protocol latency and chattiness DR Site Branch Office Remote Office

Optimize ANY IP Application Bulk TCP File CIFS, NFS, FTP, AFS Web HTTP/S, SharePoint Exchange, Notes, SMTP Data Replication SnapMirror, Celerra, HNAS, EqualLogic, etc. Remote Backup IP Layer 3 (Network) Real-Time TCP VDI MSFT RDP, Citrix ICA SQL Queries MS, Oracle, Sybase, etc. SRDF,RecoverPoint, HUR, Compellent, etc. Bulk UDP Video Streaming DNS NFS Aspera VMware Replication Real-Time UDP VoIP Video conferencing Streaming data VMware, Sunray Proprietary/ Encapsulated IP – IP GRE Cisco OTV RTP RDP IP v6 in IPv4 FCIP VPLEX ESP TCP / UDP - Layer 4 (Transport) SILVER PEAK’S NETWORK OPTIMIZATION

14 Highest Capacity Virtual and Physical Appliances
WAN Capacity (All Features enabled)

15 Autodesk Optimizes 70+ Applications
BACKGROUND 100+ sites worldwide; 70 mission critical applications High latency to international locations Bandwidth saturated during build season delayed product development Internal network a proving ground for company’s own applications RESULTS 1.4 TB reduced by nearly 50% 78% improvement in FTP performance 84% improvement in Aspera (UDP) Running every flavor of AutoCAD, Revit, Civil3d, …

16 VMware Streamlines Global Collaboration
BACKGROUND Development times impacted by slow access to builds VDI desktops to all locations High latency to EMEA and APAC Build files consume bandwidth Packet loss impacts VoIP and VDI RESULTS 6x improvement in build transfer times 82% deduplication on software builds VoIP and VDI quality no longer a problem

17 Try it now Download any VX or VRX with a 30 day license Test on your actual data Convert trial license to full license

18 Questions? Thank you!

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