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C ASE S TUDY 2.2 Tamara Rossegger 0a20f366 Uguumurma2n0248 Trung S ơ n Nguyen Hoang Trung S ơ n Nguyen Hoang.

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1 C ASE S TUDY 2.2 Tamara Rossegger 0a20f366 Uguumurma2n0248 Trung S ơ n Nguyen Hoang Trung S ơ n Nguyen Hoang

2 products: FLAVOURx to cover the bitter taste of liquid medicine for children (adults), pets pill glide spray with good taste to help taking pills with bad taste Yo Gabba Gabba! Spray A few sprays before and after taking medicine will help to get the bad taste away

3 Service for hospital Patients report about their health condition (blog) and get support from users

4 Q UESTION 1 To what extent do FLAVORx and CarePages meet each of the tests of an opportunity?

5 Attractive: market for flavor additives is highly attractive because of a great level of demand and no product available which works well Evidence: ……. Timely: yes, took a lot of time to create the „perfect“ taste. And there is no product available at the time of creation to cover the bitter taste of medicine. Only a few competitors – still bitter taste!

6 Durable: yes. Always sick persons who need medicine and cannot take it because of the bitter taste, especially children. adds value for its buyer or end user: yes, child, adults, pets  helps to take the necessary medicine customer comments Lauren N., 10 years old Evans, GA “I love this stuff because it works. I used the Strawberry FLAVORx flavor when I was younger and it helped so much when I took liquid medication. But I take swallowers [pills] now.”

7 Attractive: yes, because the hospital improves its image and could attract prospective patients „sucess stories“ of recovered patients could be shared easily and give hope and support to patients Timely: yes, no competitive webpages at the time of launching

8 Durable: Yes, increasing number of page views a great chance for new-founded hospitals to promote their services creates or adds value Yes, improves the image of hospital attract prospectieve patients

9 Q UESTION 2 Why do you think the idea for FLAVORx was not developed by a large pharmaceutical company long before Kenny Kramm came along, and the idea for CarePages wasn‘t developed by a hospital long before Eric Langshur came up with the idea?

10 Q UESTION 2 Flavorx : Maybe in big pharma companies they don‘t want to specialize in „just“ better flavours. For them the „usefullness“ of the medicine is the most important one. Not depanding on taste, customer has no choice, they have to take the medicine CarePages : Maybe Hospitals just don‘t think about this option more acess to the internet, not focus on individual patients []

11 Sources: Organovo, FDA, Pharmaceutical Research Manufacturers of America. opportunity/

12 drug.html


14 Q UESTION 3 Why do you think CarePages markets its product to hospitals rather than directly to consumers, like MySpace and Facebook do?

15 T ARGET IS H OSPITAL Its make available to patients and family members who were leading their care The hospitals could promote the service and attach the brand, and benefit through improved patient satisfaction and patients and families who were receiving through Carepages community

16 H OW IT WORKS ? Consumer is free to join Health care facilities pay Carepages for the service and offer it to their patients for free Over 700 healthcare facilities that can make their good PR via Carepages Advertisement Sponsored by Provided by The health care farcicalities benefit through improved customer satisfaction – 30% on average people who use the Carepage service

17 D IFFRENCE BETWEEN F ACEBOOK AND C AREPAGES Facebook is more growth but who need advise of some illness or injury its hard to find information from Facebook. People still need centralized healthcare website. the ‘author’ of a Carepage site is usually not the ‘patient’ — its not the patient talking about themselves giving updates on their status – its usually the caregiver speaking on their behalf — that is not Facebook

18 Q UESTION 4 What similarities do you see between FLAVORx and CarePages? What does each company teach you about the opportunity recognition process?

19 F ULL V IEW OF THE O PPORTUNITY R ECOGNITION P ROCESS Depicts the connection between an awareness of emerging trends and the personal characteristics of the entrepreneur

20 S IMILARITIES Flavorx & CarePages concern to products and services for health. Business ideas came from real issues. Initially, both of Flavorx & Carepages were used for themselves and non-profit. Each research group include 5 to 10 people and some among them are expert.

21 T HE POINTS WE CAN LEARN FROM EACH BUSINESS Business idea may come from the most common troubles we have face everyday. We have to recognize and make it become real business. The product or services must be supported by social or many people pay attention to it. We need a team.

22 A PPLICATION Q UESTION 1 How could FLAVORx and CarePages effectively use focus groups to strengthen their existing products and solicit suggestions for related product ideas?

23 FlavorX: to create „new tastes“ Maybe get customers feedback and inspiration for future product (pet, baby….) to recognize complaints about their product to talk about competitor brand survey before creating new products CarePages: to get insights to create new tools for the blog – eg daily video reports, interactive staff like chats,… to improve design, to take wishes from the patients in account to present the hospital better

24 A PPLICATION Q UESTION 2 Think about the service that CarePages offers. Brainstorm other situations that people are in where it might make sense to set up a Web site or blog that allows a person to provide frequent updates and receive notes of encouragement and support from friends. Pick your best idea. Could a business be set up to facilitate the process for others?

25 A PPLICATION Q UESTION 2 IDEAS: Tourism Felix Baumgartner - blog for extreme sport  Keep fans updated, improve image of sponsor (red bull Food Webpage in Taiwan for foreigners in English Webpage with city map and reviews of restaurants Users can add comments financed by advertisements of restaurants

26 T ELICIOUS attractive: Yes  for foreigners in Taiwan it‘s not easy to find an attractive restaurant when you cannot speak chinese timely: yes  there is no competitive hompage and always new foreigners (number increasing) durable Yes  useful for many years, improve number of restaurant and areas adds value yes  difficulties to find good restaurants, people know where they can eat and the menu is in english

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