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Porec, Croatia, October 3rd 2013. d M Flavors & Fragrances.

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1 Porec, Croatia, October 3rd 2013

2 d M Flavors & Fragrances

3 d M Flavors & Fragrances

4 d M Flavors & Fragrances -dM Flavours & Fragances is the union of two successful companies from Barcelona: Destil.leries del Montseny and Bastet. -Destileries del Montseny was founded in 1910. It was born as a company specialized in the production of natural and artisanal essences for perfumery and flavors. -Bastet was founded in 1.992 as producer of Fragrances&Flavors in high scale specialized in out- sourced production for Big Multinationals. -The year 2005 the union of both companies becames d M Flavors & Fragrances

5 Barcelona d M Flavors & Fragrances

6 -Turnover 2011: 14 M Euros. -Staff: 19 employees. -Family Owned Company. -Modern Factory built in 2005. -Production Capacity: 5.000 Mt/Year. d M Flavors & Fragrances

7 Proud to be small : -Flexibility in Creation and Production. -Quickness in Creation and Production. -Any Customers Really Matters. -Competitive and Well Dimensioned Structure d M Flavors & Fragrances

8 Proud to work with the biggest companies: -High Production Capacity (more than 5.000 Mt/year) -Highest Quality Standards (ISO 9.001 / ISO 14.001/IFRA). Immediate Legal Update (Ecolabel, Ecocert, Allergens, …) -Reckitt Benckiser and Coty Astor approval. -High Knowledge about Last Trends in MKT. -High Raw Material Purchasing Power -Bar Code Control System. -Vanwik Robot to weight small quantities. d M Flavors & Fragrances


10 d M Flavors & Fragrances

11 d M Flavors & Fragrances -Second step after high perfumery. -Average accepted perfume cost has a medium level. -At the beginning of the XXI cent., consumer begins to appreciate smell identification. -Trends in personal care could target a people group (women, men, kids, babies, elderly people, specific life style,…) -dM offers to customers two kind of “trends” FUTURE POSSIBLE TRENDS CONSOLIDATED TRENDS.

12 d M Flavors & Fragrances

13 d M Flavors & Fragrances Fragrances coming from sweet caprices European market has hundreds of launches of new products, in personal care field, with fragrances with clearly recognizable smell reproducing gourmand food smell. This trend begun in 2011 and is currently consolidated by Private Label. The success of this trend was not predictable at all.  Negative Result in Spanish Consumers Panel 2008 monitored by a Spanish Shampoo producer  Most repeated comment: “Never chocolate in my hair”

14 d M Flavors & Fragrances BSC-Chocolate B BS-4865 The genuine chocolate mousse smell of this fragrance makes it one tasty morsel. Its touch of hazelnut will make you crazy.

15 d M Flavors & Fragrances BSC-Bombón AF BS-3593 This allergen free fragrance takes us back to childhood. The aroma reminds us grandma's cookies. With absolute predominance of sweet vanilla, there is a buttery top note, a heart with candy notes and a final with nuances of cake.

16 d M Flavors & Fragrances BSC-Cinnamon BS-4981 This original fragrance blends touches of citrus and fruits on its top note with the well-known scent of cinnamon, sweet and warm.

17 d M Flavors & Fragrances BSGO-Cola AF BS-6357 This fun fragrance combines the freshness of lime output with a sweet vanilla body and background. It has the advantage of being allergen free, perfect for children cosmetics, for example.

18 d M Flavors & Fragrances

19 d M Flavors & Fragrances -Last step in innovation after high perfumery, cosmetics, personal care and air fresheners. -Low Cost Fragrances are welcome. -The products are the most aggressive against the Fragrances (acidic pH, alkaline pH, bleach, disinfectants,…). -Trends in Household must keep the feet on the floor. -dM offers to customers two kind of “approach” ECONOMICAL Approach ADDED VALUE Approach.

20 d M Flavors & Fragrances

21 d M Flavors & Fragrances

22 THE ECOLABEL CATALOGUE “Helping European consumers to distinguish greener, more environmentally friendly, products (not including food and medicine) of high quality” BSRM-Rose Ecolabel BS-3377 Application: Hand Dish Washing

23 BSN-Vitro BS-4377 Application: All kind of cleanners

24 BSA-Spicy and cinnamon Application: Air Freshners

25 BS-2451 BSD-Green Life Application: Detergents and Softeners.

26 d M Flavors & Fragrances

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