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James Dye, Jeremy Burke, Brittney Merecki, Lauren Triplett.

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1 James Dye, Jeremy Burke, Brittney Merecki, Lauren Triplett

2 FIJI Water; A Background David Gilmour began the Fiji Water journey in 1996. Distributes clean, pure water with artesian filtering/bottling.

3 Fiji Mission Quality and Excellence in our product Communicating the passion and unique properties of our brand Continuing to invest in the future while preserving and cherishing the pristine source.

4 FIJI For the Environment FIJI water has always been committed to environmental stewardship. Persevering the purity and biological wealth of its virgin region. Implements a large-scale rain forest conservation project in Fiji.

5 Environment Cont. Sourcing Locally 95% of the packaging is produced on site or sourced from local vendors. Over 95% of all waste generated at our plant is sorted and recycled. The Yaqara Valley serves as the main water source. Ocean freight liners is the most fuel-efficient and produces less emissions.

6 Fiji SWOT analysis Strengths Strong Revenue 1% for the environment Weaknesses Limited shipping options(US only) Opportunities Boosts Fijian economy Offers a unique product Threats Other bottled water companies SWOT

7 Fiji’s Competition

8 Marketing Advertising: Magazines Billboards Internet

9 Product Comparison Fiji Flavor Product VarietySeveral FlavorsMultiple AppearanceClear Blue Fiji BottleDark Urban Coloring QualityUntouched By the WorldRefined Flavored Water FeaturesPure Fiji Water with the Tropical Flavors of the Island Vitamin Enhanced Water Beverage Functionality Quenches Thirst Whilst Saving the Environment Rehydrates, Supplies with Replenishing Viatimins ServicesConservation- Brand NameFijiSobe – Pepsi Co. PackagingClear Fiji BottleSports Bottle Sobe Lifewater

10 Fiji Flavor Pure water, infused with natural fruit flavor native to the Fiji Islands. Provides your body with Silica: aids in bone formation Fluoride: Prevents tooth decay Bicarbonate: Balances pH levels Electrolytes: balances body’s ions

11 Watermelon, Coconut and Kiwi

12 Prices $2.00$2.50$3.00 $3.50 *Prices will vary upon location and business Promotion: BUY 2, GET 1 FREE!! Why not try all three flavors!?

13 Where can you get Fiji Flavor? Grocery stores Convenience stores Starbucks Vending machines Or order directly from!

14 Target Audience The health conscious Green “Thinkers” Students Busy adults

15 Beyond FIJI 1% of global sales are given back to support a number of environmental causes in Fiji, the U.S. and other parts of the world. A growing network of like-minded sustainable- focused businesses and non-profit organizations.

16 Concluding

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