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What’s After Email? Matt Frazier Founder & CEO Pursuant.

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1 What’s After Email? Matt Frazier Founder & CEO Pursuant

2 Click to watchWeb 2.0 Video @ YouTube

3 What’s after email?



6 Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Web 3.0 Eric Schmidt - Web 3.0 Video

7 Internet content is growing at an exponential rate!

8 The Hits

9 The Broadcast Model

10 The TIME Market Share 24 Hrs/day Sleep Work Meals

11 1990 - 2007 World Series TV Ratings



14 Worldview Marketing

15 The 5 Affinities

16 Family Faith Workplace Affiliation Locality

17 “People support what they help to create.”

18 The Tools of Production

19 “When the tools of production are in the hands of everyone, everyone becomes a producer.” Chris Anderson

20 The Tools of Production The sharing of text, photos, videos, audio & documents… in archive or real-time.

21 “Give away what you wanna receive” Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers

22 Decentralized Communications

23 DORITOS® asked ordinary people to help them make a commercial for the big game. What happened was extraordinary. Within eight weeks, Jumpcut and Yahoo! users created more than 1,000 DORITOS® commercials. From these DORITOS® picked five finalists and asked the community to vote for the big winner, which was "Live the Flavor." But DORITOS® liked the ads so much, that they aired not one but two during the game, and plan to air all of them on national TV during February and March.

24 What about us? What can/should we do?

25 Unlock the power of community!

26 Texas A&M 863 Stakeholders

27 The Aggie Network TM

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