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Skittles: Taste the Rainbow Lab

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1 Skittles: Taste the Rainbow Lab
Writing the Perfect Lab Report

2 Skittles: Taste the Rainbow
Research Problem: Does the flavor of a Skittle reflect the outer color?

3 What do we need to know? What is a “blind” taste test?
What is a “double blind” taste test? What colors are there in original skittles? What are the flavors of the colors?

4 Example:
What not to do: Real Life Example:

5 The Rainbow Colors and Flavors
Google the colors and flavors of Original Skittles Orange = Orange Yellow = Lemon Green = Green Apple Red = Strawberry Purple = Grape

6 Experiment Ideas Think of a minimum of 3 experiment ideas
Remember, our research question is: Does the flavor of a Skittle reflect the outer color?

7 Skittles: Taste the Rainbow
Chose one and SUMMARIZE Don’t write anything down yet. Let’s discuss and agree on a procedure. We will be combining class data

8 Variables Manipulated variable: The color of the skittle
Responding variable: If the person gets the color right Control variables: Same skittles, all blind-folded, same # of skittles, rinse water after each taste Control Group Manufacturers suggestion of flavor Repeated Trials: X10

9 Hypothesis If _________________, then______________, (manipulated var.) (responding var.) because___________. Make sure it answers the research question: Does the flavor of a Skittle reflect the outer color?

10 Procedure Think back to the ice-cream sundae procedure: THAT’S the level of detail we need. (Smart Board directions)

11 Data You & Partner are responsible for 10 trials
We will be combining the class data What is your manipulated variable? What is your responding variable?

12 Graphing You will graph the class data. Make sure your graph includes:
Title Labeled X and Y axis And is spread out Bar chart Key/Legend

13 Conclusion Look at your blue checklist:
____Did you restate your hypothesis? ____Did you state if you hypothesis was “supported” or “not supported”? ____Did you include your data to back up your claim? Reflection (#4) ____Did you report any problems or errors you had AND suggest improvements for future experiments?

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