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How Do Our Senses Affect Food Choice?

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1 How Do Our Senses Affect Food Choice?

2 Sight Touch Taste Smell Sound
Sensory Evaluation Evaluating foods using each of our five senses: Sight Touch Taste Smell Sound

3 Appearance (Sight) Color: We have a preconceived idea of how food should look Would you buy a steak that is brown and discolored? Presentation: Using variety of colors on a plate and arranging food purposefully.

4 Odor (Smell) One of the main factors in determining whether or not you will even try a new food.

5 Flavor (Taste) We sense flavor through taste & smell together
Our sense of smell has a huge influence on flavor Have you ever noticed? When you have a head cold and your nose is all stuffed up, you can barely taste…

6 taste buds renew every 3-10 days
Flavor cont. Fun Fact taste buds renew every 3-10 days Flavor is sensed by your taste buds Four Basic Flavors: Sweet Salty Bitter Sour New 5th Flavor: Umami (Savory) Where?

7 Temperature (Taste) Affects the flavor of food because it is influenced by volatile substances. Volatile substances- The substance evaporates easily.

8 Temperature cont. If the food is cold the flavors may not reach the nose. If a food is normally served cold and has been allowed to warm up the taste may be too strong.

9 Mouth Feel (Touch) How food feels in the mouth
Examples: Crunchy, Creamy, Brittle, Tender Think about the way fat affects mouth feel – the difference between 2% milk and ice cream (10% fat)

10 Mouth Feel cont. Texture Chewiness
Graininess, Thickness, or Brittleness Chewiness Hard, Tough, Chewy, Tender, Very Tender

11 Sound This can affect how you feel about the food while you are eating it If you heard a crunch and shouldn’t have, or vice versa, would you lose your appetite? CRUNCH!

12 Influences on Food Preference
Cultural Heritage: How your ancestors prepared food; based on what was/is available Ex: Thai food uses a lot peanuts, rice, and curry powder – because those foods grow well in Thailand & are available in abundance

13 Influences cont. Levels of Hunger: If hunger level is high, the human sensory level of food is lessened and there is more focus on the issue of survival Tip: Never go to the grocery store while hungry! Media/Advertising: National Brands highly advertised might be popular but are not actually better than the store brand. Our brain may subconsciously identify a well-known brand as better, affecting our perception Brand Loyalty: Where you buy and what you buy because you know what to expect; you “trust” it

14 What’s your favorite food? Why?
5 foods you like and 5 foods you dislike for each food you like, give a reason using at least 2 senses For each food you don’t, give a reason using at least 1 sense “Likes” Example I like almonds because they are crunchy (mouth feel & sound), and have a light hint of sweetness (taste) Taste (Flavor & Temperature),Touch (Mouth Feel), Sight, Sound, Smell

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