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Homemade VS. Store-bought Which do you like better??

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1 Homemade VS. Store-bought Which do you like better??

2 Background Information Homemade gummy bears are healthier than factory made gummy bears. The calorie count of homemade is 20 calories per serving, and made with aspartame (an artificial sweetener) rather than sugar. Factory made gummy bears have a calorie count of 130 per serving, and are made with high fructose corn syrup. Homemade also allows for personal flavor preference, while factory made gummy bears are assorted flavors.

3 Purpose The purpose of the lab is to create an experiment that will answer if homemade gummy bears are preferred over store-bought gummy bears. Nom nom nom

4 Hypothesis If subjects are asked if they prefer homemade gummy bears or store-bought gummy bears after consumption, then more people will prefer homemade.

5 Materials 2 packets of unflavored Jell-O 2 packets of sugar free orange Jell-O 2 packets of sugar free cherry Jell-O 1 cup of water Medium-sized pot 3 ice cube trays Freezer 180 cups (Labeled A or B on bottom) Pretzels Gummy Bears

6 Procedure Before the testing: 1.Make the homemade gummy bears. 2.Separate the homemade gummy bears into ‘A’ cups, and the store-bought into ‘B’ cups. While testing: 1.Ask if subject has any allergies, then have them close their eyes. 2.Give each subject a pretzel, then sample A, then a pretzel, then sample B. (Sample A & B must be same flavor) 3.Ask each subject which sample choice they liked better; record by gender.

7 General Data SampleNumber Chosen A (Homemade) 38 B (Store- bought) 33 Number of people choosing each sample Samples

8 Male and Female Data GenderChose Sample A (Home- made) Chose Sample B (Store- bought) Male1811 Female2022

9 Analysis 54% of people preferred homemade gummy bears. 62% of males preferred homemade more than store-bought. 52% of females preferred store-bought more than homemade.

10 Error Analysis Subjects may have conversed about what samples were/their choices. Some subjects may have viewed the samples before testing. Subjects may have received a flavor they did not prefer. (Cherry or Orange)

11 Conclusion The results of the lab were inconclusive. Nearly half of the subjects preferred homemade, and nearly half preferred store-bought. In order to get more get more accurate results, there should be a greater number of test subjects. Next time, there could be a comparison of how many male and female subjects could differentiate between homemade and store- bought gummy bears.

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