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Onlinе Facial Expression Recognition Russian case study.

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1 Onlinе Facial Expression Recognition Russian case study

2 Emotions metter We know that emotional ads are more memorable and generally more successful But how can we reliably measure an ad’s unconscious emotional impact? 2

3 From Creation to Application Academic Foundations The approach is based on research by scientists from Oxford University, ELTE and Imperial College. Technology was created and developed from scratch by Realeyes (UK) Verified in Russia by NewMR 3

4 New scalable non-verbal technology Unconcious facial expressions captured and translated into 6 universally accepted emotions via webcam without interrupting the user’s viewing session 4 Powerful diagnostic tool


6 OUR CASE STUDY Test of 14 video ads for soft drinks broadcast in Russia 6

7 Methodology 14 video ads for soft drinks 6 brands broadcast in Russia last summer 270-320 respondents (gender and age quoted) per ad Online survey (CAWI) 7 Coca-Cola (3 ads) Sprite (1 ad) Lipton Ice Tea (4 ads) Laimon Fresh (2 ads) Pepsi (2 ads) Beverage from Tchernogolovka (2 ads)

8 Scoring Approach Attraction: denotes whether the stimulus manages to grab the viewer’s attention. Retention: represents how well the stimulus maintains the attention of its audience. Engagement: the overall emotional reaction to the media. Impact: determined by the levels of happiness invoked at their peak and at the end. 8 Consists of: 20% attraction, 20% engagement, 30% retention, 30% impact Compared with the benchmark based on 311 ads and 47872 ad viewings

9 Test Results 9 Total Score Attrac- tion Reten- tion Engage ment Impact Lipton Ice Tea Fan88889 Lipton Ice Tea Slap75788 Buranovskye Grandmothers68664 Beverages from Tchernogolovka. Don't Make Nature Angry 266776 Lipton Ice Tea Dance55454 Beverages from Tchernogolovka. Don't Make Nature Angry56564 Limon Fresh Naturality Style55464 Pepsi Deep Drink45454 Pepsi Max46253 Laimon Fresh Created by Nature46363 Coca cola Better at Home46353 Coca cola Russia at Euro 201244364 Lipton Ice Tea New Flavor33242 Coca Cola Since 186635252

10 Top 2 and Bottom 2 ads Lipton Ice Tea FanLipton Ice Tea Slap Lipton Ice Tea – New Flavor Coca-Cola Since 1886 10 Best ads Worst ads

11 Lipton Ice Tea Fan: Measures Scored better than 97% of tested ads 11

12 Lipton Ice Tea Slap: Measures Scored better than 91% of tested ads 12

13 Lipton Ice Tea – New Flavor: Measures Better than 4% tested ads 13

14 Coca-Cola Since 1886: Measures Better than 4% tested ads 14

15 Emotional Behavior Emotions for Top-2 ads are stronger and “Happiness” increases 15

16 Moment-by-Moment View of Emotional Response 16

17 WHAT IS THE OUTPUT? Value of the technology 17

18 Is it Really Effective? Direct correlation between emotional involvement and liking Source: Realeyes, Toluna. Test of 18 ads shown during the 2012 Summer Olympics 18

19 Advantages: Direct behavioral measurement Reliable scientifically validated measures Measurable emotional impact 19 Moment-by- moment view of emotional response Unobtrusive technology Fully integrated with other research results

20 Benefits: Cost effective 25% cost reduction (3 times less participants) Time effective Field work – 3 times faster Get emotional insights Helps to get higher level of recall and create successful ads 20


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