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Science Fair.

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1 Science Fair

2 Big Question The purpose of my experiment was to find which gum type lasts the longest. The reason I did this experiment is because my family chews a lot of gum so I wanted to see what type was best.

3 Hypothesis My hypothesis was that Juicy Fruit would last the longest.
I thought this because it was the type I got that had sugar in it.

4 Interesting Facts 1.Gum with sugar is more likely to last longer.
2.The reason gum loses its flavor is that when the sugar crystals dissolve there goes your flavor. 3.Most gum is sugar free these days. 4.most chewing gum comes in sticks. 5.Another fact I learned is most gum is in wrappers not tins.

5 Experiment Materials Juicy Fruit Gum 5 Gum Timer/ Clock
Step 1: gather materials Step 2: Start chewing first piece of gum, and start timer. Step 3: After the flavor is gone record ending time. Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have chewed one of each piece of gum. Step 5: Average all data for one type. Variables: Gum type, Sugar content, and control was juicy Fruit.

6 Observations I noticed that the Juicy Fruit lasted a lot longer than the 5. I think the reason is the sugar content. I also noticed the averages of the Juicy Fruit were a lot lower than the actual times. Another thing I noticed was some of the different people had drastically different times.

7 Data in Minutes

8 Analysis I analyzed that it doesn’t matter the age it only matters your taste.

9 Conclusion Yes, my experiment did test my hypothesis very well.
I know because now I know what type of gum flavor lasts the longest. My hypothesis was correct, and the types of gum you use. Now I wonder if different flavors of the same type would be very different.

10 References Images from Google: Gum, data, conclusion, hypothesis, interesting, references. Web sites for research:

11 The End

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