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Creating your own Identity WHAT IS IDENTITY? Creating your own identity.

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2 Creating your own Identity WHAT IS IDENTITY?

3 Creating your own identity

4 PERSONAL WEBSITE DEVELOPEMENT “Can change your world and others too!”



7 Introduction Knowledge base world. Wikipedia. Miniscule net knowledge. Websites primarily used for Business.

8 Creation a fulfilling experience Personal website development. A fulfilling experience. Ultimate of professional, literary, artistic, aesthetic, creative and technical expression. A complete medium, with ease to create,use and share. Dynamic roles. “Its human dimension unbounded.”

9 Beyond CV,Video et al,Beyond Business Conventional Approach, Audio/video,Social networking. Websites primarily an exaggeration. Unnecessary details lead to ambiguity. Websites suffix are most popular.

10 Beyond CV,Video et al,Beyond Business Academic and social website are also based on business model. Personal Websites being maintained on professional lines. Lack utility. So claimed, communication skills is missing. A forum to express myself.

11 Beyond CV,Video et al,Beyond Business The causative factors which lead to the creation of my website. Urge to express oneself creatively and professionally knowledge resource is organized at one place. Can be retrieved at will by me and anybody on the face of this earth. Finally that any updating would be possible in a simple manner

12 Beyond CV,Video et al,Beyond Business “An Integrated personal website”

13 Website Defined Innumerable expressions of- what is a Website?. Helpful internet fails in providing a definitive expression.

14 Website Defined “ A website can be defined as a kaleidoscope of one's personal, social and professional life, creatively interwoven in a multimedia format, on a dynamic interactive mode to cater to the digital age requirements of split second, precise and authentic information, communication and proactive, productive interaction.”

15 Distinctive Homepage

16 WHAT IS A HOMEPAGE? ________________________________________________________________________________

17 Distinctive Homepage As preamble is to the constitution, homepage is to website. Homepage as the first exposure leads to navigation and apprise. Use of imagination,creativity, technology design, multimedia to meet the desired ends.

18 Distinctive Homepage Essential features of homepage. Look and feel. Design and color combination. Buttons and Highlights. The static and interactive. Anything inward looking does not fit. Synergetic dynamic interface. “The world is flat and moving further in that direction with every passing day. ”

19 Distinctive Homepage Global ecosystem is the aggregation of local ecosystem. Homepage should communicate to the ecosystem you belong to. Cater to the needs, requirements, imagination and fancies of individuals in your ecosystem.


21 Vision Adds pragmatism to the whole paradigm. It should be omnipresent and all pervasive. A website without a vision has no value. “Vision is the heart of the website ”


23 Mission Journey to reach vision. Is the translation of vision. Is more tangible than vision. Should represent one's accomplishments rather than creative writers view of it.

24 Mission Most websites are like introduction to the book with no relevant content. Choose between interactive and static content carefully. Should have mechanism to capture feedback of visitors.

25 Mission Interactive content should be designed with a lot of care and creativity. Multimedia is the flavor of the day. It can be a bane or curse depending on how it is used. Multimedia content should be relevant to vision and mission of the website. If vision is the heart, then mission is the mind

26 Consistency/Navigation/Content

27 Consistency Consistency is important for success of website. Each page should give a feel of belonging to the same website. Like a page of a book.

28 Navigation Navigation through website should not demand technical expertise. Should be able to reach to any point with least number of clicks or key-presses. Home page and main menu should be accessible from everywhere. All related sites should be navigable.

29 Content Content is king. Content guides the success of the website. It should be original. If visitor relates to the content, then it is a hit – even if it has limitation.

30 Content Content include relevant pictures,video and audio. Content Rules.

31 Updating And Scalability

32 Updating Work does not end once website is up and functioning. It should be updated on regular basis. Issues faced by visitors should be noted and fixed regularly.

33 Scalability Scalability is a complex issue. As demand for the website grows technology and resource allocated needs to change. Present day standardizations made scalability easier to handle.

34 Value Adds

35 Should increase value of website. Are not a solution to inferior website.

36 Value Adds It attracts new visitors to website. Visitors introduced through value adds will end up using the main website in due course of time.


38 Why this topic? It is a new concept. It goes with idea of experiential learning. It has the capability to revolutionize human beings and human life itself.

39 Conclusion



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