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Yummy Instant Noodles Group 1 Michael, James, Janno Tina, Nicky, Sophia Lin.

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1 Yummy Instant Noodles Group 1 Michael, James, Janno Tina, Nicky, Sophia Lin

2 Outline Understand Yummy Instant Noodles Vision Market analysis SWOT analysis Strategy Product Marketing and sales Operations Financial situation

3 Understand Yummy Instant Noodles James

4 Logo Designer: James

5 Slogan: Yummy instant noodles, Yummy Yummy Use organic components and new technology to reduce the percent of preservatives Concept: let customers feel safe. Main customers: women Main market: north Taiwan Key success factors: organic food

6 Vision Nicky

7 Vision Our objection:  domestic market: 25%  overseas market: 15%(china) The main strategy of expand the product market share

8 Market analysis Tina

9 The consumption of instant noodles in Taiwan is very huge, on the 12 th in the world. A variety of instant noodles in Taiwan  Japanese instant noodles: salty  Korean instant noodles: spicy  Thai and Southeast Asian instant noodles :added lots of spice are also spicy.  the chief sales volume is Taiwan local instant noodles above 95%

10 The market of instant noodles have been declined for four years  The domestic market of instant noodles is on the highest point in 2003  the sales volume decline 1% to 2% every year Market share rate:  1.Uni-President 45% 2. Wei-Lih Food 18% 3.Vedan 15% 4. 康師傅 10% 5. Yummy 5%

11 SWOT analysis James, Michael

12 Strength The price is cheap Flavor is plentiful The Ingredient is health The logo is easy to remember

13 Weakness Lack of fame Less market share

14 Opportunity Oversea market Prompt to appeal adult customer Commercial and poster to advertise

15 Threat The same trades Globe recession

16 Strategy Michael

17 Strategy competitive weaknesses competitive capabilities strategy

18 Product Sophia Lin

19 Flavor Hot and spicy curry flavor (NT 30 / per)

20 Seafood flavor (NT 30 / per)

21 Beef flavor (NT 30 / per)

22 Ingredient The main components of yummy instant noodles are carbohydrate, fat, and protein.

23 Containers & packaging Cup-type Bag-type

24 Standards Heat resistance Thermal insulation Water resistance Oil resistance Resistance to compression

25 Marketing and sales Nicky, Janno

26 place Our strategy: customer can find our product in every small corner over Taiwan. physical store  hyper-market, convenience store, cosmetic and medicine store and grocery store virtual store  online-shipping, television order

27 Advertisement & Promotions Advertisement  Commercial Films  Newspapers, Direct mails,Magazines  Endorsement Promotions  Special Offer  Special Bonus Points for Great Rewards Don ’ t hesitate anymore! Just take actions to rape the chances! Come on!!

28 Operations Janno

29 Organizational structure

30 Facilities has most professional and clean production

31 Product/service delivery convenience store on-line delivery service Our goal is to serve customers with the best and most convenient way. service phone number: 0800-090-818

32 Financial situation Sophia Lin




36 Commercial Film

37 Thanks for your listening~ It’s time to eat one~~^^

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