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点餐 ordering food 5 / 03 / 2012 集大英语沙龙 第八期. Breakfast 早餐 Video for Breakfast Menu 菜单

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1 点餐 ordering food 5 / 03 / 2012 集大英语沙龙 第八期

2 Breakfast 早餐 Video for Breakfast Menu 菜单

3 常用句型 Can I get something for you to drink? You guys are ready to order? I’ll have a cheese omelet. Do you have pancakes? Do you want some toasts? We have fruit salad. What do you like to have for breakfast? What kind of ice-cream do you want?

4 常用词汇 Omelet Pancake French toast

5 Scrambled eggs Fried eggs Country ham

6 Sausage Country ham biscuit Hashbrown

7 Grits waffle

8 Lunch and Dinner Video

9 menu unge/Menu/index.html unge/Menu/index.html

10 Steak

11 Salad Dressing Ranch dressing, vinaigrettes and Caesar-style dressing are most popular. Blue cheese dressing Caesar dressing Extra virgin olive oil French dressing Ginger dressing Italian dressing Thousand Island dressing

12 常用句型 Are you ready to order? We have trouble choosing. What would you recommend? I don’t want anything heavy. So nothing fried for me. I don’t eat red meat. Today’s special is…. Steamed fish with ginger and lemon It served with lemon grass and garden salad. How do you like your steak cooked? Medium rare, please.

13 Steak Types of cuts filet mignon (very lean and tender, but with less flavor) sirloin (a little more fat, more flavor), rib eye (the most fat and flavor), the T-bone How you like your steak cooked rare (outside is cooked, but the inside is still partially raw), medium (outside is cooked more thoroughly and the inside is cooked, but still slightly red), and well done (outside is charred and the inside is completely cooked through) Side dish plain baked potation/ Sweet potato/home fried potato

14 常用句型 请给我菜单。 May I have a menu,please ? 是否有中文菜单? Do you have a menu in chinese ? 在用晚餐前想喝些什麼吗? Would you like something to drink before dinner ? 可否让我看看酒单? May I see the wine list ? 餐厅有那几类酒? What kind of wine do you have ? 我想点当地出产的酒。 I'd like to have some local wine. 我想要喝法国红酒。 I'd like to have French red wine. 是否可建议一些不错的酒? Could you recommend some good wine ?

15 我可以点餐了吗? May I order, please ? 餐厅最特别的菜式是什麼? What is the specialty of the house ? 餐厅有今日特餐吗? Do you have today's special ? 我可以点与那份相同的餐吗? Can I have the same dish as that ? 我正在节食中。 I'm on a diet. 我必须避免含油脂 ( 盐份 / 糖份 ) 的食物。 I have to avoid food containing fat(salt/suger). 餐厅是否有供应素食餐? Do you have vegetarian dishs ? 你的牛排要如何烹调? How do you like your steak ? 全熟 ( 五分熟 / 全生 ) 。 Well done (medium/rare), please.

16 Problems at dining

17 Types of Wine Beer: Larger, Ale

18 点快餐: Placing a Pizza Order 点披萨 Video

19 May I take your order? Is it for here or to go? I will go with the value meal. Additional toppings are 50cents each. What flavor of Chicken wings do you like? mild, medium, hot

20 McDonald 英文菜单 大冷饮 ( 雪碧, 芬达, 可口可乐 ) Large Drink 标准冷饮 ( 雪碧, 芬达, 可口可乐 ) Regular Drink 巧克力奶昔 Chocolate Shake 草莓奶昔 Strawberry Shake 香草奶昔 Vanilla Shake 汉堡 Hamburger 吉士汉堡 Cheeseburger 双层汉堡 Double Hamburger 双层吉士汉堡 Double Cheeseburger 巨无霸 Big Mac

21 麦香鱼, 咖啡 Filet-O-Fish, Coffee 汉堡, 标准薯条 Hamburger, Regular Fries 麦香鸡, 热红茶 McChicken Sandwich, Hot Tea 麦辣鸡翅 Spicy Chicken Wings 热巧克力 Hot Chocolate 鲜奶 Milk 苹果派 Apple Pie 巧克力圣代 Chocolate Sundae 菠萝圣代 Pineapple Sundae 大薯条 Large Fries 标准薯条 Regular Fries 桔汁 orange juice

22 Starbucks 星巴克 Caffè Mocha 摩卡 Caramel Macchiato 焦糖玛奇朵 Caffè Americano 美式 Caffè Latte 拿铁 Cappuccino 卡布奇诺 espresso 特浓咖啡 Vanilla Frappuccino 香草星冰乐 coffee Frappuccino 咖啡星冰乐 mocha Frappuccino 摩卡星冰乐 non-fat 脱脂牛奶 tall 是中杯 grand 是大杯 venti 是超大杯,

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